Allison Pickens tells how Customer Success can generate more revenue for her company at Studio RD Summit

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Funnel or hourglass propeller? Have you heard of these models, which are applied to the companies? What will be the best of them?

The expert Allison Pickens , the Gainsight , believes that the best format is the propeller. But how does it work?

She says that, historically, when it came to how to make the company grow, usually spoke in the hopper: was to get Leads cold, warm them, nourish them and pass them on to sales, it would close some business.

However, as companies moved to the recurring revenue model, selling products or services that are paid by subscription, it was realized that much revenue could come from clients that already exist

“If we renew our customers, using upsell or cross-sell , make a lot more money,” he explains.

Thus, it was noticed that the funnel was not enough to talk about how to increase revenue, and we started to talk about the hourglass, which means that after closing business with the customer, you can expand the relationship of time with him with over time – the base layer illustrated hourglass which is large again.

Then comes a process of statement made by satisfied customers.

“If we generate success for our customers, helping them to see ROI on their purchases, create a good experience, they will promote us to potential customers,” he says.

It’s what Allison calls helix, a spiral upwards which means you can expand the size of the company with successful customers , which indicate other companies, closing the loop.

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