6 reasons for you to have your own domain for your web page

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The domain, or URL , is the virtual address of your page. It is how your customers will seek your company or product on the internet.

If you are starting to work in the digital market now you need to understand that the free areas not offer the same features of a registered address. In addition, they pass an image of amateurism to your business, which may affect the trust that consumers have about your product or service.

It is not for nothing that pages hosted on free areas do not appear on the front pages of searches.

Now answer a question.

As a consumer, what site you would have more security to access: www.americanas.com.br or https://wordpress.com/lojasmaericanas (fictitious URL)?    

More than giving credibility to his initiative, self-control has a number of other advantages, such as creating subdomains to specific pages, for example.

Check below are some tips to create and manage a domain that will be the basis of the success of your online endeavor !

How to have your own domain: step by step

The first step to get your domain is to verify that the name chosen by you is available. To do this, visit Registros.br and enter the desired domain name in the search bar.

own domain - image of the site 'registro.com'

If the address is not available, the site prompts instantly. In case of positive feedback, simply proceed with the record that is basically to fill a form with all the information on your web page and your billing information.  

At the end of the process, you receive a message in the e-mail confirming the transaction informed and ready: you already have your domain registered!

Remember that the tutorial above is only valid for domains with final .com.  We focus on it to be most used by Brazilian sites.

Tips to have a good command

The details, then, can help you establish a domain to spend more confidence to users:

The choice of name

The domain of your site should represent the identity of your brand. In addition to increasing the acceptance of your business with the target audience, the record name must be easy to remember. So no choice complicated and long names. Be direct! You do not want users to have to type a long address as www.meusitenovodecursosonline.com.br, right (fictitious URL)?

Besides hindering the search for your website by potential customers, it will be difficult for them to record the address to return the page and indicate to friends.

Another negative factor is that the areas that have many words confuse not just Internet users, as well as indexing tools of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

registration and lodging costs

Gone are the days when having a self – control was a thing of great companies. Proof of this is that there are more than 250 million addresses registered in the world, with more than 3 million of them in Brazil .   

With increasing demand for registration, prices have reduced and today, you can purchase your own domain only paying $ 40 per year. There are also several options plans with discounts for those who acquires the right to use the domain for a period of 2, 5 or even 10 years.

Already the content hosting is charged in fees, which vary according to the space available on the server and the features offered. But you can purchase them for under $ 30 per month.

Compared with ads, have a self – control is a minimal investment, but it can bring significant returns for your business both in page visibility, as in sales. To learn more about creating your page and hosting services, access our post on how to create a website alone .

Defining the extent and purchase

To ensure the address of your site, you should consult the availability, as shown in the tutorial there earlier in the post.

In addition to traditional extension. com.br , there is a variety of options such as .net, .org, .edu. But if your product is not very specific (such as the site of an art gallery, for example), we suggest you go with the first option, because sites with final .com usually perform better since they are more intuitive for Brazilian users.

This does not mean you can not have more than one registered domain. This idea, incidentally, is a competitive advantage against potential counterfeiters, and restrict competition.

Imagine you have a blog on financial consulting and managed to get the domain www.saiadovermelho.com.br (ficitícia URL). It is a common name for those who research on the subject, right?  

So, you can get similar or domains with the same name but different extensions, to ensure that there are other sites out there with the same name as yours, as this may mislead those who are already your customers.  

If your business has international scope, it is worth also purchase a domain .com . These are managed by companies that are mainly in the United States, such as Godaddy.com . Before choosing the service, be sure about the credibility of the company and the features it offers, for example, hosting, support and control panel.

6 advantages of having your own domain

1. Reliability  

The main advantage of having your own domain is to ensure the reliability of your site, blog or e-commerce . For customers, it shows that you are concerned in offering a more complete, secure and reliable experience for those who navigate, especially in the case of financial transactions.

Already a site hosted on subdomains as wordpress.com gives the impression of amateurism and disorganization. In addition, the entrepreneur is subject to losing all the content of your site, as this page does not “belong” to it actually.

2. Customized Email

Have personal e-mail accounts for your business is another advantage to purchase your own domain. You can easily create contact MySite @, sales @ mysite, among many other options. So, you can make a screening of the type of e-mail in each account also unpretentiously a professional image with all its stakeholders.

The personalized e-mail also spends more credibility than an email from a personal address that the recipient does not know, but this will also depend, of course, the type of relationship you build with your leads and customers.  

3. Creation of subdomains

Another possibility that has direct impact on your business are subdomains, such as, vendas.meunegocio.com.br or atendimento.meunegocio.com.br. These names can be easily created from your domain control panel. This contributes even so you can better manage visitor interactions with each page.

In the case of buying multiple domains, you can direct the user to the main page so that whenever he enter only seunegocio.com, it is automatically pointed to your main address.

4. Disclosure Facility

Having your own domain allows you to find a custom name, and saving relationship with your business as well as being easier to disclose to third page, because you have less information to memorize and the URL is more intuitive and friendly.

Remember the fictitious URL we use there at the beginning of the American stores?

In addition to the brand name not be highlighted, since who appears first is the WordPress domain, it is a long name, which does not cause immediate identification in the public and it is difficult to write, which would affect the amount of hits the page.

Now imagine a business that is starting, which has no physical office and therefore depends entirely on the online disclosure? As the entrepreneur do to become recognized if users can not even remember the address of your page?

5. Online Visibility

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing give priority to sites with their own domain because the friendly URL contributes to the user experience.

There is also a metric called Domain Authority, created by MOZ, which is often used to describe the relevance of a site to the user from various criteria, including, SEO, which we’ll discuss in the next section.

This scale does not apply to free sub-domains, which greatly affects the positioning of these pages in the major search engines.  

6. SEO

Finally, having your own domain, it becomes easier to set up the search engine optimization techniques (SEO) and monitor traffic to your site using tools like Google Analytics to extract key information and analyze consumer behavior, most popular products , read more content, among many others that will be useful to refine onpage and offpage factors and, consequently, improve organic performance of your page.  

Why do I need a domain?

Throughout this paper, we show how the domain is essential so that people can find your website more easily and thus directly influences the performance of your online business.

A site with a short name and objective not only sets a faster connection with you and your product, it contributes to spend more credibility to the visitor, it is important for the evaluation of the major search engines and it is easier to spread.

If you want to see tips to improve the performance of your online page, see our post on SEO .

* This text was originally posted in December 2013 and updated by Ana Nogueira.