5 tips to Multiply your Sales on Facebook

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5 tips to multiply your sales on Facebook


Like many marketers already know, Facebook is much more than a social network : it is an optimized platform to implement marketing and sales strategies . Now, how can you take advantage of this condition to boost your business? In this blog post I will share with you  5 tips to multiply your sales on Facebook .

First know a little ground … The number of Facebook users is so great that every day more than one billion people connect there from around the world to socialize, entertain and look for information about brands, products and services of interest. And quite possibly, your target audience be contained in that large group!

In this regard, a number of strategies you can take to answer the question of how to sell on Facebook with success . Such actions are both internal (ie, involve the use of tools of Facebook) and external (using alternative resources). Let’s meet them !

5 Effective Tips To Multiply Your Sales Facebook

1- Optimize your Fan Page to sell on Facebook

The first thing to do to increase your sales Facebook sure you are favoring the process of attracting potential buyers. To do advise you optimize your profiles on Facebook and other social networks.

When users want to find out about you or your products, the first thing they will do is enter the name of your brand on Google. When the results appear, it is more likely that want to explore your social profiles to learn more about your business and ensure reliability. That is why it is important to find the right information here!

Profiles Social Networks always appear in the top search results, why must ensure that your mark has accounts at least on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. This will promote your SEO positioning and help you convince your potential buyers that your brand is reliable and accessible (just because your profile can explore and interact with you on social networks!).

How to Multiply Your Sales Facebook

Thus, although this point does not refer directly to sell on Facebook , the have a good cover letter is what will make users decide to buy your products or services. Therefore, I recommend:

  • Fill in the information from your Facebook page (especially the section on information about your brand).
  • Include links to your website .
  • Optimize the design of your Fan Page to look professional (you can learn how to do in this article ).
  • Seize tabs Facebook to include access to your online store .
  • Set high on your video Video tab, to display a presentation of your brand or your most important promotions.

2- Answer the questions your audience

As you know, in the Social Media interaction is the key , and greatly to connect with your brand is the reason why people follow you on Facebook. Indeed, according to a report of the specialized site socialmediatoday.com , the 46% of people consult the social networks of the brands before making a purchase .

Also among the 5 main reasons why users follow brands on social networks it included the customer . So if your goal is to increase your sales in Facebook , giving good attention to your audience it is essential to gain confidence and promote the recommendations of mouth .

How to increase your sales on Facebook?

Now, you may not count on the resources to hire someone who is devoted to answer questions from users. But there is a way to automate your response to frequently asked questions, and save answers on Facebook for use when needed.

That way, when you receive messages frequently asked questions (eg related to payment methods or asking directions, etc.), you simply need to select the corresponding stored response and place the name of the client in the introduction, for further customization. Voila!

3- Create a group related to your product or service

As we said earlier, social networks are based on the interaction between people, and your brand can and should take advantage of this to increase sales in Facebook . So, I advise you to create related to your product or service and invite your prospects and current customers to join him in a group.

What are the advantages of creating a Facebook group related to your products or services?

  • They allow you to create a database of people openly interested in your brand , you can then use to create customized ads on Facebook and email marketing campaigns .
  • You can send private messages to each of the group members (especially those that are more participatory show).
  • Groups favor the much more fluid communication on the topic that justifies because people are invited to submit questions and comments without worrying about the look of other users who are not interested in the subject.

Sales in Facebook

Thus, to provide added value in your group of Facebook you can post advice and tips on how to use your products or services, tutorials on how to make the process of online shopping and more. In addition, I suggest you are willing to answer questions, and even claims with friendly and transparent tone. This will help retain customers and improve your brand image.

4- Post customized ads on Facebook

As we said at the beginning of this post, Facebook has been optimized in recent years to provide the best opportunities to advertisers . This includes the ability to advertise on Facebook with a degree of segmentation (and effectiveness) higher than ever, through custom audiences (Custom Audiences).

The Custom Audiences Facebook enable you to show your ads to a specific list of people, who have shown interest in your products. All you need to activate this kind of ads is a list of emails or telephones, for example, users who have made purchases in your business. Click the link below to learn how to create customized Facebook audience .

Increase your sales with these tips on Facebook

So, use the Custom Announcements Facebook is highly effective in guiding your investment. This is because the enormous degree of segmentation that offer these notices decreases the margin of error of traditional advertising, where you pay to display your offers “blind” to an audience that might be out of your target .

In addition to the Custom Announcements , Facebook enables you to create audiences Lookalike , translated into Castilian, “Similar audiences” . To do this, Facebook takes your initial list and find users with the same characteristics as those included in your list. So you can find new prospects for your offers and multiply your sales on Facebook . Click the link below to learn how to create Lookalike audiences .

5- Display your products on Facebook and offers discount coupons

Finally, another very effective way to sell on Facebook is attracting your audience to your products . To do this I suggest a double strategy: on the one hand, display products to your followers, to arouse their interest in them. And secondly, “tempt” with exclusive discount coupons for your fans …

  • Display your products to do so, you must create a product gallery . The gallery allows you to display photos, price and buy button for each product you want to promote. That way users can examine your offers and in case you are interested, simply they have to press a button to make the purchase. Create a gallery of products on Facebook is really easy, because just follow the instructions of the editor.

How to Multiply Your Sales Facebook?



  • It offers exclusive discount coupons for your fans : you can activate this possibility by creating a add new followers and loyalty to those who already follow your brand on Facebook.

Learn how to boost your sales with 5 tips applicable Facebook


I hope you find useful my advice, you can apply to your business and  your sales multiply on Facebook , win new customers and better the image of your brand. Tell me later!😉