5 Tips to Advertise with LinkedIn Results

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LinkedIn is the social network indicated specifically for B2B type of relations (Business to Business).

This means that communication and interaction here are very different than in other virtual communities (eg Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) .


LinkedIn, as in other social networks , you can use the ones sponsored links , where you pay based on the click on your ad.

In this article we address the LinkedIn platform more strategic point of view, that is, how to use it to advertise the company itself or himself, to prospecting.


Because after all account, what good is having a lot of likes and followers if nobody buys your service?

LinkedIn, like Facebook, you can interact using:

  • Your profile;
  • Your page or the page of your company;
  • A thematic group (which addresses issues relevant to your industry).

What changes, compared with Facebook, is the language that is more professional, less slang.

This does not mean that your language needs to be extremely formal, not so corporate. What counts is to create a personal relationship.

1- benchmarking analysis

Before you start your project – even before you set your goal – it is interesting to analyze in its class.

Even if it is an overview, it is good to identify how your competitors work the same segment.

Benchmarking means reference (literally brand in the bank) and it is this type of analysis it helps to have an idea in defining the goal, if it is feasible, among others.

Recalling that has a difference between Benchmarking and Benchmark .

Benchmarking is the analysis of other companies that may have something interesting and inspiring.

Benchmark is each company that you value during the analysis.


To learn more read the article:  What is Benchmarking and how to do?

2 – Define your target audience for segmentation

It is important to know that many posts in social networks receive attention and likes on impulse, maybe the picture you posted is beautiful.

But often who likes your post, you do not even know what you’re talking about.

LinkedIn is natively more assertive as it is used less for entertainment. In fact, people are actually looking for business or career solutions.

Still it is important to the segmentation of its campaigns.

For example, if you have the aim to generate conversions , a lot of likes can be a pure metric vanity, if you have the right source.

Remember that you need to communicate and advertise as a person and not as your company.

Even if your target is a company, because we are talking about the B2B market, you are interacting with a person, the famous persona.


To learn more about personas and target audience, read this article:  The Importance establish Personas for Digital Marketing Strategies


It is important to know the type of company you want to achieve, who makes the decision or who influences.

And as you are talking to a persona rather than an entity, its language should be formal, but at the same time a little relaxed, personal.

Set your  persona,  it will be much easier to target your campaigns target audience.

After deciding your targeting criteria, the best way to organize them is to create campaigns with two criteria each, observing carefully the estimated audience numbers to ensure you are reaching a “recommended” number.


3 – Define the objective of your campaigns

Use social networks to promote yourself or your business can be very effective or a total waste, depending on how you use the money on ads.

You can get a lot of likes, but completely unqualified people.


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To qualify interaction on your ad, you need to set your goal, so the interaction will be qualified or not, depending on whether it fits with the target set.

Remember that your goal must be SMART:

  • specific
  • Measurable (measurable)
  • Achievable (reachable)
  • Realistic
  • Time-bond (to be reached at a particular time)

To learn more about SMART project objectives, watch this mini pill on the YouTube channel of NoTopo .

Where in the funnel you will share your Marketing?

  • At the top of the funnel to promote their brand and generate knowledge about it?
  • In the middle of the funnel to increase engagement with your brand?
  • In the bottom of the funnel to already offer their service?

Disclosure funnel, Engagement, Sale

Depending on your goal you will have to prioritize a KPI (other performance indicator).


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If, for example, you are proposing in the market with a new service or new product, or even with a new company, you probably need to advertise your brand, right?

Well, in this case your main KPI may not be the number of conversions, but perhaps impressions and clicks.

Once you have hit the shot and created a disclosure of your brand and good engagement with it, only then can you think of to focus on conversions.


See video which is a KPI

4 – Budget

Now that you know where to shoot, you can now define how much to invest.

For this you can not only look at the amount to be invested.

You need to identify the expected return.

You must have done the definition of your goal.

So you can define your ROI (return on investment) ideal and from investing with the goal of reaching your ROI.

If you achieve a good ROI for you, then you can increase their investment without fear to what is called saturation point.

This is the point where your ROI begins to decrease.

For example, imagine your ideal ROI is 4, ie:

(Recipe – Investment) / 4 = Investment

If you put $ 2,000 and your return is $ 10,000, your ROI = 4, then you will want to invest more, right?

Now imagine that you increase your investment to R $ 4,000 and your revenue goes to $ 20,000.

ROI = 4.

You will invest even more right?

Now imagine that you invest an additional $ 2,000 for a total of R $ 6,000 and his return is R $ 22,000, you see that investing more than $ 4,000 you’ll get pretty much the same result.

This means that the saturation point is reached R $ 4,000, which is then the optimal value for you to invest in LinkedIn ads.


 5 – A / B testing and performance analysis

Better performing ads will be shown more often, and poorer ads will start bringing down the overall campaign performance.

To keep the overall performance of strong campaign, it is indicated to create multiple ad variations and be prepared to monitor them frequently.

A great tip is to start with three ad variations, making two changes to A / B test and leaving the third announcement to replace the ad that played less.


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The LinkedIn ads follow the same practices of other online advertising ads.

Whatever type of ad, always use a compelling call-to-action to prompt a response to the message.

Once activated your ads to A / B test, you need to analyze the performance of each of them.

It is good to have a CTR (clickthrough rate) greater than 3%, since below this minimum expected, the ads will no longer appear.

Sometimes you need to disable your current ad campaigns and create new campaigns to reset the performance history and thus get impressions again.

Once identified the ad that performs better, you can delete the others and create another ad variation as it gave good results.


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Advertise on LinkedIn can be a great resource, but need to know how to implement assertive campaigns, it will not become just a waste of money.

By the way, the ads on this platform are more expensive than on other platforms.

For this need to define a structured process and believe that these tips will help you a lot.

Is that you? Has announced on LinkedIn?

Leave a comment down here and share your experience or ask your question!