4 Lessons from Retail in Social Media

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Not be in the social network is almost bound to be not be known. To help you with this recognition step and brand positioning, we separated some retail lessons in social media that are crucial you know!

But before we talk about retail tips on social media, you need to understand what the right social network for your business.

In order to understand what the best, you must have well-defined:

  • What is your target audience – that is, you want to talk;
  • What language will be used;
  • What social network more conversation with the identity of the brand and the target audience – for example, you will not find a large audience of men between 30 and 45 years, entrepreneurs talk about business on Twitter. Twitter is much used by young people and adolescents.

With this all set, it’s time to really get your hands dirty. Building contents that go beyond just acquiring new tanned and fans, but also engage.

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An example that worked very well in social networks was the Target, the US retail network, which won more than 2 million fans on Facebook.

They are a great inspiration to understand how to put these lessons into practice 4:

1. Encourage shares with consumer benefits

Treat your user with affection and make him feel special. After all, who does not want to feel special? Target created an application on your page where the customer could give a friend with a gift, generating new shares and transaction opportunities to network.

Not necessarily you need to do something, but why not try something like a draw on Instagram you need to follow the profile and tag friends in comments to participate?

2. When possible, talk with images

Pictures and images have better performance in engagement. Not only advances a beautiful photo that has nothing to do with its content. Look for bringing images that talk about what you’re talking about.

With an eye on this information, the Target makes use of this strategy, with more frequent visual posts than other content.

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3. Involvement with a social cause

Increasingly this point is crucial for retailers, especially for the fashion – they always have some controversy involving slave labor, child and others. Often your business up is already engaged with some cause but your audience does not know it. Why not use this to your advantage?

Target used Facebook to make a social campaign where every 25 votes would be entitled to a coupon-shopping for a school. Posts asked shares, so that friends and family could also vote for your preferred school.

This kind of action attracts a very large positive visibility for your company. After all, you’re still showing your brand think about improving the world we live in.

4. Think Globally, publish place

Many brands treat Facebook and Twitter as a means of mass communication and end up losing opportunities. Target, who knows very well how to conduct retail social media, customizes your posts based on the location of their fans.

The more you focus on the location and is approaching its user, humanizing the relationship brand-customer, you will have more interaction and therefore, loyal customers who will prefer you because of the service and established relationship.


In the end, the most important for retailers in social media is always put the user experience at the forefront, humanizing the relationship and showing that the individual is more important to talk to the dough.

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