Are you blocked when writing your blog? We help you overcome it!

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Especially bloggers who are starting or writing for the first time, are affected by something we call blocking beginner .

The number of people contributing to the “blogosphere” increases increasingly causing those who have not yet begun to think that will not be able to create a blog that can help them drive more traffic and sales opportunities for their companies.

You are not alone, even the most experienced writers go through the same block, either for new ideas, or finish writing that article that started a couple of weeks ago. ! Do not be discouraged! We share our tips to overcome this blockade.

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Why you should also encourage post a blog?

  • Keywords (short and long) – In the world of blogging, keywords determine organic search for your content, while keywords are shorter, the search will be wider and therefore more competitive. The opportunity for those blogs that are entering the online world is to focus on those longer keywords at the same time are more specific. These result in lower search but aimed at a more specific audience. For example, the keyword short “dry cleaning” yields more than 600,000 results in Google, these results also be or not biased by the city where I’m doing the search. Now use a keyword long “dry cleaning service for evening dresses in Mexico City” search now yields no more than 150 thousand results.

If you appear in the results of a very specific search, it means you have the answer, product or board that the reader is looking for. There is no better way to rank!

  • Surely someone in your company is an expert  (perhaps it ‘s you!) On something that interests your customers, no matter how specific you can be your product or service. In fact, the more specific the content, the less likely that someone else share exclusive content on that topic.
  • Publishing blogs is a flexible medium that allows you to move faster. Most companies think over and over again each of the words of its website that customers see every day. With a blog, a new publication every day, and the tone is more relaxed. Blogs give you the freedom to create content easily so that  search engines can index your site more frequently and with more keywords.

  “Clear. Easy for you to say, Laura. Work at HubSpot surrounded by professionals in publishing blogs, and you live with the culture and value proposition of a company that supports everything related to publishing blogs “.   

Yes, that’s true, but for that reason I would like to share some extraordinary examples of bloggers from different industries who have discovered how to have successful blogs in a saturated environment and issues that at first glance, might seem esoteric or limited.

  1. Indium

This developer, manufacturer and supplier of specialized products and solder alloy has several blogs on technical issues and  trade with more than ten bloggers who contribute content frequently. Blogs Indium , including a number of blogs in Chinese, are especially useful, since the community using solder paste and related products looking information with a very high technical level and to receive advice and assistance when they build new electronic designs. This gives Indium an exceptional platform to find prospects and interact with customers, attracting users to your site like a giant magnet content.     

  Council blogger : It is likely that neither you nor I feel a great attraction for solder paste blog, but we can recognize that almost all highly technical products from multiple applications represent an inexhaustible source of writing articles. This is your chance to share ideas, tips and news that will keep people coming back to you again and again for your intellectual leadership.

  1. Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep

This service company Boston (EE. UU.), Specializing in fireplaces (from inspections and chimney sweeps, to full reconstructions), began publishing his blog in 2009, and tripled traffic to your website and doubled its sales opportunities online . The team of Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep found that consumers received a lot of incorrect information about services fireplaces, and took the opportunity to clarify that information with a number of blogs that respond to the most frequently asked questions. The blog even helped consumers protect themselves from  large chimney cleaning scams in the area.

  Council blogger:  Your product or service may not be as massive and important as others, but that does not mean it ‘s not interesting. In fact, information on a seemingly banal issue as a fireplace was the perfect opportunity for Billy Sweet cover a gap in a very specific area. Today ‘s consumers do not know where to turn when they need this type of service, and so they search on Google or Bing. You can be sure that Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep appears on the main results in the Boston area. 

I could tell  other stories of bloggers who decided to come alive and are already enjoying the results.  But instead, I’d ask you to take advantage of the next five minutes to write down some subjects that you like to write a blog to evaluate later if you have what it takes to publish a blog or not. Ends with the lock beginners to create your blog for the first time, begins with a catalog of ideas that are based on the most frequently asked questions, concerns and customer success, best practices, your participation in the industry, etc. You may find you have 20 great ideas for items you should just write.