4 essential tips for your SEO and Social Media campaigns

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Tips for SEO and Social Media

In recent years, the SEO strategies (short for Optimization Search Engine ) to position content on the Internet have changed very frequently, to accompany the permanent modifications of the algorithms of Google . In the process, we have moved from the old paradigm of focusing on a single keyword , to work on the search terms , the user needs and searches long tail .

In this context, social media marketing has gained great prominence when framing the SEO strategies for most companies. But it is noteworthy that, to say Matt Cutts , software engineer at Google, social indicators do not influence as commonly believed at the time of positioning content in search results . In this article I will tell you everything you need to know about the relationship between SEO and Social Media , and how you can work it to benefit your business. Here we go!

SEO and Social Media for your campaigns

SEO and Social Media: 4 key considerations for your campaigns

To say many experts, the popularity may have a company in social networks can affect the positioning of its contents within the search results of search engines like Google and Bing . Now, how do they do it ? Read on , because here I will share with you four things you should consider for your SEO campaigns.

1. Social Media profiles influence the positioning

It is very important that you consider that the social profiles influence decisively in the positioning within the search results . Even, it is common that these social profiles appear among the first results for searches on brand names and companies.

To check this introduced the term ” Pepsi ” on Google from my computer, and found that indeed the social profiles of the brand were among the first results . More specifically, I found that Pepsi on Facebook appeared in third place , which is evidence of the importance of social profiles from the point of view SEO . Meanwhile, in fourth and fifth place were the accounts of Twitter and YouTube of that mark, respectively.

Tips on SEO and Social Media

In this regard, we must take into account the social profiles of any company are often perceived as something much closer than a website , from the perspective of users. For this reason, I strongly recommend that you work and update your accounts on social networks if you want Google makes you a place in terms of positioning.

2. Consider the search engines themselves of Social Networks

When users search for information about a brand , not just go to Google to do so. On the contrary, more and more people are turning to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to learn more about companies of interest.

4 Tips on SEO and Social Media

For this reason, it is essential to consider the positioning of your brand within Social Media . So, I recommend you perform an audit to find out which channels representing your company in each are Social Network , so you can take control of the situation to eliminate those that are unnecessary and manage your channels personally, following the strategy of your Calendar Marketing on Social Networks .

To perform this task, you can help our Template Control Social Media. She will guide your audit process on social networks and help you know who you represent in each channel. To download, click the image below.


4 Basic Tips for SEO and Social Media

3. It is essential to share rich content and quality

As they say among the Community Managers and experts in Digital Marketing, ” Content is King ” when arriving at the hearing and make a brand position among Google search results. Why? For many reasons. First, the content is what allows you to offer added value to the public , and is in turn capable of being shared and viralizado (when quality) through various materials Social Networks .

Indeed, the two pillars you should consider when making your posts are the abundance and quality . Regarding the first, it is essential that you keep your accounts always updated , so that your brand is present every day in the lives of your audience. To ensure you meet that condition, you can help with Postcron , our application to automatically post to Facebook , Twitter,  Google + , LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram .

SEO and Social Media

Share quality content is important from the standpoint of SEO because they are the ones likely to be indexed by the search engine and required by the audience. At the same time, they can be optimized by Google to be detected more easily (eg by using keywords ). Thus, you may want to post on Facebook, your blog or any Social Network procures long as your content is relevant to your audience. This will serve to retain your followers and to better define your brand identity.

4. Always include keywords in your publications

As you know, an element essential to achieve a good SEO position is to include keywords in your website, your blog and your marketing campaigns in Social Media . Similarly, it is essential that you use in your publications to Facebook , Twitter and other sites where you have accounts.

SEO and Social Media for your campaigns

So, whenever you to write a post to Facebook or when composing a tweet, you must be sure to add keywords to facilitate the location of your content. For example, if you have a house of cookware and you will share a publication on a recipe to prepare a certain food, you can help with the Keyword Planner of Google to choose the keyword most frequently used by users to give that content .

Essential Steps to SEO and Social Media for your campaigns

That way, you will collaborate with SEO positioning your content in search engines inmates of Social Media and also on Google. In addition it will serve to increase web traffic to your site and your blog, so Put it into practice!

I hope you apply these 4 tips on SEO and Social Media , because they will help you improve your positioning in search engines . At the same time, facilitate the arrival of users using the keywords relevant to your content, and increase the volume of visits to your website. Not bad, right?