7 Tips to redesign your website

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Not ningú secret that organization is to n constantly redesigned ñ ando their websites in order to remain in force. Before starting with the redesigned ñ or your website it is important to have a strategy with clear guidelines to achieve execution or successful n. Here í  are 7 tips from someone who has gone through this several times:

1) Know your current website

Analyzes the positioning of your current website. Check every couple to meters to determine p to pages they are those that you generate greater tr to fico and conversion or n. This will allow to assess the current state of your website and identify d or nde more help is needed to achieve your goals. Some pointers to keep in mind are:

  • Tr to current fico website
  • P to pages with more tr to fico
  • User time browsing the website
  • current state of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and keywords that have positioning (this is crucial)
  • Trav sales generated é s website (this is another indicator that is directly measured by the changes)

If you do not have a way to measure these parameters for your web site, you can install Google Analytics on your site to determine these parameters.

2) Before the change define your goals

Preg ú Ntate why é you need this redesign ñ o. It is true that your website has been around for a while, however, without establishing a clear and concise manner why é , c or Mo and Cu to NDO, you need this redesign ñ or you may waste time and money.

Once you have understood the current state of your website and how to measure the effectiveness redesign must align with the goals you want to achieve. Serves not only have general goals like “I need more visits” Be specific, ask yourself why you need more views What kind of want to visit? what we serve 10,000 visits from users who are not interested in our services or products.

Is crucial to determine the specific reasons why you want to redesign your site because these reasons which will be aligned with the goals of your company. Otherwise you’ll end up with a very visually appealing website but little business generator.

3) Take inventory (site map to keep ranking 301)

Create a map of your site and make an inventory of electronic addresses or Nicas (URLs) of p to pages that is to n generating greater tr to fico today. If no one can find your site, your sales and leads can not increase. Therefore, make u rate to create appropriate 301 redirects, develop a good strategy redirection or n and do research or n of keywords is to n generating the most í to your tr to current fico. This will help maintain and not lose your current positioning engines b u SEARCHING as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

4) Content Value (Da solutions to your prospects)

There is a saying in the world of Internet marketing that saysas m to s content you have, m to s tr to fico will receiveHigh volume of quality content ensures that your business going in the direction or correct n. Build a strategy that adds content to trav é s time as a daily or weekly blogging is a great resource. Mant and away from posting gene contained nte é rich and tries to focus on common problems to solve your prospects.

5) Optimize (SEO)

Make a study of qu é keywords want to achieve in your new website and includes those that have worked for you so far. It is important that each p to page includes a keyword and that word is included in

  • Titul or the p to page
  • Meta Description or n
  • Content (it is important to appear naturally in the content. Old strategies as mention the word many times in the content are not recommended)
  • File name   im to genes and   include the description or n Closed Im to genes

6) Functional Design (Responsive Design)

This is the character í stica that allows a website interpret qu é type of electronic device or nico is using the user to access content on the Internet (desktop, tablet, or phone é smart phone) and in turn send to that user the appropriate view for the device in use.

The interesting thing is that the design of functional response continues to grow and develop. So what was created a year ago may be very different from a site designed today. Whatever the case, this tool provide a user to the best viewing is just good business, especially with customers who connect on the go.

7) Test, Test, Test

The test stage no s or what should happen when the project is to ready for launch. Divide the project at different stages of testing. This will allow you to be m to s cash and identify problems before the final stage Saver to Ndote many headaches.

Be sure to do performance testing, navigation, interpretation and administration of your new website before the official release date. Asks the members of your audience to prove the site and ask them to provide their honest opinion before finalizing the project.

The redesign of its website is something you have to take very seriously and it is a job that requires commitment and effort. Identifying goals and have a plan to follow are the keys to the correct execution of your site ingredient.