5 arguments that prove that investing in web analytics is advantageous for your company

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One of the main differences of the Digital Marketing before the traditional advertising is that we can measure our results in a simple, and web analytics comes in fact at this point: measure!

I imagine you know what it is about this subject and may have some difficulty convincing your boss (or convince) to invest in web analytics. So we created this article with 5 arguments to make him change his mind.

1. Each site has one goal

If you have a website is because it was developed for a goal, even if only to expose your brand on the Internet. Based on this principle, what web analytics can do is help you enhance this objective, understand the flow of users on the site to optimize it and justify the costs of keeping it in the air.

Even if its cost is low, you certainly need to keep your current site up with information about your company and content. This analysis of the data helps you justify your costs and efforts to keep the site online.

Even a philanthropic website has a purpose, even if people come into contact or raise more funds, for example.

2. It is not necessary to increase the media investment to optimize results

A very common mistake made by people who are beginning to study Digital Marketing is to believe that the results will come only investing in media.

Imagine you know that you can make an insured in media investment, as you will optimize them or adjust user behavior stream on the site?

This mindset guided by data allows us to analyze campaigns, landing pages , streams of users, among other analyzes, to increase the conversion rate without increasing the media investment.

Even if you have no problems with budget, says not spend infinitely without results. We need campaigns generate ROI (return on investment) for the business to be healthy.

3. Understanding how the results were achieved

The data analysis work is not to point the blame for a poor result, but many companies and professionals see the web analytics analysts as devil’s advocates, as they “point” failures in strategy, campaign, results or work someone.

Instead of arguing that you or hire a devil’s advocate who runs the discord in the company, argue that you will help the company and the professionals it to understand why such a result was achieved and what needs to be done to improve.

One of the major points of this professional is to help the business to reach the planned results and, more than that, to understand and outline the strategies that are needed. To make people understand that this investment is actually in a specialized help and not a devil’s advocate is one of the keys to the effectiveness of the investment.

4. Decide based on data rather than guesswork

You know what HIPPO? Means Highest Paid Person’s Opinion, or opinion of the highest paid person! It is normal for you to work with people, even with the exemplification and the demonstration of a given, ask for you to follow the thought of her.

The web analytics work has a mission to kill the views or, better defining decisions based on guesswork. We need to understand what is good and beautiful in our opinion do not necessarily reflects consumer opinion or those who use our website or software.

It is wise to follow opinions based on data rather than guesswork.

The function of killing the HIPPO is just to make the areas of the company and professionals make decisions based on what the data is telling, not what find it cool.

Data were done to confirm your opinion and your analysis. Without data you have is just an opinion , it was for the wise William Edwards Deming.

5. Do not make a decision based on erroneous data

One of the great arguments for investing in better web analytics is that the data of your tool can be wrong or without all the necessary settings already set.

Worse than not make data-driven decisions is to decide on the basis of wrong data! Imagine if after that effort you analyze the wrong data and makes a decision that affect the business?

It takes trust and the data analyzed there in your tool are reliable, since no use taking wrong decisions if the results will be completely masked.

Ideally, you scan in your tool, including installation, configuration and reporting and goals. Still, I recommend checking the data 3 times before making this decision.

So, ready to start investing more time and money in data analysis? Leave a comment here on the site to know how was this talk and I have helped!🙂