7 Digital Marketing trends for 2018: the strategies and technologies that will gain strength in the year

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Year in, year out, the Digital Marketing is influenced by several innovative trends that are emerging. Virtually every day we see new technologies and concepts arise and may add new ideas to the market.

The simplest and most popular to the most complex and unique, these ideas will gradually be implemented by various companies, but business more often benefit are those who leave at the forefront of the emergence of new features, taking advantage of these trends as they appear .

Lately, for example, against the huge volume of information that is being generated in the world, there is a counter-movement that seeks to simplify and back to basics.

more direct content, lower volume – but more important – better management of information, voice commands and technology as a means of assistance in the organization of such information, particularly to facilitate the processes that can be automated are some of the trends that have been appearing .

We have compiled some of the news that, according to leading experts in the subject, will be trend in 2018. But more than being an eye on new technologies, it is necessary to pay attention to the evolution of human behavior, which leads to all these developments in technology – and Digital Marketing.

1. most relevant content in less

digital marketing trends

Companies are recognizing the importance of Content Marketing and it is likely that we will have more and more companies investing in this strategy.

So how to differentiate?

For the content expert, Ann Handley , one of the ways is to create content in fewer but more efficient.

“The key points are: 1) quality is important and 2) do not need more content. We need more relevant content. “(Ann Handley)

In short, those responsible for the content need to be more strategic about what kind of content publishing, looking more for the type of content that brings results and that volume is aligned with the purchase journey .

“Start focusing on how you can be important for people who are trying to achieve. Companies have this idea that must do everything to appeal to everyone, but we do not. It is much more effective if we focus on those interests. “(Ann Handley)

Optimizing existing content will also gain strength. This prevents rework and help you to always be aligned with the updates of the algorithms of search engines.

2. Content Automation

digital marketing trends

We are very used to working with automation. Our Digital Marketing and software sales, marketing automation , among other features.

What if you could go further and automate not only deliveries, but also the production?

This is where this strong trend is the automation of content combined with artificial intelligence.

Some tests have already been made. The newspaper Le Monde , for example, used automation in departmental elections of 2015. The French used a software which produced 150,000 short texts for 4 hours (625 news per minute).

Another example is the agency Associated Press . Prior to automation, economic journalists published news about quarterly results from American companies about 15 to 20 minutes after the release of the reports, and each text contained on average 130 words. With automation, the texts were published one minute after the release of results and 500 words.

Then we can leave everything in the hands of robots? It’s the end of the content producers?

Definitely não.Primeiro because there is the irreplaceable human factor in the content. At least until then, humans can create more sophisticated texts and provided a better reading experience for people.

We are also more creative (at least for now) than any artificial intelligence software and have a lot more empathy .

However, very repetitive functions, uncreative and exclusively based on data in the near future should be delegated to robots. It is impossible to compete with the machine in terms of speed, cost and amount of generated content.

We must begin to think of ways to unite the strength and talent of the content producer with software speed so that work is complementary. We will soon see new roles being created, such as Artificial Intelligence editor.

3. Chatbot

chatbot ecommerce

Speaking of Artificial Intelligence, one of the trends for 2018 that is closely related to this concept is the chatbot .

But after all, what is a chatbot?

When thinking about what a chatbot, remember the Siri, Apple . She can do several things, like calling someone in your calendar, set an alarm, tell a joke, do research on the internet … But you can not teach her something, right?

Ie chatbot is a computer program that does what it is programmed to simulate human conversation, and nothing else. Thus, we can automate repetitive and bureaucratic tasks, which frees us to solve more complex problems.

What many companies are doing is choosing some processes (such as sale, payment query or frequently asked questions) to put in a flowchart, structure in the form of dialogue and register within an appropriate tool.

But where does artificial intelligence?

There are many ways to ask the same thing, and when you make the setting can not put all the system.

However, the chatbot with artificial intelligence makes even asking for an unscheduled way, you get correct answers.

The artificial intelligence used in marketed bots can work in different ways, and you need to pay attention when choosing one that is right for your needs. Some have their own algorithm and others use external AI, as Watson (IBM) or Google AI .

If you do not have a large volume of interactions, there are free tools you can make your chatbot and integrate it with their tools.

Here ‘s how to integrate chatbots with RD Station .

There are several uses for the chatbot. Once you choose a goal for your list the prerequisites that the bot tool should have. So you can rule out the options more easily.

To understand the possibilities see how some companies are using chatbots.

The Natura chose the purpose of making sales by Facebook. Already Avon made a bot facing current and future dealers, while in Finds Hertz you can rent the vehicle for the fan page.

In the fashion world, chatbots are also widely used. The Burberry launched its chatbot on Facebook during London Fashion Week in 2016, showing looks to inspire users and presenting possibilities of interaction with images and GIFs to stimulate buying pieces from the latest collections of the event.

Here at Digital blog results are also using a bot. If you are reading this probably seen our button at the bottom right of the screen. Talk to him to receive free content recommendations on Digital Marketing🙂

4. Live broadcasts

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If you followed what was appointed Digital Marketing trend in recent years, you know that the video was a format that appeared frequently in lists of bets. Is it correct to say, then, that the video remains a novelty?

For the expert on YouTube, Camilo Coutinho , the video is no longer a trend, but a consolidated strategy, and who did not yet’re already late.

He compares the evolution of the video format in Digital Marketing with the development of mobile phones. And he believes that, in Brazil, when it comes to video we are still in the era of Nokia tijolão. “There is still a bit to get the iPhone”, compare.

And what is needed to get there? Experts agree that this year, the video format should take a few steps: the most cited bet are the live broadcasts, or lives. It is that after watching a video, people want to interact with the speaker on the screen, and live broadcasts allow this.

Tools Live broadcast were already available on YouTube and, more recently, also came to Facebook and Instagram. This wide availability of tools makes life easier for those who want to start.

Another advantage is that the lives not require as much infrastructure. One can start with a computer or cell phone and then put accessories such as microphones and lighting, arriving in a studio. Camilo Coutinho believes that the most important thing is not leaving for tomorrow:

“Everyone says that is the year of the video but no one puts their hands dirty. If in your market yet no one does, you can differentiate. This is the time to start in two to three years to already be well placed. “(Camilo Coutinho)

In 2017, Facebook and Instagram have made clear they intend to focus increasingly on audiovisual format. For the specialist in Facebook Ads , Fabio Prado Lima, this is a trend that also comes to the ads. Sponsored posts have also emerged in Instagram Stories and monetized videos on Facebook and should continue gaining ground.

Virtual reality

One of the main uses of video in the coming years will be in virtual reality, with the main objective of assisting in the purchase decision, because the technology allows better visualize a product or service. It can, for example, simulate how a swimming pool will stay in the backyard of his house before building it in fact.

The specialist in digital trends, Edney ScienceBlogs , says that real estate has also have used this technology to people to see the inside of an apartment remotely before renting it.

In education, it is used in the training of doctors, who can study anatomy with virtual bodies, and the trend is soon to be adopted by other areas of education, including distance learning.

5. Audio Content


The audio content is occupying a space in the lives of users who hitherto other formats could still not meet: people are looking to optimize your time by listening to content while doing other activities, such as driving.

The podcast is gaining ground and the most popular formats such as blogposts and eBooks also get audio versions, giving the public more consumer format options of the same content. Produce and deploy an audio content is not the most difficult jobs. But as promocionar products and services in this format?

According to the sound designer Nick Ryan, the most important is that brands understand that they can not be intrusive in an intimate format as the audio. According to him, people have an unconscious and physical high emotional involvement with the audio format, which makes them become angry more easily when they are interrupted by advertisements.

Another important bias that comes with the audio content is, as can be-ranked? Transcription and subtitles can help in this interpretation of the content task because Google indexes text content posted on YouTube for example.

Another important data related to performance: according to research conducted by Discovery Digital Networks , videos with subtitles is 13% more views than a video without subtitles.

In addition, of course, the benefit of accessibility, subtitles allow your video to be viewed by more people in situations and places where the audio would not be appropriate eg in public transport, in a bookstore, even in a very noisy place .

6. Search and voice commands

digital marketing trends voice search

The rise and popularity of voice control technology and intelligent personal assistants like Alexa and Google Home are transforming user behavior. This is the conclusion the expert in Digital Marketing and CEO of Master Agency , Fábio Ricotta.

He believes that the voice of workers are creating a new form of interaction with the web. “They added to chatbots, will provide perhaps the scale voice,” he says. This is because, along with robots, you can do things like buy in the market, ordering pizza and other activities.

The results presented by Google for voice research is the snippet prominent (the content that is in a box and that is the first search result).

There is a great opportunity for you to bring your content to the top of the browser. For this, you can include some strategic information in your text, such as:

  • detailed response of the subject;
  • numbered lists (or not);
  • A strong, striking image on the topic;
  • Include both the question and the answer on the same page.

According to research JW Thompson , 74% of users of voice technologies around the world believe that brands should have unique voices that express the brand personality for your applications instead of using standard voices.

7. Progressive Web Apps

digital marketing trends progressive web apps

The din can not have limits, but the memory of the cell has. This makes the public is increasingly selective day with the applications that will download.

The number of downloads is dropping every day. In the US this number drops by 20% each year . Another study also shows that 60% of all applications were never used .

To reverse this scenario, the Progressive Web Apps were developed. Have you ever heard this term?

The Progressive Web Apps (or PWAs) are Google’s bet for mobile devices in the coming years. In short, it is a hybrid of a website and an application, combining the best of both worlds.

The main features of a Progressive Web App are:

  • It works for any user, regardless of the chosen browser;
  • is suitable for any screen size (desktop, mobile, tablet or whatever invented);
  • It is independent of network quality;
  • Interactions and navigation features as in applications;
  • Is always updated;
  • It’s safe, secure attacks (HTTPS);
  • It can be found by search engines;
  • It has the resources to engage users again as push notifications;
  • It is installable and has a URL (no complex installation).

The Flipkart (ecommerce India) is a success story with the use of technology. After adopting the technology, had a 70% increase in sales , and other significant results, such as 3 – fold increase in residence time of users on the site, engagement 40% higher and consumption of user mobile data was almost 3 times smaller. Check out the video featuring the ecommerce solution:

Despite the many advantages, the PWAs still have some negatives, such as the limitation on the user’s device control (still can not interact with features like Bluetooth and contacts) and the technology had not yet joining Apple.

If you want to know more about it and understand how to apply, Google has developed a complete documentation (in Portuguese).

Hopefully you have known some of the new developments that can begin to implement in their lending in the year that is beginning. Keep an eye on them, because using them could be a way to stand out from your competition.

And always remember to produce content that solve the problems of your target audience , making testing and measure the results to know what’s working best for your company.

And then, prepared to innovate in 2018?

Good results!