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Here in the DR are big proponents of the production of educational content as a way to attract potential customers. Having quality content itself is undoubtedly the best way to increase the reach via social media and gain authority with Google and consequently earn free visits through these channels.

However, despite conflicting opinion also advocate investment in some online media buying methods, particularly Sponsored Links Google Adwords .

When I talk to clients and people in the market who have successfully organic traffic attraction, many “turned up their noses” to the idea at first. However, a well – made investment strategy in Adwords is not only complementary to the work of SEO and content production, but in some cases it is essential to guide and give leverage to this work. Here in this post 6 reasons why we believe it:

immediate results

This reason is very simple. Content and SEO work, but the results take a while to appear. To illustrate, below the graph of the evolution of visits by organic search we had on our site over the past 13 months.

Notice how linger over 7 months to cross the first line of the scale, after only 3 months to cross the second line and 2 months to cross the third line. Of course, this exponential effect is great, but I want to highlight here is the long time we had very few visits. If we relied only this traffic source to attract potential customers and generate Leads probably not be here publishing this post.😛

Like us, most companies can not afford to take over 6 months to get some return on the investment in Digital Marketing , and this is where comes the first reason – and one of the most obvious – to invest in Sponsored links. With Adwords, you set up the campaign and “overnight” begin to attract new qualified visitors to your pages.

This is essential for the company to have breath to make the blog activities, social media and SEO the right way without trampling.

Discover real potential of SEO for keywords

An important recommendation we do is direct investment in Adwords for conversion – is generating Leads or Sales (see more about how to do this in the Free Webinar we have to Introduction to Adwords )

Thus, in addition to the immediate benefits, you can test the conversion rate of the relevant keywords for your business and identify which bring the largest number of Leads (or sales). It is quite common that we find are not necessarily the words with higher volume of searches that generate More Leads, or identify terms that seemed to be very relevant to the business but that does not convert well.

So it can be much more effective in choosing which keywords worth fighting for SEO and therefore have a better result also on the job.

Optimize Landing Pages and Conversion flow

Again, before investing months to a given page rankear the first results on Google, you can work in parallel to ensure that, when she gets there, his conversion is the best possible.

With the features of Adwords, a budget for experimentation and a good tool for building landing pages , it is very simple to create A / B tests to assess the impact of changes in supply, titles, benefits, page formats, etc.

Not only is the page optimization that counts. Eventually the stream conversion itself can be improved. For example, for a given keyword, what works best in terms of conversion: to bring the user to the product page for a Landing Page of rich content or a good post about it? Often we just have to know that answer by testing, and investment in Sponsored Links helps speed up this experimentation.

Estimate conversion of the terms “(not provided)”

As we know, since the end of last year, Google has implemented a change in its search system that “camouflages” the keyword searched by the user if they are logged in with a Google account. (more details here )

The result is that, in the Analytics reports, we can not see what were the terms sought by that logged in users. All these searches are consolidated at the end “(not provided)” which for most sites already represents more than 20% of all organic searches, and that number continues to grow.

We will not go here on why Google made this change, but the point is that it will become increasingly difficult to assess the performance of keywords through the organic search reports . That is, to know the conversion rate of each keyword and then properly plan investments in SEO, we will need to rely increasingly on what paid search reports inform us.

Discover new keywords

Every good Adwords campaign or SEO begins with a common first step: A keyword search . The problem is that even when we do an extensive initial survey, there are always terms that end up getting out and new ones that emerge over time. To illustrate this point, below is the clipping of an access report that we had to own campaign in Adwords. Notice that only the terms that are in the “Added” label are the ones we’ve had previously in the campaign.

Usually we hear these terms when we look in Analytics reports accesses via paid and organic search. However, as mentioned above the problem “(not provided)”, we will also have to increasingly rely on Adwords to extend this list of keywords and increase ranking opportunities.

Bring potential customers at every stage of the sales funnel

It is known that Adwords is very effective for making the ad reach the person at the very moment she’s looking for something. This makes it possible to map specific campaigns and offers to the different stages of the customer’s buying process.

For example, a person who search for “financial management software” is actually looking for a solution to solve this problem, while another that looks for “financial management tips” is probably still at an earlier stage of the buying process, needing more information and knowledge to awaken the same desire for a solution.

We talk a lot in the Webinar on Lead Management , attract people at this early stage and then nurture them along the funnel is a golden opportunity to increase the number of potential customers that the company can achieve. Not coincidentally, the number of people who search for broader terms is much greater than those who seek the solution (product or service). Also, in general the competition for these broader terms – and consequemente Cost per Click – are much lower, which allows the company to generate Leads (business opportunities) at very attractive values .

To close the post, it is also important to deal with a myth that often also listen: to pay to buy media if traffic via social media, blogs and SEO is free?

Yes, the traffic from these sources is free (most of the time …), but produce content or take any other action optimization able to generate this traffic also costs money, whether through hiring professional third parties or for hours worked inside. The biggest difference is that the money invested in media has benefits only short-term, while money invested in content grows and pays dividends for long.

Knowing balance and taking advantage of the above advantages, investment in Sponsored Links can help speed up all efforts in producing content.