4 Strategies To Drive Your Sales with Automated Marketing and Content

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4 Strategies to Boost Your Sales With Automated Marketing and Content

No one could deny that content marketing is a key player in the success of any marketing process Digit a l . No matter the size of the business or enterprise. Content strategy, which began as something rather improvised, today has improved a lot and requires superadore proposals.

According to an estimate of the Aberdeen Group ,the use of a sophisticated communication system for content marketing could increase sales by 32% percent” . What does this mean? Two things: first, that the Marketing and Sales must be aligned.

On the other hand, the Content Marketing has become more complex. Their functions have become more complex and require new tools or Marketing Automated Marketing Automation to simplify all this work. Integrate Content Marketing with automation is the best way to optimize processes and to increase sales.

In this article we will explore first what to consider when implementing new technologies . Then, we show four strategies to boost your sales with Automated Marketing and Content. 



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How to choose Automated Marketing tools?

Given the overwhelming amount of marketing technologies , anyone would find a little confused. Co – founder of the Academy of Marketing B2B, Peg Miller, explores this subject in an article published by the Content Marketing Institute .

As has been much what he said, we will summarize the most important. First, the specialist said that it is necessary to prioritize people and processes over technology . Basically, it is to monitor the processes and the people who work in them, to discover faults or issues that perhaps can be reversed without resorting to technology.

“Companies often adopt new technologies and processes remain bad,” says Peg.

Secondly, it refers to the question of simplicity. When considering the option of incorporating new technologies, you need to find ways to sustain the simplicity of the process . In line with this, recommends tools that require minimal central administration.

Finally, before buying an automation tool (having already controlled processes and people and decided that the solution is to incorporate specific technology), Peg advises asking lots of questions to the supplier. The product and the company offering the product to suit the needs of your business and / or team.

Now that we have some answers about the choice of automation tools, let ‘s see what are the 4 possible strategies to boost your sales with the integration of Automated Marketing and Content Marketing .

1. Use Google Alerts Alerts as to inspire and create new content

Through an automation tool like Google Alerts , you’ll be able to inform you about the issues that are trending in your area and all topics that interest you. It’s a good way to keep abreast of developments, what is said about your brand and content of competition.

In addition, it is really useful when creating material for your brand. Inspires you and allows you to save search time. In addition to Google Alerts is free, there are tools most comprehensive payment as Buzzsumo. Everything will depend on what you need.

You can also use the Recomendador or Content Gallery Postcron . Both tools help you inspire and find all types of content: articles, links, images, photos, videos and viral posts to share with your followers automatically remember through scheduling posts in all social accounts also Postcron. 


 2. Simplify email broadcast strengthening the scope and commitment

We know that email marketing is a very powerful tool . It is one of the key pieces of content marketing. Not only applies to hot leads (those who have a good degree of commitment to the brand), but also cold leads (which, however, have taken action regarding the brand, but have little commitment or any). They are all clients or potential clients.

How can enhance the scope and commitment in the case of cold leads? The answer is very simple: creating value in each email that is sent to each of them. And avoid falling into SPAM. The goal is to make that person feel that your brand can help.

For this, it is necessary to use some customization tools that automate and track along with the sales team. An example is Outreach.io.

3. Facilitate communication with followers

Any marketing strategy inlcudes all content on social networks. At this level, it is absolutely crucial to maintain effective and permanent channels of communication with fans. Always it aims to strengthen the commitment.

For this task, there are automation tools that let you know the entries have been made on your mark on all social networks . That is, if someone made a comment about your brand on any platform, can answer and open the game to continue communicating.

It may be a question, a criticism, a thank you or whatever. The important thing is to be there to answer. Social Mention is an option. There are also other applications with many more search options.


4. Streamline collaboration between content editors and Marketing professionals

In a marketing team within the Content Area, are the editors of digital content . When we first appeared the first signs of SEO in the digital ecosystem, the content as such did not really matter. Editors only had to take account of a number of keywords and repeat them with a sense within the text.

Things have changed. The content is too important. It is the bond that unites the brand with customers or potential customers. Now, search engines punish brands that generate spam content. The positioning is linked to the quality of the contents.

That being so, there is a better strategy: the editors must work collaboratively with marketing professionals. There are automation tools that facilitate such collaboration. They are responsible for project management and internal emails. Slack is one of the main applications of marketing communication equipment and can be integrated with project management tools.


We have reached the end of this post. We hope you have served the content and you can increase your sales by content marketing work together with automation. You’d recommend making the effort! What do you think?