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Many people from that eventhough believe (country, friends, acquaintances and even strangers) the work of a Social Media Manager is much more complex than that “in talking fying Facebook” or by Internet browsing. In fact, the two tasks also called Community Managers are gaining increasing role in companies, or Prune be confirmed in the Trends Social Media Marketing 2015 .

Make Campaigns on the most social networks and increasingly important for online positioning strategy from any company. And such Strategy and modernity developed daily by thousands of Social Media Managers of all or world. So, In this blog post, I will speak of 5 indispensable qualities all Social Media professionals must have to do a good job.

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1. Have written skills

Even that – some theme – can go unnoticed, great work part of a Social Media Manager is writing. FACT, or has a lot of work with updating see innumerous in the accounts social networks you all day. New tweets, statements, comments, posts, etc.

Theoretically, “user can either an account on Facebook, Twitter and Etc publish” but the truth is that that sensitize or public requires a naturalness that few manage to have.

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So, make any communication campaign in social networks always involves writing . It may be title for raising a one or a foot video Vine location in the Instagram photo, or fact is ð This in charge that professional tasks or accurate necessarily have ability the words with .

An update made well, verbs and adjectives with chosen ones are correct, have a lot more chances of causing a non – desired public reaction – clicks, likes, shares, etc – I do that another,.

In the image below, you can see some of the working examples of Writing from Social Media Manager on Some Social Networking.

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That way, count the skills with perfect writing or post on Facebook and have to generate capacity or content better to social networks as are all essential functions are the days made by those professionals. And to properly do “home duty” or “success” depends on your efforts on social networks.

2. Have knowledge on SEO

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Apply SEO strategies (acronym for search engine optimization, in English) is essential to get a good positioning two Content us results looking from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other mechanisms.

It is of using SEO techniques that it is possible to optimize different Products – publications, photographs, videos, etc. To be properly indexed hair Google. It is an essential this stage to favor the number of users using the organic looking and therefore increase or web traffic of your page.

That is what is important for so have with SEO knowledge. In when they’re working knowledge sets with campaigns on social networks , it makes it possible for thousands to get visitors to a page. But who or better traffic in if I get is to display to proposal for large public or your . Or is it not (I.e.important?

3. Choose skills, raise and edit Social Media Images

As you know, the photographs are one of the most shared contents in social networks , ie: they are in any indispensable campaign of Social Media . This is what professionals of this by Sector should have the ability to find the best pictures and get edit or materials when necessary.

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From the point of view of marketing in Social Networks, Images are so important currently that has innumerous pages dedicated exclusively to this type of media sharing (Instagram, Pinterest and, in smaller scale, Tumblr and other platforms).

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In parallel or public expects already have in if accessibility to excellent Visual contents accompanying articles or illustrating updates status the two profiles and pages of Social Networks.

For reasons, a Social Media Manager Professional should be able to choose and raise attractive and relevant Images . It should also be able to guarantee that aspects such as resolution, size, brightness and other factors are Appropriated you use in Social Networks for. Or goal? turn or content as ” shareable” as possible and that are well in computers and cellular displayed.

Extra tip! Updated Guide of Sizes and Dimensions of Social Media Images for .

4. ability to have projects managements

Already a that make part of marketing strategy , each managed by Social Network a Social Media Manager counts on its own goals. That’s what all of you are professionals able to cash organize Campaigns in Social Networks should properly supervise each channel as a project in if with characteristics and specific goals.

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This action allows a Social Media Manager MECA and register you Avancos obtained in each channel, always in years relation defined objectives. In addition, it is exact such organization which guarantees guarantees in the social projects networks of complex plus an increasingly shape.

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In this way, Manage Social Media Calendars and Manage Spreadsheets to organize basic activities are the Contents a professional of Social Networks. With Work this methodology allows raising and running systematic and measurable campaigns.

5. Have Analytics knowledge

Knowing how to handle Analytics is an essential part of working on social networks , since it is the best way to measure or result in two efforts . This is for all Social Media Manager Professionalshould be able to check information such as playing dice on or number of obtained clicks or scope of mention one or comment and metrics as the Quantity new followers got in a given period.

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Or use metric tools is essential for several reasons: let know what were the Contents that helped ab more followers not Twitter , what were useful to get more Likes on Facebook , what are the best schedules to publish  and what types of publications are for your best received audience.



So, see you dies Facebook Insights  from one or review or Fan Page Twitter Analytics is a key stage for improving the Campaigns of Social Media.  In fact, Metric are given Beheerder very important to community managers can assess and adjust their efforts of Social Media properly.

The five qualities shared in this article are the essential skills you all professional Social Media must have EXECUTE when their Functions. You might as noted, is very much a multidisciplinary and complex work of the most thinking many people. I hope this list has served to understand better what tasks are the Community Manager and what are the qualities needed for performance to function!