6 tips on podcast production directly from Nathan Latka’s talk #RDSummit

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Nathan Latka believes the podcast is the future and shared in RD Summit in 2017 had some experiences that based on his own show, The Top enterpreneurs in Money .

Even before taking the stage, Nathan Latka was already talking with some room participants 4 RD Summit, which was the lecture. Chair to chair, the US was still greeting people and talking to them.

After a few conversations, he began the lecture by saying that was an architect, but that did not follow the career and began to undertake.

On the topic of the lecture itself, he began talking about your podcast and said that there are several points to be adjusted to create a good show. One of the most important he was stressed about the name.

To name the show means to position and he hit a lot in that key. “You have to think about how people will look at their show in the search engines,” said Nathan.

Latka was a bit controversial to say that the more ugly is the logo of the podcast, the better. But it was actually a joke, as quoted his own right, who himself thinks horrible.

The The Top enterpreneurs in Money was released in August 2015. In two years, it is with 5.4 million downloads. In addition, each episode has an average of 50,000 unique downloads.

It’s like I was all day giving a speech to 50,000 people, without leaving home.

Share below the 6 most important lessons of the presentation:

1 – You do not need a professional studio

Nathan Latka said that many people who do podcast get stuck because they think they need to buy a lot of technical equipment. He emphasized: “You do not need a studio.”

The studio, in fact, need to be with you, he said. He writes many podcasts while traveling the world. The leading pack? A good microphone, a laptop and a headset.

2 – Interviews generate more results

A very important point was related to the podcast model.

Nathan makes a podcast interviews and said that this is a much cheaper way and it generates a lot more results than present yourself.

3 – Record in advance

Nathan said that you have to keep the frequency and publish forever. You can not fail, because people are waiting for your podcast.

He stressed that it is important to record in advance. He suggested three months previously recorded podcasts so that there is unexpected and you do not run out of content to publish.

4. Create a string and talk about other episodes in the show

Using an example of the reality show Survivor , Nathan spoke of the importance of recapitulating the latest episode in the podcast from the beginning and talk about the subject of the next in the end.

Translating the example for the podcast joked like anchor Casts for Closers , the podcast Meetime and that was much quoted by Nathan in his lecture.

He said the public get a podcast saying, for example, “Last Monday, we talked to Neil Patel, who spoke on conversion rates on Landing Page. That’s for Closers Cast number 56, starting now. “

And end with: “If you like this podcast, stay tuned next. The interviewee of time will Oli Gardner and let’s talk about AB testing. “

Ie recap before and give a teaser of the next.

5 – Start with confidence

To start your interview podcast, Nathan selected 60 people who had good hearing to be interviewed.

He convinced people to start showing confidence, saying that until the end of summer the show would have 1 million downloads. And also he said he would make launching email to schedule the first 10 to respond. So he managed to make people respond quickly to him.

If he fulfilled the promise of downloads? More: it managed 2 million downloads in the period.

6 – Set a model of monetization

The podcast need to generate revenue in some way, directly or indirectly. So it takes early define the podcast will be monetized with ads and sponsorships or selling a product itself.

For companies that sell products or services, the podcast is a great ally in the generation business. And you need not be directly, you do not need to sell the product in the episode, but can create content related to what you offer.

Finally, Nathan finished arguing that the audio content is more easily consumed than a blog post and you can not work out and read, can not drive and read, but you can use audio to consume content while performing these activities .

Is that you? Already produces podcasts in your company? Leave a comment and we will exchange experiences!🙂