Adwords Ad Extensions: Learn how to use!

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If you work with sponsored links, you should know the importance of creating relevant ads, informative and attractive.

Google Adwords is the best way to get short-term results , but you get the results you want need to take many steps into consideration, like having a landing page well optimized, well – targeted campaigns for your services or product, work well with ad groups always have the main keywords in both the landing page when the ad.

The more optimized your account is, the more attractive your ad is for the search engines, your campaigns will have a higher CTR (click through rate), a higher quality score and certainly most conversions.

Performarem best for your ads, it’s super important to use the adwords ad extensions.

With ad extensions you end up using all Adwords resources to gain more space in the search and to add more information (relevant) for your ads, so you have more chance of the seeker be attracted by your ad, your CRT increases and your chances of conversion too!

The types of adwords ad extensions are:

– Sitelinks

– Local

– Call

– phrases Highlight

– Snipptes Structured

– Reviews

– Applications

– Price Extension – For now only available for dollar.
It is a price comparison extension. When available for real, we will explain to you how it works.

– NEWEST: Message Extension

Check out the main extensions of the Adwords ads.


  • sitelinks

It’s your chance to highlight more than one product or service and gain more space in the search. With sitelinks you can add links in their 4 more ads that lead to different categories of your website.

ad sitelinks extensions adwords

  • Location extension

For you to add your location on Google Adwords before you have to create an account on Google My Business.

After that, just link your address in the location extension. The adwords also will pull schedules, if you set this option in the Google My Business .

Your address will appear above the sitelinks.

It is valid to enter the location extension when the company has an address that people often seek. Restaurants or shops rather adopt this extension!

  • Call extension

When the ad is viewed by mobile phone, on the right side of the screen is a button to call. Once the user clicks this button the connection is initiated.

adwords ad extensions called

With this active extension, upon receiving the click the button, you pay by the click – keyword value purchased.

However, if the user writes down the phone and connects via another telephone or directly, you pay nothing.

  • Call extension – Call Metrics

For those unaware, when the call extension is enabled, you can with it to enable call metrics, which is a system that trackea all connections made through the number that Google Adwords shows.

Google Adwords create a mask number and redirects all calls made through this mask number to the phone company. With that allows all outgoing calls are monitored.

You can configure call metrics in the call extension. Just activate the call reporting option.

Call extensions ads metrics

After enabling this option, you can track calls made directly from ads.

You can set the minimum duration of the call and every call that reach or exceed the duration you set will be counted as a conversion.

  • Highlight phrases

 Add phrases and highlight the difference in your product or brand.

callouts ad extensions

Another opportunity to add more information to your ad.

  • Structured snippets

It is an extra space for you to showcase your services, products, models, etc.

callouts ad extensions

  • comments

It’s a great option for you highlight comments from your customers, awards, etc.


Text is the message and the origin of the author, it is important that the landing page is directed to wherever the comment.

  • applications

If your site has an APP that extension is a great option!


  • Message Extension for Mobile – The newest extension of Adwords!

Not yet available for all accounts, so do not worry if you do not have this option in their extensions.

With this extension your company can receive messages from users by mobile phone company.

This feature is still in beta, so let’s watching. Any news, we will update the information here on the Blog!

You can now start using adwords ad extensions to add more information to your ads, also learn how to increase traffic to your site with Google Adwords !

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