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Sources for you to create good content

How to discover bright sources for you to create good content? We separated interesting tips to help you in the production of content: Understand your audience […]

What is the AdWords Quality Score and Why is It Important in Your Strategy

Every beginner in Sponsored Links , and the vast majority of customers in the digital marketing agencies, believe that everything revolves around the CPC, the famous […]

What are the first steps to putting together a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Attracting customers on the Internet is the creation of a network that involves site and social networks. Usually investment for marketing should be 5-7% of revenues. […]

How to Sell More Online on Easter 2018

Easter is coming and if you work with Digital Marketing is thinking about how to use this festival for dissemination of your product or your service. […]

Sponsored Links: Much Ado About Google Adwords

The Sponsored Links are paid advertisements served in search engines – Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ig – the major portals such as Terra and UOL, and also […]

What is Digital Marketing and how do I do it?

To understand what is digital marketing, we see one of the most common definitions of marketing, developed by Kotler and Keller, which reads as follows: “Marketing […]