4 Reasons to Educate Your Customer with Digital Marketing

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Several times we observed excellent products and services being created and marketed with large amounts invested in advertising. However, these investments just do not work, the customer does not see the added value to the product and end up choosing the competitor, either because it is cheaper or even find another better (although not).

In such cases, no use strong investment in product development or improvement in services if there is no investment in parallel: the customer education .

One thing is for sure, your client will only realize the added value if it has knowledge about your product and area of ​​operation. For this, education is key to a successful outcome.

Let’s use an extreme example to make things clearer: the use of medications.

The drugs are on the shelves of pharmacies since we were born. Day after day an innovation is submitted, a competitor exceeds the other and fantastic as it is, we are not so woke up and decided to just buy the most modern medicine.

However, when we go to the doctor, we passed exams and the process we end this conversation in which we explained what we have and what it takes to be healed, do not hesitate to buy.

We bought that paying the price for that same remedy ignored in no time shelf behind. The drug could be much more effective than the competition, have competitive price and still not make any difference if the doctor does not in educasse. Information and education are essential to the creation of value.

How does the Digital Results

We here at Digital Results strong work the idea of educating our customers. Each month we produce different educational materials which support to direct the actions of those looking to invest in digital marketing . Moreover, we have posts directed at the various related subjects.

To further help in learning have several Hangouts with renowned professionals in the industry who provide valuable tips to drive various types of businesses looking for digital marketing and conversion strategy.

One of our latest differentiated actions is the Quiz Digital Marketing , a fun way that measures knowledge in the participant’s digital marketing directs users to content that it needs to improve.

In the example of pharmacy, it is the doctor who educates customers. In the digital marketing area we seek to be the reference. And in your field?

4 reasons to educate your client with Digital Marketing

1 – Take advantage of opportunities
is likely that there is no one or almost no one student. The advantage of this is that the place is vacant and you can occupy it. Assuming this position, it is you who will indicate the remedies, or indicate good content on digital marketing.

2 – Make the customer see your differential
Teach fashion with webinars and the clothes of your brand is to be more valued. Take real estate buying tips on your blog and customers realize that their advice is not a bad idea. Indicate what to consider when buying a used car through an ebook and show your dealership meets these criteria well.

3 – Attract a greater volume of visitors
The advantage of using education as a marketing tool, and generate value for sale, it is that people care more for the content than if it were a simple product promotion. This attracts qualified customers and generates something of great value: authority.

4 – Create relationship with aftermarket
You can continue educating their buyers even after the sale. Here at Digital Results seek to guide and teach users the RD Station to implement best practices in digital marketing. This point is fed both to the specific blog as a professional consultancy as well as a trainning Day.

And you, what do you think? Does the content of this post did not generate more value in Digital Marketing? Leave your opinion in the comments.