7 foolproof tips on conversion optimization

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Optimize a conversion page is now one of the main points of leverage of marketing professionals and at the same time, it is an area that receives less investment in a marketing department. The challenge here is to show how the conversion might impact on customer acquisition and, consequently, the company’s revenues.

In this post we will talk about some foolproof tips for optimizing the extracted conversion lecture by Rafael Damasceno, co-founder of you can watch in full here ). Check out:

1 – Set the personas

Every product, service or content will be consumed by someone. Knowing that someone, we call here persona , it is the first step for you to draw your conversion optimization strategy.

Map buying journey that person will tell you how this person purchase, she buys and when she buys.

Once made prior examination to know who the person is consuming your product and how to relate to it, now let’s show what it takes to improve the conversion rate of your website.

2 – Experiment

quantitative tests

The most common and effective way of doing optimization tests is through A / B testing . First, create a different version of the page that you have on your website and then compare it with the existing page. Throw the page A to 50% of their visitors and page B for the other 50% and analyze the conversion rates of the two pages, defining what is the most efficient (if you are a user of the RD Station, here ‘s how to do) .

In the A / B test, other quantitative tests that are easy to apply and, particularly, to analyze. Google Analytics will tell you, for example, that the main landing pages of your site, which pages have the highest bounce rate, which has higher output rate and which convert more. This information is very important for you to understand what needs to be changed and what works well in your website.

qualitative tests

Qualitative tests are summed up basically in usability testing, surveys by email, phone and even an informal chat with your client. This feedback can help you understand what difficulties people are having on the site, why some buy and why stop buying.

An interesting case was a company that made an A / B testing and saw that there was a large output rate of your site’s search page. That is, many people performed the search but came out without filling in any form.

To understand why, the company sent a questionnaire by email to more than 100 visitors. The response was almost the same: the difficulty was in the search filter, which almost never showed the necessary information so that it reached the desired property. Made changes, an increase of 384% conversion rate.

Another tip on tests

Tests bring return but courageous tests bring more. The more courageous he is more likely to impact the sales of your company.

Simply change the color of the button of a call to action to green to red will not impact the revenue of your company. Now stir in the shopping cart, for example, yes.

3 – Make better conversion pages

Quantity is not synonymous with quality. No use having hundreds of conversion pages on your site if they do not respond to what the visitor is looking for. Has few but good forms. See how you attract and relates to your visitor through them. Another cool tip on this topic is: not the mall seller. Convert the right person at the right time. Again, create digital baits makes sense, but if used sparingly and knowledge on the subject. A base with 500,000 leads of no use if they have no interest in your product. Keep in mind that conversion pages must deliver value to the visitor sought to click on it. This is true for organic search and for paid campaigns.


In the case of campaigns, there is another valuable tip: calls from ads on Google Adwords and highlights the conversion page should beat. The reasons are simple: by clicking on the ad on Google, you will find a page that exactly covers the subject in which he was interested, maintaining a fluid and real experience. In addition, you will pay less for Cost-per-Click (CPC) as one of the factors that influence the calculation of this cost is the quality of your conversion page.

4 – Stop listening personal opinions

Digital marketing high-level has no room for personal opinions. Therefore, the opinion of your boss, your neighbor or your own opinion is of no value if they are not based on qualitative tests. Let the personal opinion to make that blog you’ve always dreamed of talking about your favorite hobby. On the website of your business, do it right and apply the A / B test on all the important pages of your website.

5 – Do not imitate your competitors

Most likely your competitors do not know what they are doing on their website because almost no one does scientific test or know for sure what is an A / B test. The notion that most companies have is that a site if it has a beautiful layout, do not need anything else. No, it does not. The next tip is precisely this.

6 – Stop adopt oriented design for aesthetics

Brazil is the country of the most beautiful sites in the world. This is a big problem because the aesthetic is not associated with functionality that is what really matters in the sites. Let the Monet painting to hang on the wall and go to Google, Wikipedia, Facebook or Ebay. They will show you what really matters.

7 – Show sufficient value

Give more reasons to rather than to the no. The amount you need to deliver for the people must be greater than the price of your product or service. Use your DNA salesman, show everything necessary for the visitor to know your product and buy it. Again, all that is necessary and not a point more. No use to write an eBook on a matchbox. simple and low-cost products require simple and quick information. But if your product is innovative and high added value, then yes you will need to offer more detailed information about it.

With these tips, time availability and desire to make it happen, your company will surely have impressive results in conversion optimization and attract more Leads to their base.