8 tips to improve the presence of your event in social networks

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Which event today that is not commented on social networks ? Even if the organizers do not engage directly in disseminating this information, the public is naturally willing to do that.

We no longer live in the time when we need a press coverage reporting to a real-time event. Of course it helps, but in general, the audience already creates content and shares experiences with your friends and followers on the networks.

In this post, let’s talk about you 8 ways to optimize the presence of your event on social media and all the advantages it can bring to your company.

Some reasons to make an online coverage of your event:

  • 1 – Engage participants
  • 2 – Conquer the missing audience
  • 3 – Improving the experience of participants
  • 4 – Create a virtual community
  • 5 – Document your event

Knowing these benefits, check below 8 ways to integrate social media into your event:

1 – Create one (or more than one) hashtag

The #hashtag the event can be considered as important as the event name itself. It is a way to give an identity to the event on social media.

A defined hashtag can help you filter out conversations related to your event, to have instant feedback from the participants and also to publicize the event for those not participating.

But before disclosing the hashtag, consider some questions. In short, a good hashtag must have three characteristics:

  • Being short: A tweet has a 140 character limit. So do not overdo the size of the hashtag. If the event name is too large, use abbreviations and acronyms;
  • Being one: Check if the chosen hashtag was no longer used in another event. It makes no sense you share this information with others and confuse your audience;
  • It is easy to identify: A person needs to see a hashtag and already identified by the time it comes to your event. Do not forget it!

A practical example is that we can leave here on our annual event of Marketing and Sales, the RD Summit . With the hashtag #RDSummit, which meets all requirements above, participants can share information related to the event. And we are able to monitor these interactions both in real time or delayed.


2 – Encourage people to use this hashtag in networks

The goal is for participants to create content about your event. So add the hashtag in different places so that people know they can use it.

Insert it into panels, on posters, in the kit that participants receive, on big screens, and especially in all the posts about the event.

Another idea is to create an alternative hashtag and offer a toast or participation in a lottery for everyone who uses it.

In RD Summit 2015, all photos that have been posted publicly on Instagram with the hashtag #EuNoRDSummit were printed. Thus, participants could take as a souvenir of the event revealed a picture for free.

3 – Provide wifi everywhere

If the idea is to allow participants to share their experiences in real time event, nothing more basic than provide a wifi network by the local area. Do not make the participants have to spend their own data packets to create content that relates to your business. Creating its own network for the event, naturally more people will create related content.

Then create a network with the event name and a simple password to be entered, and spread this information around the event. Write in panels, posters, video screens, the kits of the participants, among others easy viewing sites.

Even Brazil being a little late in relation to the connection quality, it is worth the investment. Keep in mind that signal fluctuations can happen and therefore always leave the well next maintenance staff to correct any faults.

4 – Set a person to social media

It’s too complicated to be present in social media during the event if there is a person dedicated especially for this purpose. Or more, depending on the demand for labor.

It is these people who will, during the event, in charge of publishing on social networks important moments as photos, quotes speakers and other relevant information.

In addition, the social media should also interact with the audience, answering messages and comments on any questions, criticism and praise.

5 – Share some live moments

Choose some social networks to post updates about the event. Keep this well already defined in the planning, and do not forget to always use the hashtag in subtitles. Some networks you can use and that work well in the event coverage are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, Snapchat and Youtube.

Remember not to use all the social networks the same way. The way you share certain content can work very well on Instagram, but not as well on Twitter, for example.

And remember also that you do not need to use all the social networks. In RD Summit, we chose not broadcast live on Youtube, for example. Instead, we post updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And even not using Periscope and Snapchat (just to complete the examples above), some of our participants used quite often these networks to share their views with their followers.

And the plenary session of the second day of #RDSummit packed again. Lindo too, guys! ? A photo published by Digital Results (@resdigitais) on Oct 30, 2015 at 5:43 PDT

6 – Surround speakers

The speakers are the main reasons why participants moving to the location of your event. They are “the guys” event.

So always monitor what they are talking about the event on social networks. And interact. Answer them, retweete them, and mention their profiles on the networks.

Participants will enjoy seeing your referrals are talking about the event in the network, and it will surely be an extra influence factor that they also share their experiences.

7 – Create a site with the name of the event

This is an artifice that works very well, especially for shares on Instagram and Facebook. Creating a site with the name of the event, you ease that people can do check-ins citing the event, or upload photos with the location of the event in the legend.

It’s a way to enhance the event name that you are promoting, especially in networks like Instagram, where the photos for a particular location are all met.

To create a new location on Facebook, follow these instructions . Once the site is created on Facebook, automatically it is also available on Instagram.

8 – Keep sharing and monitoring after the event

The coverage of social media of an event does not end soon after its conclusion. When the event ends, there are tasks that must be performed.

It is quite possible that the event continues to receive, in social networks, feedback from participants on the day. Or in some cases even during the following week. Therefore, continue to monitor hashtags, messages and entries to your pages on social media.

An interesting way to interact with the public and generate post-event engagement is asking for public feedback. We did this after RD Summit, in the Digital Results Facebook page .


Make your event agenda on social media can bring many future benefits for your company. Of course, people like to share where they are and what they are doing. Thus facilitating their lives by following these tips.

When you engage your audience on social media during an event, you tend to facilitate online interaction between participants, create your own community, strengthen its brand, receive feedback from participants and customers and to make the followers of participants in social networks also know the event.

But remember: Social networks can only bring good fruits for your event if it really please the participants. The secret to your event to be a success in social media is to be a success in itself. These tips only help to enhance that success.

Moreover, all feedback collected from participants in social networks are great insights for you to organize the next edition, and improve more and more. Enjoy!