8 Reasons Your Business Does not Ignore Google+

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Google+ and SEO

Ie, pages that have been “stamped” by these people appear to you at all, if your friends liked that content is quite likely that you also have a positive opinion of him.

Now let’s list some possible uses of Google+ for businesses.

1: To be found in organic search

Be found on Google Search

Pages of companies that are on Google Plus can have your profile on the network displayed on the right side of the results page (for specific searches, such as the company name). The number of followers, the company description that is filled in the profile and activities in the last 72 hours.

According to Google, only pages with an engaged audience are displayed there.

2: Social networks Notes on Adwords ads

Have you seen some ads that show the number of Google+ followers?

The fact that you see that X number of people follow the page increases by 5 to 10 times the amount of clicks it.

Notes of social networks

This social extension, which weighs in Ad Rank , can be enabled manually in Adwords. Advanced campaign ads are already configured with it. But beware: the data is displayed only on pages of ads that have more than 100 followers.

3: Circles

The circles are a good choice of audience segmentation by company interest. For example, if a company offers various products in the feeding area, it can classify people who are interested in diet foods, whole grain products, etc.

The great benefit is that you can direct threads to specific circles – that is, those who like whole foods will only see content related to the topic. Oh, and one person may be in more than one circle.

One option to facilitate this division is to ask people which circles they have an interest in being.

4: Communities

There are communities of different subjects in the network, where people talk and share theme-related content. It is appropriate to be present in communities where your target audience is also, share knowledge and interact with it.

We have created a Digital Marketing .

Google+ communities

5: Hangouts

A wonderful trick Google was the integration of its products. Through the air on Hangouts, videos can be viewed live on Youtube and Google+ the company (there are as embedar on other sites). These conversations allow the participation of up to 10 people, but the others can follow and interact for the comments.


The hangout is an excellent choice for product launches, conversations with experts, webinars section to answer questions from the public … Just use your imagination and interact with your audience.

6: Ripples

This functionality helps to identify influencers of the company. It shows a share chart of a post on the network or any URL that has been shared on Google Plus. The larger circles indicate those whose followers also released the content and can be key stakeholders for the company’s shares.


To see the echo just click “View Ripples” on the small arrow in the upper right corner of the post.

7: #Hashtags

Like other social media, Google+ adds content by hashtags . The difference is that you can browse through some threads of the same hashtag in your own feed: the contents are displayed side by side. Another difference is that Google Plus can determine hashtags for content.

If the hashtag appears in a tab with shades of gray, it was used by the author:

hashtag Google+

However, if it appears in shades of blue, Google itself has analyzed the content and inserted the hashtag. And if Google+ put a hashtag that displeased me? Do not worry, no way to manually remove them.

hashtag Google+

8: +1 sharing buttons on websites and blogs

To facilitate the sharing of content in the network, enter the share button on the site pages (even if your company does not have a Google+ page). Remember: +1 with pages appear in search results for people who are in the circles of those who shared.

+1 button

To enjoy the above benefits (and look more professional) recommend creating a Google+ page and not a profile. Just like on Facebook, to create a page you need a profile to manage it.

Also, do check your page to make it the official of your company.

There are many differences between the posts from Google Plus and Facebook: You can share videos, links, and images, and there is no character limit, as Twitter. The biggest difference is the presence of gifs (animated pictures).

One caution: who uses this and other networks should avoid to keep repeating content. If a person follow and your business in different channels and see the same things, it will look like spam.

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