AquilasWeb: Increasing the flow of customers with the creation of a website

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Increased income, in any situation, is always welcome. Everyone thinks in some way to make a buck more, is working overtime at work, selling trinkets or even offering some manual labor.

But we live in an age of technology where online undertake can not only give you that extra income, as totally change your life. That’s what happened to Rafael Davanso, 26 years and Giovane Fernandes , 24, who met in college, dropped the jobs they worked and three years ago are partners of the project AquilasWeb , web design company and digital marketing offering creating websites for people who are starting in the cyber branch.

Rafael and Giovane worked in two different companies in marketing and before opening his own company, started combining the two jobs, making adjustments on websites and marketing campaigns for various companies, to make the decision to open his own business. “At first, we combine the two activities and seek clients through prospecting and indications partnering. After a while, we started to devote ourselves 100% to our own business. Today, in addition to creating and maintaining websites, work with digital marketing management and professional photography services, “says Rafael.

The Hostinger provides several tutorials showing the importance of the Internet exist. But it is more important than creating a profile on a social network and get online. Exist online means to undertake online. “The internet presence is key. We are a Web design agency, then the disclosure of our portfolio is too important for advertising, and conquer new clients through marketing actions, “he explains.

And online there must, of course, create a website. Many people believe that creating a website is the most complicated thing in the world, but it’s easier than it sounds. “The difficulty we encountered was finding just the right way to present our website, so that he was attractive, simple and objective. Make the customer find what you search quickly with satisfactory information, arousing the interest of the client so that it contact us, “says Giovane.

hosting service change sites

But it’s not because we decided to start a project on the internet that everything will be alright, is not it? Like any good business, there are tests and to the tests, there are errors and incomodações.

Online enterprise and web hosting service go together side by side. You need a web hosting company that offers you security to perform their work, which has a decent uptime that has fair prices, high performance server and, above all, that offers a high level of support. And that was the problem that AquilasWeb encountered along the way.

“When we started our project still did not know the Hostinger. We hire another web hosting service, believing that could meet our needs and expectations. However, after a while, we had many difficulties with the server, and especially support. Our site was constantly out of breath and the delay in the resolution of these problems was greater. The difficulty in answering our questions was an abysmal level. Then we received a contact from the Hostinger team in offering a partnership, “explains Rafael.

And after this contact, the AquilasWeb decided to seal the partnership. ” We research on Hostinger and saw that customers had a high level of satisfaction with the products and support. So we decided to migrate our website, “he says.

“The way we were treated at Hostinger caught our attention. From our first contact with the company, people were solicitous and willing. They gave us all the support for the migration of the site to the current server, we still offline even for one minute. “

With the site expansion, upgrades were needed. Subsequently used the web hosting service Premium, but as the site grew, they had to perform an upgrade to the hosting Business. “In migration, the team supported us throughout the process, agility and warmth in attendance. After that, we saw the need to go to a better plan and it was exactly what we did, “he says.


Improvement in business

After creating the site and coming to a hosting quality sites, the AquilasWeb noticed an improvement in the performance of the website. “We noticed an improvement that has caused us to spend to invest more in email marketing campaigns and blogs to increase the flow of customers on the site. This idea has given good results and we are today with various ongoing projects and partnering to business growth, “adds Raphael.

Currently, there are five people involved with the project and Giovane Rafael and, depending on demand, they subcontract professionals to perform outsourced services, to give more flexibility in the delivery of services to customers.

Benefits of having a website

The web presence is critical for all types of business. From enterprises to professionals, it is essential to have a structured site that brings credibility and confidence to customers. “A good site, in addition to offering products and services can be used to maintain a relationship with the customer, present portfolio and generate new business, especially these days, where the ability to search for information is in the palm.”

Migrating the site to Hostinger and getting all the necessary support, the site became the only source of income of the two partners and one professional who is fully dedicated to site projects. “The site has become our only source of income, other professionals providing services on demand.”

Creating a site opened several doors for partner program , indicating the hosting of Hostinger sites to all our customers, “said Rafael.



That was the story of two friends who met in college and decided together to undertake online. With dedication and a competent business side, anything is possible on the Internet. You are waiting for that to have your story told by Hostinger?