5 points to understand the importance of Blog in Teaching Institutions

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A democratic space for exchange of knowledge. This is one of the Blog of explanations that can already be considered those essential for those working in education and see that through the constant search by the approach of a learner who can teach, increasingly personalized and horizontally.

For some time the Blog has been considered by some institutions one more in the process of teaching and learning tool, but in practice there are few IEs exploiting this channel of exchange of knowledge, which is valid for both institution- relationship students and the institution-market relationship. And the importance of creating a blog to the area of education is precisely in understanding how to exploit this communication tool to benefit both teaching practice as positioning the institution to its target audience, with the help of Inbound Marketing .

In order to show that the Blog is not a teaching instrument of control or a record of environmental actions related to school only, but the possibility of working content with both those who are already IE the student as to who can become a student we’ve listed five points that let you explore this beyond superficial consensus tool and showing the importance of Blog for education institutions.

1 – The Blog is a communication tool for issues of common interest

Forget the image of the Blog in education can only be used to discuss the topic of a course or pass messages of the institution or teacher. He may serve for this, but this kind of use is a waste. In the classroom or in a teaching and learning environment, use the Blog for the development of issues related to a topic that comes from a complementary interest to the study of students. The subject matter should be interesting both for the writer and for those who read because it makes the content flow better and add more knowledge. When authorship is shared between the institution and students, academic increase is even greater.

The principle of relevance of the themes is also true, and when the blog is used in inbound marketing strategies. By understanding who the persona of your education institution, publish content for which you have domain and for which your target audience will be interested. Use the blog as an attraction tool throughout the journey of buying your student, working themes that put their IE in evidence, but mostly add value to those who will access it. The blog can be one of the main channels of communication with their future students, so, to assist in the production of content throughout the purchase journey and enhance the importance of this tool for education companies, check out the post on how to create based on the journey content purchase of your persona .

2 – Keep an updated and quality content ensures Blog featured on the scope of your IE

The higher the exchange of knowledge and the more scope the contents of your blog have more responsibility with respect to its authority on the subject you will. This aspect is extremely important and delicate, since it is available on a Blog is open to criticism as both the positive fedbacks.

So the quality is critical, and in the educational context it becomes even harder. Education is a sector that carries the weight of social transformation, the preparation and qualification of people. When an institution intends to share knowledge in the form of posts, they are the gateway to the teaching and learning model that it offers. When they see their future students your institution as an authority on education and reference market in their areas of interest, they rely more and are more willing to invest in their courses or their academic program.

Make the upgrade and maintenance of the Blog are part of the Marketing Planning and Management of your education institution, so this tool will not be set aside with the excuse of lack of time or difficult issues, which may appear over the marking periods in your IE and disrupt the authority to work in the market.

3 – The interactivity of a blog is attractive both for students and for those who have not chosen your education institution

The role of the student is a path advocated and put into practice in the educational environment with increasing force, regardless of sector or institution format. If you are maintainer of a College, rector of a university or manager of a Free Courses institution in distance education mode, for example, certainly have come across this trend and know that students seek for more room to argue and supplement information delivered to them.

With spaces to the comments in the blog, this kind of exchange is easier for both students and the teacher and for the Leads to the institution. Within the classroom context, time may not allow further discussions to the central theme to expand enough to all relevant information sharing. Keep a Blog that allows this type of interaction only adds to the construction of knowledge.

With a focus on the Inbound Marketing, public interactions in blog comments are a further step in the relationship maintenance with potential future students. Why is this so important to keep alive and dynamic Blog , since this sharing of ideas through the comments will also be possible to extract themes for new posts, learn more about the experiences of the public of their institution and enhance the action taking into account the feedback from current and prospective students.

4 – The Blog is a study tool for both students and Leads as for authors

Since the blog is a channel that puts to the test the conceptual mastery of the issues published it, who writes becomes indispensable the constant updating for the basement in the materials that will be available. This channel takes away the comfort zone both students and teachers when used with shared authorship. If the proposal is complementary to the initiatives of the traditional curriculum, study additional subjects will be key part of this dynamic and learning will be shared between authors and spectators.

Using the Blog for the relationship between institution and audience, responsibilities and benefits have the same weight of the didactic use, since the aim is to share knowledge and relevant information to prospective students. To be relevant in the education market, the institution should keep updated to the needs of their personas and trends for the educational environment in which it operates. And even when the publication’s theme is a specialty of IE, the power of synthesis and the review will also be a form of study. Thus, the content offered Schools Lead and also extends the IE authority over the pains of their future students.

5 – It is a consultation channel along the buying journey of the student who assists in closing enrollment

Not always the potential student of his institution is ready to enroll in it. When he is looking for possibilities for their educational future, the Blog can be the best consultation channel on your IE can offer and space for interaction and continuous contact, covering the entire journey of purchase until the close of registration.

This kind of relationship is interesting and functional in a blog because, unlike billboards, pamphlets, paid media and ads on social networks, this tool focuses all published content and allows you to search even old materials, ie has no deadline the validity or need continuous financial investment for the student to see the contents to access this channel.

Bonus: How to Use Blog in different types of IE

basic education schools

A project developed in the classroom can start a Blog which also serves to feed the interests of students who are not yet part of this institution. An example are some Blogs created for critical literary reviews used in high school. Even if this is not the school’s main Blog is one of the channels that can attract students who want to learn more about it and find your IE.

Higher education

Using Blogs for higher education institution can be an excellent door to prospective students who want to discover more about the labor market and the following professions options. When the focus is on post-graduation, the Blog is a channel for the possibility of targets increasingly specific topics. A Blog that addresses only diseases that affect the eyes will likely be a call for prospective students discover a course of specialization in ophthalmology.

Free courses

The diversity and flexibility of free courses provide even more options to the institutions that offer them. As an example, a blog of a music school can address issues from new bands to unknown musical instruments, depending on the persona to which it directs.


The Importance of Blog for education goes far beyond an option to complement traditional activities in educational environments. This tool enables interaction between the growth of the institution with students, assisting in methodologies that enhance the role of the student in many different formats institutions and expand the range of complementary discussions on curriculum issues.

For the Institution of Education, the gain is not only in the relationship with their students. The Blog is a powerful tool for strategies Digital Marketing , which serves as a channel for the initial attraction and also to maintain the relationship with Leads IE.

As the advantages are many, check out our eBook “Blog for Business”, available here for free download , and get some insight into how you can use the channel as an effective way to attract more students and to relate better to your audience.