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Do you know what Google Search Console features are? Get to know the principals!

In the last article, we talked about the Google Search Console and its importance in an SEO project. If you have not read the article, click […]

Can you write for the internet?

A must read for digital editors.   After working with several different writers and a wide range of subjects, I realized that despite consistently write for […]

Step by Step to Solve the 404 and 500 Errors for Your Site SEO

Even if you are not a programmer to load a site, you should have seen on your computer screen these strange codes: error 404 error 500 […]

5 Invincible Tips to Optimize AdWords Campaigns

If your goal is to sell or create short-term leads, you need an Enhanced Campaigns Strategy Google Adwords. You’ve moved in AdWords but it did not […]

Structured Data

A subject that is not very new but it is constantly Treatise in the middle of SEO are the Structured Data. If you do not know […]

What is a do-follow and no-follow backlink?

Let’s talk about the dofollow and nofollow links, what are they and what are they for? Most of the topics that I write in this blog […]