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What is Digital Marketing and how do I do it?

To understand what is digital marketing, we see one of the most common definitions of marketing, developed by Kotler and Keller, which reads as follows: “Marketing […]

What is Comment Marketing?Interact in the posts of others through Comment Marketing!

Interacts in the posts of others through Comment Marketing! If you write in a blog or are intending to do so, you should know to write […]

How to monitor your brand on the Internet?

You who are implementing a Digital Marketing Project for your business, have a clear idea of ​​the position of your Internet Brand? Besides being concerned for […]

Phases and Costs of an e-CommerceYou’ve finally made up your mind, it’s all about the physical store, it’s time for the & nbsp; virtual!

You finally decided, enough physical store, it’s time for himself!   I will create my e-Commerce!   As a classic store, e-commerce is not enough to […]

Selling on the Internet through Social Networks

The importance of social networks for your Online Store Social networks are the watering hole of the 21st century. Interactions are not much different than a […]

How does PageSpeed Insights google?

Today, let’s talk a little bit about this tool: the PageSpeed Insights. But before we talk about it, we need to know a little bit about […]