9 Tips To Generate More Traffic With Twitter

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Your company already has an active account on Twitter? If so, and if the purpose of Twitter for your business is traffic generation, we are speaking the same language in this post.

Twitter, if used wisely, can be a source of very interesting traffic to your website or blog. The network, which has 288 million active users per month is characterized by short, objective and direct sentences.

With so little space to generate content such as make the most of Twitter? How to increase the results with a social network that allows so few characters?

If you already use Twitter, you must have realized that there are several possibilities click on each tweet. Users can click on:

  • Username
  • user name mentioned in a tweet – @
  • Hashtag – #
  • Link
  • retweet button
  • Button to enjoy
  • answer button
  • Media (photo, video, etc.)
  • Date tweet (to view more details)
  • Option “more”

As you can see, there are many options of clicks. This can cause a certain distraction by users, and that is why we are exploring this post.

The major goal is to increase the CTR of the links in tweets and not of clicks on any option. Optimizing this rate, there is the possibility of increasing traffic to your site from Twitter.

Below, we show nine techniques you can use to improve this rate.

1 – Create headlines that evoke action or emotion

Invest time creating titles. It is one of the most important factors to determine if your users will or will not feel the need or curiosity click.

If the title does not draw the attention of the person, there will be no click. It may seem rather obvious, but the fact is that when we talk about investing time in creating headlines that really engaged, we’re talking about doing brainstorms and create dozens of alternative titles before defining what is the best.

The Upworthy.com comes to create 25 headlines for each created content. And, according to their own studies, we were able to register a traffic difference up to 500% of a “good headline” and a “bad headline.”

Here at Digital results, usually also experience a dozen titles before publishing posts. To do this, we use a few techniques that are described in the post “How to write titles of posts that attract clicks and visitors gain” .

2 – Place call-to-actions in tweets

There are several ways of tweets and not all have the purpose of being clicked, such as event coverage in real time, just to name a quick example.

But if the focus of the use of Twitter for your business is to generate traffic, create an incentive for users to be directed to your site.

The simplest way is by placing call-to-actions in tweets. Use words that call to action, such as click here , check in , check in , read more , sign up already , etc.

3 – Include color images in tweet

It is no longer a novelty that the visual content makes all the difference in social engagement. Images are more than sufficient to achieve a good CTR of your links on Twitter.

According to Xerox , the colors increase by 80% the will of users start a reading. That is, it is an important extra fuel to entice readers to click on your links.

And what images to use? A quick and easy alternative is to just use the post or page featured images. As you probably already used and invested time choosing the best image for the page, add this picture in tweet with the link.

4 – Set the Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards are cards that carry extra information about a particular tweet and are shown to the public in its network, without requiring the user exits Twitter to find out what really is this link.

These cards can be easily configured and are important in two cases. First, if you choose to use only text in calls to the links without the images. Second, to optimize CTR third of tweets. That is, when a follower of your company tweet a link from your website or blog, these cards will be useful to give extra information and draw more attention of users.

Learn all about the resource, including configuration and different types of cards in the post “Twitter Cards: how to use the cards to go beyond the 140 characters” .

5 – Add to 2 hashtags

Add hashtags over tweet can increase the CTR of the links for basically two reasons. The first because people can use Twitter Search to search for hashtags and not just by the words. And the second because people can click on hashtags to deepen on a particular subject and find your tweet.

According to the blog Twitter , hashtags can increase engagement by 100% to profile people and 50% for company profiles.

But be careful! Use no more than 2 hashtags. Tweets polluted pass a bad impression and confuse the user at the time of the click.

One suggestion to get put hashtags while working at a good message is to use them in their own headline.

6 – Set schedules for posts

It can be difficult to define a certain time. This depends a lot on your business and the behavior of their followers.

Before setting these times, make some tests to understand how its followers behave on the network. The tools Followerwonk and Tweriod are two interesting outlets for use and you get good insights into the behavior of their followers.

There is some consensus and some general research on the best times to tweet. According to the blog Buffer , tweets posted between 2pm and 4 am have the best CTR’s on average. This does not mean that has more clicks, but a better rate because of less competition.

The best times to post, according to a survey by Digital results, is between 12h and 18h, from Monday to Thursday.

7 – Make references to other profiles

If you share content from someone else mention it. If you invite another author to post on your blog, please mention it when the link is promoted on Twitter. If you are doing co-marketing with a partner company, mention it.

It is a way to show appreciation and recognition. Moreover, it is a stimulus for it to make an RT to your followers and you get more clicks on your links.

8 – Create tweets between 120 and 130 characters

Twitter has a limit of 140 characters post. But the ideal is to use a little less.

According to a study by the expert in social media, Dan Zarrella , tweets that have between 120 and 130 characters have a higher rate of CTR.

More than ever, we must be economical and talk the most with the fewest words possible.

9 – Post moderation

Do not create many tweets in a short time. Take a clearance between a tweet and one for your timeline does not get overloaded .

In the same study mentioned above, Dan Zarrella found that the CTR decreases while more links are posted per hour.

Ideally, if your goal is to generate traffic through Twitter, posting on the network is no more than once every hour.

How to measure the traffic coming from Twitter?

Following the above tips, the chances of your tweets bring more visitors to your site will grow. However, it is necessary to prove this thesis.

To measure how many visitors are accessing your site through Twitter, there are three recommended ways:

  • Google Analytics:  With Google Analytics, just go on the “Acquisition” and choose the “Social” way to companhar how many visits your site received in all social networks, including Twitter.
  • Twitter Analytics:  Native Twitter analysis tool shows some specific insights for each tweet. Can you identify data like impressions, likes, retweets, clicks on the link and other statistics.
  • RD Station:  With the analysis functionality of the Digital Marketing , you can also identify the traffic coming not only from Twitter and other sources. The differential is able to track how many Leads and how many customers were generated from each traffic source.

Finally, remember that you can also increase the Twitter traffic indirectly. About it, we talk in the post “How To Increase Twitter traffic without tweeting” .

For feedback, questions and opinions, comment below. If you or your company has achieved results using the above tips or use other tactics to generate traffic from Twitter, feel free to share with us your experiences!