7 creative Easter campaign examples to inspire you

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In our first post on how to make an Easter campaign , we talked about how companies can take advantage of this commemorative day, although not work with chocolates.

Today we bring some examples of campaigns to inspire you and create your well.

1. Library and Publisher Sefer

Specializing in books and jewish items, the Library and Publisher Sefer , from São Paulo, developed together with the agency ADR Web an Easter campaign – or Passover, it ‘s called the date in the Jewish calendar – which worked very well in 2017 and is being repeated this year.

The idea was to create a series of articles on the blog talking about the event, its historical origin and importance of their traditions. One article speaks of the items that can not miss in the Seder (dinner) of Passover.

And describe and show the symbolism of each item, the post directed the reader to a rich materials – Passover Checklist – in which he would give everything he needed to make dinner in traditional customs.

The conversion rate of 95% and has generated more than 1,300 downloads.

Easter marketing campaign - sefer

2. I got sick

Offer a discount is something that every business, regardless of industry, can do, right?

Adding some thematic elements of Easter, with a little creativity and knowledge of your target audience , it is easy to relate your product to date without looking like you’re pushing it.

The get sick , for example, offers selected and sent in a colorful and GIFs email.


3. Tok & Stok

The Email Marketing with a visual and attractive to promote their special line of special utensils for Passover, which can be used for Sunday lunch, for example.

You do not need to develop products or special Easter services such as Tok & Stok did. But you can adapt what you already offers a campaign to date.


4. Laguna Tourist Hotel

The tourism sector is one of those who can benefit from holidays such as Easter, and without much effort. The Laguna Tourist Hotel , for example, created special accommodation packages for the date.

The email invites people to travel and spend the holiday side of those who love to and exploiting the sense of closeness of loved ones and gratitude, quite common at Easter.


5. 99

The creative email subject – “Open the egg and find your discount” – to attract attention and the click of users.

After opening the message, the recipient had to click the Call-to-Action button to go to the company website and find out who won discount.


6. Elo7

In this email, Elo7 took the opportunity to send a message reminding customers of the true meaning of Easter.

Only at the end of the email the user sees a CTA that invites you to know a sale of chocolates – but the offer could be something that makes sense for your business, not necessarily related to sweets.


7. iFood

Exploring the idea of plenty, common at Easter, the iFood created an end of week promotions in its restaurants partners and sent Bunny iFood to people’s inboxes registered on the site.

If you are the food industry, how about doing a promotion that?

Since we are talking about this industry, enjoy and check out the post Inbound Marketing for the gourmet market: good practice to start .