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To operate a strategy of The content is key to building trust in customers and keep them up to create a long – term relationship.

That’s why in this post, we intend to unveil some techniques to promote it rightly.


5 Techniques to promote content to the target audience

  1. Social networks as a first option

Social networks are part of prominence in the techniques of Inbound Marketing to grow a business organically. It is an ideal channel to promote content, since most customers and consumers have a presence in these profiles.


Enough to know which of these social platforms more interaction between your audience is recorded, because maybe your audience prefers to have a share with a more serious tone in Linkedln and not paying attention to the content of Facebook, that even exceed users the professional network, the style is more free publications.

If you have hearing Linkedln, our recommendation is that you learn to promote content LinkedIn . One of its benefits is that publications will be sharing a public interested in acquiring knowledge, specialized and thirst for debate. One point that will help to spread your content.

Join groups, publish your content profile and always update your states (remember that it can use tools like Postcron and automate the publishing of your posts on social networks ), expose your brand to the public will be useful to grow the business, your list of followers and most importantly, customer portfolio.

It would also be useful to know, which topics users prefer, so you have more chance that your content is shared.


  1. Promote your blog posts among your subscribers Mailing

For a business that takes time and taking actions to promote content, perhaps this sounds obvious. For a venture that is just coming to light, it is likely that this makes sense.

Send your content to the list of subscribers to your blog is a good opportunity to reach them and maintain an active presence in the minds of your audience. Use appropriate tools to perform these shipments , will ensure you reach the inbox of his followers and be there when they check their mail.

Note that as you’re experiencing an increase in your list of subscribers, it also increases the opportunity to present your content.

With a current subscriber list, you have the ability to engage and love the customer, providing content “freshly baked”

One benefit of the subscriber list, you’re going to promote content within a niche that somehow has shown interest in your brand. Remember that a database is assembled from data provided by consumers to go to your website.


  1. Enlaza own content on your blog


This is one of the best techniques that you can apply when it comes to promoting content. Well you can link to your own content using Anchor Text or make native advertising links leaving at the end of each post.

If you have to choose between anchor text and links at the end of each post, we recommend first. There are several reasons why our suggestion leans anchor texts, but mostly, they bring value to an SEO strategy.

It is an excellent resource to help Google to decipher what your website.

On the other hand, it helps the reader to stay longer browsing within your pages, so you’re finally driving away the rebound and telling Google you’re offering quality content or any element useful for users.

All this, the final sum points to climb in SEO and know specific information about the preferences of your client or reader may ultimately become brand ambassador follower and if you insist on creating quality content .

You see, promote content appropriately triggers a series of events that if you know how to tie them, you can have a good result at the end of the road.


  1. Invests in Ads from social networks

It is no secret that Facebook is the leading social networks for both brands as online users. One of the many benefits presented by Facebook Ads is that you have the possibility of making your content viral.

Other social networks can also give virality, but considering the number of users who have Facebook (1.860 million for February 2017), this phenomenon may occur faster.

Similarly, Twitter Ads and ads Instagram are helpful to promote your content. The key to share your content and be successful is to know where your brand interacts more, as we said above, but it is just repeating it , because it is an important point when arriving at the hearing.


  1. Create alliances with influencers

Other techniques that work very well so far, not only to promote content , also to promote a brand, as long as actions are implemented with ideal influencers (those who go to your target audience) is to create alliances with influencers .

This allows you to gain visibility much faster than other techniques, since there is exposure to thousands of people in just a minute.


If you start sharing content knowing where, when and what you like to your target audience, rest assured that the opportunity to get quality customers will be unimaginable.


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