5 practical tips on content production by Sujan Patel #RDSummit

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The growth marketer Sujan Patel, Web Profits agency, was in RD Summit 2017 to discuss practical tips Content Marketing.

With 13 years of experience and the head of a company that generates 175 000 Leads per month, Sujan Patel believes that it is important to stop producing mediocre content and start creating epic content.

“Look for the best player of your market and be better than him,” he says.

See 5 Tips content production practices we take the lecture.

Invest in content circles

Content circles is like Sujan Patel calls the idea of writing content not only about your product, service or market segment, but also on related matters. It is the content that surrounds their area.

So, if you work with natural products can also explore topics such as ecology and sustainability, for example.

Create content backstage

Produce content about how the scenes of your company helps to show their integrity and credibility. According to Sujan Patel, that way people can fall in love with what you do and feel that they know you.

The expert said that in his company it is common for the care team to receive questions from customers who want to know why the company is different, how the sales team and other questions like that.

He believes that the content of scenes may be a way to answer these questions, showing the excellence of your company from another point of view.

Interview your customers

Talk to your customers to know what they are doing to succeed. If you still do not have customers, you can send a search for Leads email asking them what the main problems and create eBooks and other materials with the answers.

You can also tell their success stories in post format or another material. To tell it, not necessarily include the role of its contents. “This is not Content Marketing is sales,” he says.

Adapt their content to other formats

The technique of adapting content that already exists for other formats is called repurposing. Select your best content and adapt it to the format of webinars, videos, eBooks and others is a way to make better use of what you’ve produced.

To Sujan Patel, this is important because some prefer to hear a narration post or view video to read a text, for example, or otherwise.

Approach the other company teams

Ask the sales teams, service and support, which have more direct contact with customers and Leads than marketing, send useful content for these people.

At the end of the text of a support ticket, for example, the professional responsible for answering questions can include a sentence like: “I think you will like this content by x and y reasons.” But remember: the suggestion must be related to the question or, in some way, help the company.

Do not try to do everything at once, but at least take advantage of these things, it advises.