3 reasons to implement an online chat on your site

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With the world becoming more immediate, it is normal that people expect automatic access to information. The chat appears as a great option for that moment, because it is basically a call made on the fly, without major waits for the user.

This tool is often widely used by support teams, assisting the client with more technical questions, use of the product offered by the company. However, the chat can also be very useful for marketing and sales strategies.

We selected the three main reasons to implement a chat on your site with these goals:

1. Encourage conversation between visitor and your company

To be on every page of your site, the chat allows the visitor to easily contact without having to access a specific page or fill out a form. So he can talk to your company with virtually no effort, which is a great incentive.

In addition, it also gives a more immediate channel of contact for those interested in your business or products. This is a positive point for visitors, since they do not have to wait so long for an answer, which is what usually happens with attendance by email.

A great way to have more interactions in your chat show is an automated message of welcome for the visitor as soon as it accesses a particular page. In the RD Station Marketing , for example, the following notification to the visitor:


This message automatically opens, showing the agent, Matheus, is available to help with any queries.

In the page of the RD Station Marketing prices, the text is different:


That is, besides offering help to the client, you can also customize the message and guide the conversation in accordance with the purpose of the page being visited.

2. Understanding what needs to be improved in your site

Another benefit of chat is to understand which are the most frequently asked questions that visitors have about your business.

For example, if many people submitting a question about your payment methods, it means that this information is unclear and needs to be revised.

With this analysis, the chat helps improve the usability of your site and simplify the issues that are more difficult to understand user.

3. Generate Leads

Most of the tools has the option to, before starting the chat, you ask some basic information visitor, such as name and e – mail – which are minimum information required in the generation of a Lead .

The ideal is to integrate your chat with a Lead Management tool such as RD Station Marketing, so that when a user starts a new conversation, automatically generate a new Lead at its base. Some chat tools that have integration with RD Station Marketing are Tawk.to , Zopim (or Zendesk Chat), Omnize , Huggy and LiveChat .

After the generation of Leads, you can create a relationship with them using automation flows. Thus, you can create a process of nutrition who contacted your company, creating opportunities to those who have shown interest in your business.

Another option is also to make campaigns paid media especially for those people with the Customer Match AdWords or campaigns on social networks .

And you already use in your chats Digital Marketing Strategy? Take the opportunity to know the RD Station App Store and learn about the solutions that can be integrated with the platform .

But do not forget that the relationship can also be maintained through other channels, such as email. For this, check out our Email Marketing Guide .