8 Simple Tips to Describe Your Offer on a Landing Page

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Both in our webinar on landing pages and in our new whitepaper on call-to-action talking about the stages of the conversion process: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

In the whitepaper, mainly gave several tips for the call-to-action work well for steps Attention, Interest and Action. If you have not read, it is worth doing it.

The idea of ​​today’s post is to give tips to the stage of desire, one in which the visitor looks more quietly information and effectively takes the conversion decision or not. These tips are valid for both offers indirect (material for download) or direct (product pages / services):

Avoid “marketês”

They say that people love to buy but hate sellers. In online through the same applies. Do not try to be selling on your conversion page, saying how great are the products or what is the greatness of your company. Try to avoid adjectives.

Provide targeted and focused information on the needs of your audience and let them judge whether it is worthwhile or not.

Use common vocabulary

It is essential to speak the language of your audience and what can be easily understood by anyone who is visiting the page.

Be very cuidade with jargon or technical language used in your industry.

Write short sentences or fragments

People do not read online, they scan the text. Short sentences will help them better understand your message.

Points for threads with 3-7 items are very efficient for this, because let you see simply and clearly the items in question.

Use digits instead of large numbers

The figures, because they are different letters, end up calling a little more attention. Also, strengthen the message and make things clearer.

Highlight words that carry important information

Choose a few key words and put in bold or in a different size to show that it is indeed important.

Use clear headings and subheadings

As we have said, people do not read online, they scan. The titles and subtitles are the main guides of this process. Do not waste them.

Use active voice and action verbs

If the intention is to encourage the user to perform an action, you need to make that clear to him. The active voice and action verbs always help it.

Relates to their campaigns in Adwords

If you are doing a campaign in Adwords Landing Page for that, try to use the purchased enough keywords and words chosen for the ad.

This gives the visitor the feeling of fulfilled expectations: what he is looking for is what he found on his page. This is great for your conversion rate and also to pay less for Google per click (by increasing the Quality Score of the ad).