7 ways to generate Leads with pop-ups without disrupting the user experience

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You, who works with importance of generating Leads for your business. And of course, you know you need to improve your site’s conversion rates to maximize their ability to generate them, correct?

And if I told you that there is a way to do this without changing the structure of your website and without being boring with your visitors?

Well, today I will show you why to use pop-ups the right way will not disrupt the user experience and, moreover, greatly improve your site’s conversion rates.

Why work with pop-ups is good, not boring!

First, I confess that I, like anyone, already annoyed with me very inconvenient and intrusive pop-ups.


But after being on the other side of the game, using this tool to deliver contextual offers and value to our users, we came to a conclusion: boring companies create annoying pop-ups!

Just know a little deeper into how the tools that make this job work you will realize that the goal was never to be inconvenient. In virtually all of them are a number of customizations regarding where, how and when such bouncy bids should appear. Ie its proposal is really delivering value at the time H.

For you to understand what level of customization I’m talking about, I will mention the main ones:

Where: almost all the tools to create pop-ups will let you choose the exact (s) page (s) where they should appear, so you can choose the relevant offer to the context.

When: here we have several triggers (action that triggers the pop-up), such as:

  • Scroll: You define a percentage page scrolling so that the pop-up to appear. This way, you can present the offer exactly when the player is reading that passage of its contents.
  • Timed: Here the trigger is the time, so that, depending on the context, you tell if the pop-up should appear as soon as the visitor enters a particular page or if it will only come into action after the visitor stay on your page for a while X.
  • Exit Intent: This trigger works a little more intelligence and is only triggered when the visitor takes the mouse out of the page navigation area. It is perfect to make an irresistible offer, which do not let you leave empty-handed.
  • Click: This time, the idea is to trigger the pop-up only by a user ‘s click action, which may be useful in some contexts, such as Landing Pages .

How much: here we have a simple configuration, but crucial to determine whether you will be placed on the side of the boring or useful businesses.

Whenever a visitor views a pop-up created by your company, it receives a cookie . This cookie will for you to set how often each user will each offer and ensure that it does not have to deny it again and again.

If you use these customizations in your favor and treat your visitors just as you would like to be treated, you will be able to create pop-ups with more than 40% of conversion rate , like the one below:

But now let’s get to it!

1. Generating Leads with Scroll Box

This is a subtle and yet very efficient to use pop-ups. A Scroll Box is nothing more than a small box, usually at the bottom on one side of the site. It is so small that go unnoticed for most visitors, but will convert 1-4% of them without disturbing anything in the experience of others.

In this case, as we have little room to develop the offer, usually we offer a simple opt-in in the company’s newsletter , with the scroll trigger to call the attention of visitors who navigate to a certain point of the page.

pop-up scroll box

2. Generating Leads to offer posts in PDF

A very interesting way to generate Leads is offering PDF versions of posts to download, using a pop-up for conversion. This case is more relevant when the post is too long or when it is a tutorial with instructions, which may be useful in contexts offline.

To create it, you basically have to use a plugin to convert the pages to PDF format and up this file in your domain, redirecting Leads there. For this, you will create a trigger-per-click and a link to it in the post.

3. Place pop-ups in your blog posts

If a visitor is reading one of your posts is because it would like to learn more about a particular subject, right?

What would you think if, when you were finished reading a post on the topic X, appeared an offer of a complete guide on the topic you were reading?

To do this, you simply set previsará the pop-up to appear in certain posts that have the theme as related X, and set up a scroll trigger or time for it to appear.

That way, you would not be invasive, because the fact Lead would like to learn more about the topic and was devoting time to it. And because of this, your chances of taking the Lead to the conversion would increase considerably.

popup rd blog

4. Offer a prominent material in its educational materials page

If you produce rich materials with recurrence and has a page to consolidate them, what about creating an outstanding material that is comprehensive in relation to the interest of your audience?

In this case, we only need to understand what material falls more into the graces of our audience (which can be tested up to hit), and configure the pop-up to appear on that page after a certain visitor navigation time you set.

pop-up Rodrigo padilha

5. If you want to know your solution, offers assistance

If the visitor is browsing the pricing page or features (or even benefit) of your product / service is the right time to offer help!

People who are on these pages are just trying to understand how they or your business can benefit, and it is up to you to show the way.

In those cases you may or may indicate a rich material funnel bottom (with direct link to your product) or directly offer a conversation with your vendors, and a pop-up will do very well this task.

Thus, again it is interesting to try to figure out what the best offer for this context, as well as what the trigger that makes the offer the most natural and efficient as possible.


6. Visitors who browse the blog are potential subscribers to your newsletter

This is up to you exactly where to place the pop-up, but the suggestion is to use the navigation of your blog as indicative of interest for the content of your company and provide the signature of your newsletter right now.

My suggestion is to use the pagination of your blog for this, that is, when the Lead advances to the second, third or other pages. After all, this behavior shows that the visitor is looking for information that your blog can have, and you can help you find.

In this case, the supply is already set, but we still need to try and understand what the trigger will generate more income. At first, it seems interesting to work with the intent exit to help Leads that were about to leave frustrated page.

newsletter popup

7. Being aggressive with the Welcome Mat

A more recent use of this methodology is the Welcome Mat, which is nothing more than a pop-up that uses the full screen and that is triggered as soon as the visitor arrives to a certain page.

By breaking a little method we talked about so far and to be quite invasive, work this way can indeed compromise the experience of its users. However, studies have proven that it is very efficient in terms of conversion.

The trick, therefore, is that you make a very good and relevant offer on pages that receive enough traffic, and use long-term display of cookies. Your trigger, in which case it will be time zero.

How to create a pop-up in the RD Station Marketing

One of the features that the RD Station Marketing offers is the creation of pop-ups. See how quick and simple to use this platform functionality.

Access your account and click Convert> Pop-Ups.

pop-ups rd station marketing

On the next screen, click the “Create Pop-up” button in the upper right corner of the screen. Select what type of pop-up you want to create to advance to the next screen.

There are 3 types:

  • Form with image
  • simple form
  • Call to action

pop-up marketing rd station

After choosing the pop-up format, you will be redirected to the editing screen. Now it’s time to change colors, text, images and CTAs.

Click “Save and proceed” to continue the setup.

On this screen, you will choose:

  • Form actions: the Lead will be redirected to a page or will receive a downloadable file directly;
  • Display pages: it will be displayed on all pages or on specific pages – and still have the option to not show on certain pages;
  • Behavior: to set the frequency of pop-up display to the user

pop-up settings rd station marketing

It is noteworthy that all the pop-ups created in RD Station Marketing are triggered when the user attempts to exit the page ( exit intent ).

Once this is done you are ready to publish your pop-up. Complete all stages to ensure that the pop-up will be posted on your page.

Once published you can click the pop-up title and track the results of conversions.

If you are not yet client, you can make a free trial of RD Marketing Station to experience the platform.

Besides the pop-ups, the RD Station Marketing has features Landing Pages, Email Marketing , Lead segmentation, Marketing Automation , analysis and customized reports , and more.


In short, pop-ups are as boring as their creators and undeniably effective to increase the conversion of your site.

To advance his side, I will state here the tools we’ve used:

Finally, my message is: if you create pop-ups with common sense and in order to generate value to the visitor, will certainly have a good market feedback regarding the experience and conversion results.

To the next!