7 Essential Tips for Your Business Create a Good Newsletter

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Newsletter is a type of informative email with recurrence of shots. The message is not focused on a specific offer and, unlike promotional emails, it can address different issues. Usually the newsletter is the gateway to the Email Marketing .

Newsletters are a great communication option to foster relationships with customers and prospects in a mild form and closer together.

In this type of email, you can promote on a call a product for Leads that are at an advanced moment of purchase and still be relevant to those who are in another stage of the sales funnel by offering reading articles and tips.

Moreover, they can be produced easily, as always repeat a pattern of organization of content.

All of these possibilities can generate a great return, provided that the quality is maintained. In this post, we’ll give you some tips for you to be more effective in their newsletters.

1. Only send if it is really relevant

As the main purpose of the newsletter is to keep as close to your business audience, the first premise is that you have quality content to offer.

Your company should know what kind of subject matter more to the list. Themes that address the main concerns of potential customers in their area will attract more than the simple communication of its product.

The more information you have about the preferences of your readers, the better. And the ideal is that the message is as targeted as possible. A well-produced newsletter and content rigorously selected tends to turn a great long-term asset.

2. Make the content “scannable”

If you have several topics to spread, let the well separated and organized calls and give prominence to the key points.

In the case of larger texts, keep only an introduction or summary with a link to the full content available on the site. This will ensure a leaner newsletter and allow you to discover through clicks which were the most attractive content.

3. Choose well the issue of the newsletter and the sender

Knew largely responsible for a good email open rate is the subject of the message? So take some time to prepare an attractive call. The challenge is to be succinct, objective and especially relevant for those who read.

One option is to use the call of the most important text of the newsletter on the subject of the email, which tends to increase the rate of clicks on the article. Vale also use creativity and highlight the general theme of the email in one sentence only.

One point is key: the name of your company should be in the mail sender. If the person who receives it already has confidence in your business, display your company name will make the message even more attractive.

4. Bet on the simplicity of the layout

The HTML email can not be viewed the same way as the HTML of a website. Complexities in preparing the template greatly increase the chance of problems in the way each service renders the message and make more frequent layout break.

In addition, offer various options for deals on a little-defined sequence can also confuse the user and reduce the number of clicks. Being simple in CSS and use a table layout is the best option.

5. Be careful with the use of images

Avoid condense your newsletter in one image, because most email services blocks the view. This makes it difficult to view and demand to the user clicks a permit to get to know which email content. This “barrier” reducing the results enough.

When using images over HTML, worry to properly use the ALT attribute, which are words or phrases displayed when a picture does not appear.

This post has more details about why you should use a HTML template instead of an image .

Also remember to ensure that the images are on your own server.

The use of a free image hosting service is not recommended for two reasons. The first is that this type of service is widely used by spammers and may reduce the reliability of your message.

Secondly, many times these services block emails display images because they can not handle a high amount of traffic. Thus, your potential customer can not see the content submitted by your company.

6. Evaluate the results to find points of improvement

Enjoy the reports offered by email marketing tools to analyze the effectiveness of your newsletters. The opening rate will help identify the best times of delivery, the effectiveness of the chosen subject and how much your company has been relevant over time.

Already clicks will help show the subjects that attracted the most attention and may represent interesting content for your audience.

This all allows you to optimize campaigns and provide greater return on investment .

7. Very Test

Do not think that the job ends when the newsletter is complete.

Test it before sending it is very important. For this, send the message to yourself and friends. Check and test the main mail servers in your list.

Generally Hotmail email, Gmail, Yahoo, UOL and Bull, and software such as Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Apple Mail are among the most important in Brazil.

A good option is to use the site litmus.com , showing the e-mail display in different email services. These tests will help ensure that the layout is not broken according to the mail service.

Beyond the tests. Try varying types of content, email subject and send time to identify which options provide better results for your company. Good results.

To help you in sending newsletters, we prepared a checklist of Email Marketing campaigns . In this material, as well as a checklist for newsletters you also find checklists for promotional emails and nutrition flows.

Good results!