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How does PageSpeed Insights google?

Today, let’s talk a little bit about this tool: the PageSpeed Insights. But before we talk about it, we need to know a little bit about […]

How to Convert Facebook Likes into Leads?What’s the use of Likes on the Facebook page?

What good have Likes in Facebook Page?   You may have noticed a lot of have Likes in your Fanpage does not automatically have a base […]

Digital Marketing Tips for the Mindfulness Segment

We are starting a series of posts giving specific indications for each market segment. We have written an article about tips Digital Marketing for Business Consultant […]

How to choose keywords for your site?

Before you begin, it is important to stress the importance of having a Digital Marketing Strategy clearly defined to which the study of keywords should be […]

Digital Marketing Tips for the Children’s Musical Production segment

In this post we will treat the Digital Marketing for the Music Production segment, specifically children. The site that we will examine is: . First […]

How to Make a Landing Page: Quick and Essential Tips

A landing page – in Portuguese, “landing page” – is a page especially designed and created in order to receive visitors, generate conversion and facilitate the […]