6 incredible Things That Have Already Freelancers done in Workana

Today is the Day Freelancer!

To commemorate this special day, we want to highlight those who really make every effort within Freelancers .

First, what it is to be a Freelancer?

Freelancing has its challenges and advantages. And we can work from home or anywhere else in the world, manage our time and projects , and be solely responsible for your career, there are many other challenges that come along with these benefits.

You need to study and constantly updated; try to cater even better to customers ( in addition to learn and apply techniques care and sales), develop discipline, organization, concentration and focus, among other career challenges.

However, almost all freelancers agree: once you start to work freelance , you hardly get back to work in a traditional job.

Because it’s very good! 😀

It is because we love both freelancing and freelancers who are on the platform that we have listed six incredible things already made; things that leave us very happy and proud of them, and assure us that Workana is on the way correct.

amazing things done by freelancers in Workana

1) Focus on customer service With success!

Mirna is an excellent professional, who knows well the platform and meet the real need for your customer is the key to complete their projects successfully . Always serves its customers very carefully and that makes them hire her again.

The biggest challenge for Mirna as a freelancer was getting more projects weekly. At first she was afraid not to do it , but organized and managed.

Look what customers say about work, quality and service offered by it:

2) gain the trust of customers and always convey your knowledge

For Herman , gain confidence and share your professional knowledge with the customer, guiding them to find the best way to plan your project, is an experience amazing, it is understood that the ability to help you realize your goals and dreams.

Even in difficult situations, he is confident and believes that even when something does not happen in the best way possible, serve as learning for future situations that are coming and therefore always looking for the positive side of any occasion.

He believes that the biggest challenge of a freelancer is to put aside the feeling of supposed stability in employment from independent living, where special attention to planning is needed career and dedication required to be in charge of various aspects of business, from the conquest and customer care to financial planning, securities trading and deadlines, implementation of projects and support existing customers.

These assessments are accomplished by serving customers with excellence :

3) Always look for the best solution for the customer , although he himself does not know what is best for your project

Raul, Agência Digital RPM , considered one of the best projects that participated was to build an e-commerce shoe. The negotiation was long and was able to convince the customer to choose the platform Magento.

In his career as a freelancer  there was also another delicate situation. A customer came to request services that were out of reach, after accepting the proposal , asking material beyond what they had combined. As communication remained within the project, Raul made contact with the support team to cancel the project without harming their profile.

The biggest challenge he now faces is to
balance the number of staff and
projects without neglecting the time and quality of delivery.

Now known experience and customer feedback are extremely pleased with the work team RPM :

4) Always offer the best possible result

Among the many projects already completed successfully, Fernando Tominaga , Freelancer Workana highlights one which used the technique of SEO , which was one of the best experiences and results he already had – and delivered – as a freelancer .

He had foreseen a period of 3 months to start getting  results from SEO on the website of their client and, in just 30 days, the improved site was on the first page of Google. The excellent result of the project, generated new hires for Fernando.

Here you can see some of the evaluations given by extremely satisfied customers working with this excellent professional, through Workana :

5) Quality in the delivery of the material, time freedom and optimal financial return

Fernanda Ferraz is one of the most sought after specialists Workana and throughout Brazil. Produces articles, ebooks and also provides virtual business administration. For her, besides that recognition professional it is also very important to the financial return.

As a freelancer  she sees only pluses, it has a portfolio with excellent customer can choose the projects you want to work, to work with , especially when you work and how much you will win, because it is she who defines his salary.

Applying incredible techniques,  Fernanda always delivers quality material, receiving excellent evaluations of its customers :

6) Reconciling remote work while traveling around the world, with a profile of 5 stars

For Khaneh Ribeiro the possibility of remote work brought the realization of a dream: to travel the world and see new places. It is free to choose the type of project you want to participate and the time devoted to work , according to financial need.

Internet was a challenge to overcome. Currently, crossing each border, takes on a new chip mobile data sufficient to give continuity to the projects and always deliver quality material and within the deadline .

Evaluations conquered by it were given by very satisfied customers , which only confirm that freedom and commitment can go together:


We know that there are several other amazing cases that would love to mention in this post and share with the community work. Take advantage of this space and tell your experience special as freelancer through the comments!

Let’s celebrate together Freelancer Day, the day we all <3

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Authors:  Carla Larrossa (Customer in Workana) and Daniela Macedo (PR Manager and Content Workana PM).