5 hacks to improve your targeting and results with Facebook Ads

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Do you intend to improve the targeting of Facebook Ads ? Want to learn more about the audience you are already reaching?

If this is the case, this article will help you a lot! Refine your audience on Facebook will help you not only to achieve better results, but will also cause a reduction in spending on advertising.

In this article I will show 5 hacks to have more success with his audience segmentation using Facebook Ads.

First of all, it is essential that set the persona for which you intend to target content. An optimization in Facebook Ads will be much more valuable if you have clarity on who should be the recipient of its contents, is not it?

Prepared? Let’s look at what are the five hacks for optimization in Facebook Ads .

Hack # 1: Create the target audience

If you advertise on Facebook, it is useful to analyze the different customer segments that you have the platform context.

Facebook has amazing tools that allow you to create custom audiences according to their client list, website visitors and involvement in the social network. To learn more about these audiences, you can use the tool Audience Insights .

Importantly, in order to protect user data, Facebook does not offer public information involving fewer than 1,000 users. For this reason, always keep this minimum measure to create your audiences.

To create a custom audience on Facebook, go to “Public” section of your Facebook Ads Manager. Then click on “Create public” and select “Public Custom” from the drop down menu.


Following, you will see a public list that can be created:


From this, you can create custom types of audiences and get detailed information about them through Facebook Audience Insights.

Hack # 2: upload the customer audience you already own or Leads

If you want to upload a list of customers or Leads to create a custom audience, select the “Customer File / Client File” option. Facebook will review these contacts with the user base of one’s social network and generate a target audience based on the combined data.


Facebook provides two options for uploading this information: You can upload a CSV file or can copy and paste this data.

It is not necessary to have a lot of customer data and Leads, simply by providing the email addresses.

To improve and increase its matching rate with the technology of Facebook, use as many data as possible, such as name, postal code, telephone number, among others.


Although it is useful to obtain a holistic view of your customer base, you can search targeting one type of client you want to retain. Most e-commerce platforms like Shopify, allow customers to filter the number of requests.

Hack # 3: Create the target audience based on site visitor behavior

Who has the pixel Facebook installed on site can create audiences according to site traffic. This means that you can define rules for the Facebook complete the public in accordance with the behavior of people on your site.

To do this, select the website traffic to set up this type of personalized public.

facebook targeting ads

The “Create public”, you can choose from multiple targeting options from the drop down menu “Site Traffic”.

facebook targeting ads

From there, there are some options to define the segmentation according to this criterion. See and understand these options:

Based on the time people sailed on your site

One option is to segment the audience sailing longer on your site, which corresponds to 5% to 25% of the most active users.

It is more likely that this audience segment has more interest in the brand products, new product launches, signature products or product packages.

facebook targeting ads

For obvious his goal is not to ignore the other 75% of site visitors. Thus, use of this audience most active users in conjunction with some of the other redirection methods we talked about in this article.

Remember that the higher the volume of traffic on your site, the greater the range scale and the returns you will have.

People visiting specific Web page

You can also define URL rules to target specific web pages visitors. You can specify the exact URL or set specific keywords.

Use the browsing activity to the public redirection is interesting because it makes it possible to work in the promotion of new products to those people who visited collections or similar products.

Also, if you have news on the launch of existing product offerings, you can redirect users who have seen the product in the past and may again be interested in it.

If you have a specific promotion for a product or collection, this is the perfect way to inform interested users about it.

facebook targeting ads

custom combination

If you choose the “Custom combination” option, you can make dynamic versions of their lists of targeted customers. The public will be updated instantly as it receives the data in real time pixel. However, it is noteworthy that the pixel operates in a period of 6 months, which means you will have the most current data, but only the last 180 days.

This is the trade-off between using static customer lists and personalized public dynamic website. To upload a static list of customers, you reap the benefits of data from a fidelizado client, but it can quickly saturate if there is a frequent update and upload.

It is more advantageous to have a dynamic audience as a source for this that the public continues catching up and does not become obsolete. However, if your company does not collect significant data of customers in a period of 6 months, uploads the client list will still be the best option. Why is this so important to have a content marketing strategy for acquiring new customers.

To capture repeated buyers, just choose your main conversion event ( “Buy”, for example) and set it to a minimum occurrence of two.

facebook targeting ads

People who have not visited the site after a certain period of time

Another test that is worth developing is creating an audience of users who have not visited the site in an “x” number of days.

Develop an exclusive promotion for this group of users to try to make them come back to attend your site. Analyze the results and, if positive for your business, you can work with this possibility at other times.

Hack # 4: generate an audience built on the involvement of Facebook

You can create a wide audience that includes anyone who has been involved with your Facebook page or your posts (including ads) during the last year.

To do this, click on “Engagement” on Facebook:

facebook targeting ads

Then click “Page”:

facebook targeting ads

From this you can refine your audience u; sando the following interactions:

  • People who visited your page
  • People who engaged with posts or page ads;
  • People who clicked on any call button to share;
  • People who sent messages to your page;
  • People who saved your page or posts.

Because these audiences are based on various engagement metrics, they are very useful to reach those people who interact on Facebook.

If you want to improve the reach and engagement of your page and its content, this is a powerful audience segmentation.

facebook targeting ads

If you are running an interesting promotion and want people to know, it is worth targeting a group of people who engaged with your posts and announcements in the past and can only be expressed in order to achieve the greatest possible number of people within this public.

Similarly, if you are trying to generate website traffic to reach this group of people who have been involved with their publications at any time and use the CPC to maximize clicks on your site.

Hack # 5: analyze your custom audience with Audience Insights

After creating your custom audience, go to the “Audience Insights” to find information about users within these audiences. After all, the more you know about your customers, the better experience you can offer.

Under the “Public Custom” in the left sidebar, select your target audience drop-down menu. You’ll see detailed options for users in that audience.

facebook targeting ads

Below insights, you will see six categories of data: Demographics, on Page Likes, location, activity and purchase.

facebook targeting ads

For prospecting programs in which you are seeking new customers, let the common public do the work to refine your target audience.

Nonetheless, if there is a clear inclination for any of these data points, excluding a certain age group or gender can make your campaign more efficient.


Use the Facebook Audience Insights to better understand the nature of your most valuable customer segments for your business. By doing so, you can better meet the needs of existing customers and scale their business targeting new prospects with similar characteristics.

Targeting public Facebook Ads can maximize the potential of their campaigns Inbound Marketing! And if you want to learn more about improving your marketing campaigns on Facebook, download this free eBook !

This guest post was written by Bruno Gomes , Managing Director and Digital marketing consultant Marketing dose .