7 Digital Marketing Strategies for Corporate Travel Agencies

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Did you know that between 2016 and 2017 the corporate travel market grew by 6.6% ? These are data from a survey by the Brazilian Association of Corporate Travel Agencies (Abracorp) .

Among the 12 segments evaluated, the survey also found that the financial transactions also jumped. What was at just over 10 billion, has grown to over 11 billion.

According to the Global Business Travel Association, in 2018, spending on business travel is expected to grow 6.1% .

This means that the travel industry the business is getting stronger, especially with the growing economic interdependence of the world, which will further strengthen the flow of business travelers.

For this reason, corporate travel agencies also have great business opportunities, particularly when using strategies Digital Marketing . Want to see one?

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Digital Marketing for corporate travel agency

The increase in business travel also offers opportunities for agencies. However, one of the biggest challenges of the corporate travel sector is precisely to find Digital Marketing strategies focused on their needs.

After all, one must go beyond the creation of the site, publishing posts and campaigns Email Marketing . These isolated actions will not cause businesses traveling on business to come to you.

To find results we need a well-structured strategic planning and focused on the B2B (Business to Business).

Check out 7 Digital Marketing Strategies for corporate travel agencies.

1. Understand the B2B buying process

The first step is to understand that the process of purchasing a customer is very different from B2C B2B.

In general, the time in the purchase journey for B2B customers is higher and the steps are more complex. That’s why the Learning and Discovery stage to Purchase Decision may take 6 months to 1 year depending on the type of service.

It is also important to mention that when we speak of the sales cycle, there is the cost of customer acquisition. The higher the sales cycle, taking into account also the level of competition, the greater the cost.

That is why to reduce the Lead at various stages of the funnel, according to their stage in the purchase journey .

2. Understand who is behind the decision

Always keep in mind that behind every company there are people. So even your communication focused on B2B must be humanized.

Moreover, in B2B, you can communicate with people from different positions and change the tone of your communication as this segmentation.

Strategies for corporate travel agencies, you can communicate from the executive traveler, to your manager or secretary, who organizes trips there.

So know exactly who is behind every decision to align their strategies more assertive and human way. Nothing seem a little robot talking to another machine, okay?

3. Diversify strategies

For business travel, especially the medium and large agencies, it is important to diversify strategies for each product / service.

In fact, this is the ideal, since each service may have a different sales cycle. Have you ever stopped to think about it?

4. Content Marketing and spot formats

The Content Marketing is the most effective strategy to leverage your corporate travel agency, mainly because the B2B audience consumes content as a way of learning and solution.

In addition, one must understand the content formats that attract this audience, such as case studies and presentations.

These formats provide good insights and reliability, as well as being a type of content that has greater durability.

5. Create your authority on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very targeted social network for B2B audience and therefore a great opportunity for you to generate authority.

So optimize your profile, join specific groups of corporate travel segment, share content and create your own. Use your experience and generate awareness on the net!

6. Hoppers new and improved for the corporate traveler

Produce content for the corporate traveler goes beyond the construction of its authority and the lure of the road warrior . It is from him that you will lead your visitors to your sales funnel and make them become customers.

Currently, 49% of the content focuses first on the user ‘s involvement , according to Convince & Convert. However, as the visitor walks through the funnel and bottom, the focus turns for greater engagement.

And it is thinking about their marketing strategies should follow, understanding the importance of each step of the process and improving the sales pipeline for its corporate travelers.

7. Count on tools for its control

Your corporate travel agency still needs to rely on Leads nutrition control tools and control of your sales funnel, as a CRM or a software marketing automation .

Ideally, you avoid the Excel spreadsheets that hinder the work of your sales team, leaving the slow work and barely visible to the entire team. In addition, of course, consuming valuable time for other activities of employees.