Adwords ad extensions: how to use and what they’re for

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Who works with sponsored links knows that every detail is important to win the first positions and make the desired conversion. The description of the ad to the landing page, each point can make the difference in winning new conversions.

To further optimize their results, AdWords provides ad extensions, which are those lines that complement standard text ad. Extensions are uncomplicated ways to increase the chances of clicks on an ad improving the CTR of the campaign (as we have said, a good CTR greatly reduces the price you pay per click).

Extensions ads enhance visibility as they take up more space on your screen display and pass information that may be relevant to the user without you having to pay more for it. In addition, they can serve as the tie-breaker if two competing ads have the same bid and quality.

But before you leave using ad extensions, ask yourself: which ones best apply to your business model? What will be more relevant to your audience? And most importantly, what you offer meets your client and it brings more results for your company?

To find out what the ideal length you can choose several models available to Brazil.

automatic extensions

  • Extensions previous visits
  • Extensions Dynamic sitelinks
  • social extensions

manual extensions

  • Application Extensions
  • Call Extensions
  • Location Extensions
  • Review extensions
  • Sitelinks Extensions
  • callout extensions

automatic extensions

They are extensions that do not need a setting, so there is no need for a license. When creating a Google ad when it defines the extensions will increase your performance.

Extensions previous visits

When the user is browsing the internet and its research and activity are saved in “Web & App Activity,” it creates a trail that can be measured to better AdWords ad delivery for this profile.

This information related to extension show which people have visited your site or from Google search results (also known as organic search) or Search Ad Network (paid search).

Thus there is an indication in the ad such as: “You are not logged today” or “Last visit: 3 days ago” as well as “You are not logged four times.”

Extensions Dynamic sitelinks

With this extension you can create direct links to the most accessed sections of your site based on search behavior on Google.

Seeking the recent research activities, this extension shows generated links below your ad text directing to a relevant page of your website. Most ads are eligible to include dynamic sitelinks, as long as your campaign type is set to “Search Network with Display Select” or “Only on the Search Network.”

social extensions

Google uses all his tools in his favor and Google+ could not be left out. With social extension it is possible to show with your ads how many followers your business has on Google+. This requires:

  • Your company have a Google+ page with a verified URL .
  • Your address Google+ Page ( must also match the domain of the ad’s landing page ( You can link to different pages, but with the same site.
  • Your Google+ page needs to be on time and with high quality posts and have at least a hundred followers.

manual extensions

Manual extensions are location extensions that were created within your AdWords account .

Inserting the extensions:

  • Sign up for AdWords and click + CAMPAIGN .
  • Choose the type of campaign, targeting options and set your bids.
  • Under “Ad extensions,” check the boxes next to the extensions you want to include. Depending on the extension, you need to fill out more information (a phone number for call extensions, for example).
  • Click Save and continue and finish creating the campaign.

Application Extensions

This extension connects your application to mobile phones and other mobile devices from text ads. Ads to install applications for the phone are directly associated with the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, making it much easier for the user to download.

But before creating a campaign, think about your goals. You want people to download your app? Or want to encourage them to use more? These are basic questions but fundamental to your campaign even more successful.

Key benefits of app extensions

  • Flexibility: add app extensions to accounts, campaigns and ad groups.
  • Customized for different devices: create application extensions optimized for specific cell or disable the devices you choose.
  • Detection “smart” application stores and devices: create an extension for each app store. So the link is related to the type of client device optimizing your click.
  • Dates start / end and scheduling: Specify what dates, days of the week or times of day when your app extension should appear with the ad.
  • In – place editing: Edit your app extension without resetting its performance statistics.
  • Detailed reports:  have information on how many clicks were received on each part of your ad when it appears. This can be measured in statistics by campaign, ad group or ad.

As you can display only an application extension for text ad, try creating multiple extensions, one for each app or app store. To get an idea of ​​where to start to see which models are accessing your site through Google Analytics in the area where they are located information on mobile devices.

Call Extensions

extension of chamadsa

Let people call you through an ad with clickable button. As with other extensions, there is no additional cost and will only run on devices capable of performing calls.

  • Main advantages of call extensions
  • Practicality: people can call you more easily when they go from one place to another.
  • Clicks: the clicks generate calls only for your company.
  • Metrics: You can count phone calls as conversions.
  • Conversion: call extensions typically have a click rate of 6 to 8% higher.

This extension can also promote savings in investment in AdWords. In some cases the user copies the phone number on the ad instead of clicking directly to place the call.

Location Extensions

extension of address

This extension displays the address, phone number and a map marker with your ad text. On mobile, they include a link with directions to your business. Clicks on ads with location extensions have a cost-per-click default, ie no additional cost.

Main advantages of local extensions

  • Approach: encourages people to visit your business.
  • Contact: enter multiple addresses manually or link to your Google My Business account.
  • Segmentation: separate your ads around your business address.
  • Conversion: on average, ads with location extensions have an increase of 10% in clickthrough rate.

Review extensions

One of the things that guarantee a good image of your company on the web is the evidence of witnesses. With this extension you can have good comentátios third from reliable sources.

To explain in practice, we assume that the company was quoted in a matter of an important site of your industry. So you can copy the passage and use the ad referring to the source. It will appear in an additional line of text beneath your ads on the Google Search Network. It sends a good impression and makes your customers have more reason to click on your link, which can increase the click through rate (CTR) up to 10%.

Watch out when you create your campaign. Remember that comments are displayed only on the Google Search Network , or are not available on the Display Network.

Like all AdWords ad, review extensions are also subject to an approval process. It takes some care so that it is not disapproved. See what can not be done in your ad:

  • The use of personal comments not related to a publication or organization.
  • Repeat the name of your company in the comment text.
  • Comment made more than 12 months.
  • The use of a comment that does not come directly from the indicated source.
  • Changing the original comment text (exclamation points, for example).

Another important factor is to remember that it is your responsibility to ask the third-party review of the permission to be inserted into the extension of the ad.

Sitelinks Extensions

Make your customers find what they’re looking for with just one click. The sitelinks extension causes your ad to show links to specific pages of your site, as well as landing page already established in your ad.

It takes no more than 25 characters, and stay tuned for the number of links on each search results page. For computers and tablets is between two and six links, since Mobile browsers the number of links are only four.

Provide a description of your page. By showing additional information with your sitelinks, your ads become more relevant to potential customers. You can do this manually or Google collects information automatically.

Here are some reasons to enter the ad sitelinks:

  • Show shortcuts: create links directly to sections of your website that are popular or high-converting.
  • Less work : it is not necessary to create new text ads or edit them to include sitelinks.
  • Simple Update: changes the link text and URLs whenever you want, keeping them up to date for sales and special offers.
  • Flexibility: add sitelinks to a campaign or ad group.
  • Detailed reports: find out how many clicks your ad received when sitelinks appeared. Separate statistics by campaign, ad or ad group. Segment your statistics using “This Extension vs. Other” to see how many clicks occurred on the individual sitelink versus another part of the ad (for example, title, other sitelinks , or another extension).
  • Data retention: Edit your sitelinks without resetting their performance statistics.
  • Customized sitelinks for mobile: Create sitelinks optimized for display on mobile phones or disable specific sitelinks on the devices you choose.
  • Scheduling with start and end dates: Specify the dates, days of the week or times of day your sitelinks Sestao exibidos.Outro point that can be observed in sitelinks is when dealing with broad keywords. If a user searches ” Marketing Digita l” may have several different intentions. In sitelinks can indicate these various intentions (eBook, blog, travel, tools, etc.).

callout extensions

With this extension you can display additional text in the ad on the Search Network. Here you can talk about your company highlighting products or services. “Buy in 3x without interest”, “Service 24”, “Customized products” are some examples.

In order for your ad to be eligible you must create at least two callouts per account, campaign or ad group. But do not overdo it, Google recommends that you set a maximum of four per level.

How to create sentences with a greater chance of showing by Google

  • Use short texts: be objective, use 25 characters or less.
  • Create relevant phrases: you can create something of impact for your product or service, but do not use exclamation marks, punctuation at the beginning of the text, repeated punctuation , or emoticons.
  • The more phrases you have your campaign best: create phrases with specific promotional texts and increase the chance of them display. But not duplicate or repeat the text of the callout in other callouts.

To finish

In all their placement ads will be measured (among other factors) the quality index . No use and apply the extensions if your keywords are not ideal, your landing page does not conform or its contents is not relevant. Remember that every step of the process is critical to the success of your campaign.

We hope these tips can help you further in your conversions.

To the next!