Are you making any of these 6 mistakes on Instagram? Learn how to avoid them

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No one wants to make mistakes on Instagram, is not it?

To prevent this situation from occurring and end up jeopardizing the engagement and the reputation of your brand, we gather in this post the main mistakes made in Instagram and how to avoid them.

Let’s check !?

1. Use many generic hashtags

By using many hashtags, especially generic terms or very common, your brand can be seen as a source of SPAM .

Example : if you own a gym, avoid using very popular hashtags among fans as #gym, # nopainnogain … Prefer mark terms more targeted, as the word “academy” attached to the name or initials of your city (#academiarj) .

At first, you may even look smart mark many hashtags in the post so that it reaches many people. However, most – if not most – of users ignore your post, for competition with other publications is great.

They will see it, but not make any interaction as enjoy, follow or comment . When this happens, the number of prints increases, but the engagement is minimal. Result: Instagram understand that your content is irrelevant .

Check out some good practice in the use of hashtags on Instagram:

  • Try to use terms more targeted and focused on followers who really are interested in the content;
  • Use hashtags to 5 in the description of the post;
  • Select up to 15 relevant hashtags in the first comment.

2. Make posts at different times

The strategy is quite valid at the beginning of the work, when you want to test and identify which is the best time of day to reach the audience for your business. But made this discovery, the tactic becomes meaningless. Here’s an example:

You already know that most of his followers is online at 17h, time of its publication aired. When the first followers engage with the post, it will be driven and will appear for more active people at that time.

The more users online, the greater the chances of the content is viewed and distributed organically. This engagement allows the post is at the top of the feed of his followers and go stop on Instagram Explorer .

instagram explorer

3. Post poor-quality images

Instagram is a platform extremely visual . In it, users seek to show or express something through videos, photos and gifs..Isso means that people value more the quality of the image than the message she wants to pass.

Speaking of message …

When you communicate with your audience without worrying about visual quality, people end up seeing your brand as:

  • disorganized;
  • Carefree;
  • No credibility.

In short, take care of the visual communication of your company will surely put you on the path to success!

4. Do not plan content

This is one of the mistakes you can make in Instagram. If well thought out, the content can leverage the results of its opposite marca.Do is impossible to measure whether their action was relevant or not.

Something we do at the office of Blog Marketing on Social Networks and has given supercerto is to plan the entire contents of the week logo on Monday. Thus, we set goals, schedule posts and measure at the end of the five days, we are communicating the right way.

If you have made this mistake for lack of time or money to invest in hiring a professional, we recommend that you opt for a platform Instagram automation .

The account optimization will allow you to schedule posts for publication at any time. Not to mention the other available resources, such as segmentation target audience, custom reporting, automation Direct Messages, of options to enjoy, follow and unfollow ..

5. Buy followers and expect results

If all the errors cited so far are bad, this is perhaps the worst of them.

The practice of acquiring followers have become increasingly common, primarily the desire of countless people gain the title of Influencers Digital.

However, this action is contraindicated because most of the time it only offers numbers – most of the users can be fakes. Without citing the lack of segmentation that it provides!

6. Post multiple photos at once

Publish numerous times in a short period can yield a penalty of their account by the algorithm Instagram. I bet you did not know this, right?

To avoid punishment, the ideal is to use a combination of photos from Instagram, leaving them organized and preventing them from being considered spam in your feed seguidores.Gerenciar a business account on Instagram may not be an easy task, but following the tips given here and organizing their actions, the work will become easier and more efficient.

We hope this article will help you avoid the most common mistakes that social network.

The adoption of good practices plays into its strategy.

Good results!