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The Importance of Metadata and Keywords in SEO positioning

SEO positioning has recently become a fundamental element in the online business presence. Being among the top ten in the search ranking involves assimilating a series of parameters to make survival possible within an oversaturated market marked by competition. Today we will focus on the Metadata and Keywords .

Thanks to the advancement of technology, any of us can determine the factors that lead to the correct indexing of our page in the search engines. The SEO or natural web positioning within the search ranking of Google, Bing or Yahoo is determined by a series of parameters that we must take into account, with metadata and Keywords being one of the main keys.

We can define the metadata as each of the fields that make up our website. This information is not visible to the user but they are detected by the search engines, being the most important Tittle, Description and Keywords.

The title of our page (<META NAME = “title” CONTENT = “title of the page”>) is formed by determining words that are detected by the search engines and that appear in the search ranking in blue. As for the length, we must not exceed 10 words or 60 characters and we must take into account the keywords or keywords that we are going to include and that are determinants for the natural positioning of our page.

Kewords are those labels or words that determine our positioning. These words are fundamental, since search engines detect them and will be essential for users to find us. In this link , you can get more information and guidelines for its use.

The Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool is very appropriate for this field, since we can observe the monthly searches carried out by users locally, that is, the most successful keywords.

The META DESCRIPTION field refers to the description of the business activity, product or service offered by the website, that is, we explain in an approximate way with approximately 160 characters of what the page is about and what we can offer the user.

The keywords that we want to highlight should always be in bold. In this field we find different opinions about the use of kewords: some think that they guarantee the improvement of SEO and others that have lost relevance. What is certain is that the description plays a fundamental role, since it is our letter of presentation and is what the user sees in the first instance in the search engine.

Finally there is a specific section for all the relevant keywords within the web. META KEYWORDS facilitates indexing and localization to search engines. It is advisable that the content be limited to 20 words separated by commas and that they should always be coherent with the subject we are dealing with.

We can use synonyms to not repeat the same words too many times, since this can be penalized by the search engines, in addition to being positive the use of these words, since Google optimizes searches semantically.

The latest trends have made this field lose some relevance compared to the previous two, so we must pay more attention to the title and description. In any case we should not exceed or abuse keywords, because over-optimization is not recommended.