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Can you write for the internet?

A must read for digital editors.   After working with several different writers and a wide range of subjects, I realized that despite consistently write for […]

Step by Step to Solve the 404 and 500 Errors for Your Site SEO

Even if you are not a programmer to load a site, you should have seen on your computer screen these strange codes: error 404 error 500 […]

5 Invincible Tips to Optimize AdWords Campaigns

If your goal is to sell or create short-term leads, you need an Enhanced Campaigns Strategy Google Adwords. You’ve moved in AdWords but it did not […]

Structured Data

A subject that is not very new but it is constantly Treatise in the middle of SEO are the Structured Data. If you do not know […]

What is a do-follow and no-follow backlink?

Let’s talk about the dofollow and nofollow links, what are they and what are they for? Most of the topics that I write in this blog […]

Is Parallax site good for SEO end? We will unveil the Myth!

Have you ever heard of a website in Parallax? Maybe not, but surely you’ve interacted with, it is a site style much used these days. Perhaps […]