9 Creative Email Marketing Examples to Inspire You

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After reading about Email Marketing , you should have already convinced of the potential that this channel has in the acquisition, relationship and loyalty of your audience.

But how to go beyond good practice and make innovative messages that stand out from other companies in the inbox of your Leads and customers?

To inspire you, we have gathered here examples of companies that are clients of RD Station  and have achieved open rates and click above average creative sending emails.

1. We Stuff

The emoji .

Concern about the look is combined with links to informative posts, of interest to the target audience of the brand: between the last emails sent are tips for traveling spending little, suggestions of photo editing applications, among others.

The following message was sent to disclose a post that speaks of philosophy slow life .


2. Flex Properties

The Flex Properties is a real estate consultant located in Marilia (SP) that you sent to your Leads base an email leading to the Landing Page to promote a property. The alternative found by the company to make people open and click the message was the stimulus for curiosity.

As the property is close to the Atlantic Forest, near the sales call there were some toucans showed that brokers who wanted to get to know the surroundings. The email title contained the following text: [person’s name], how often you see toucans?


3. Reivax

The Reivax is a Florianópolis company that works with equipment for hydropower. Among its prospects are large companies such as hydroelectric plants.

The goal of Reivax with Email Marketing was advertise their products Leads already had, making the brand grow and win the competition. The company had tested the format newsletter , but did not get the desired results.

The idea then was to create a story that caught the attention. But without delivering the gold to induce to click too.

The result? Opening 43% and 57% conversion.


4. Chateau Blanc

Being a network of furniture and decorations, the Chateau Blanc knows the importance of investing in visuals to promote their products on the Internet.

Therefore, in addition to high-resolution images, the company – which has offices in Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul and a virtual store – invests in GIFs to show more product choices to the audience in the same message.


5. Bok2

When we write a post to the blog or any other type of text, the first paragraph usually take a long time, and not just the writer’s block. We know that the first few sentences are decisive: if the reader is not interested right away, will not read the contents to the end.

This rule also applies to Email Marketing. After the title, the beginning of the text is the most important element, and you can use it to continue arousing the curiosity of Lead.

That’s why the email sent by printing platform Bok2 is a good example. Sent to a base of people interested in publishing their own books, the text begins with a thought – provoking question.

email creative marketing

6. Lamas

If you know your Leads base thoroughly, send appropriate messages to your audience as it includes the form of communication more comfortable for him.

For example, the virtual store beers Lamas sends emails aimed at brewing universe, making use of personhood. It feels like sitting in the bar table talking to that friend who knows about beer.😉


7. Building BR

Be kind and write as one having genuine interest in helping with the mail also helps keep interested and engaged customer.

An example is the manager of condominiums Building BR , which discloses its educational posts through emails written in a clear and didactic.


8. Milligram

The Milligram is a pharmacy Curitiba since 2009 that also acts as a virtual store. In addition to discounts, coupons and other promotions, the establishment sends messages with useful information on health and aesthetics.

Sent with the title Cellulite? Never with these tips! #cupomespecial #fmiligrama #dicatop the email below explains the causes of cellulite and ways to combat it.

The opening rate was 48%, while the click was 16%.


9. Summit RD

To end the post, a campaign that has given good results here in the DR. We take a lot of turn of the tickets RD Summit to draw attention and create a sense of urgency in interested.

For this we use the lyrics of a hit song and send an email with the title You broke my heart 💔 to our base.

With this message, we had 28% open rate. Since the click was 2%.