3 Benefits of Website Hosting in Conversion Optimization for Your Website

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There you are starting your online business and need to think of ways to promote it to people. What tools you should use: Facebook Ads, Instagram or AdWords?

Start with a strategy SEO with content or invest in Inbound Marketing? Create a website in a CMS like WordPress, or hire a web hosting service and get a whole site from scratch?

Are these types of questions that entrepreneurs often stumble when they are starting their own business. Many do not have much money to invest in advertising to the site to start generating some revenue.

But there are some that are investment premise to tread a path of success for an online business. And hire a service web hosting is among them.

In this article, we will show the importance of a quality hosting service in sales. For this, apart three reasons demonstrate why it influences directly the results of its strategy conversion optimization (CRO) .

Conversion optimization 1 – Your Website Load Time

Do you remember the last time you bought a product or service online? You probably researched the product on Google and then wanted to know more about the problem you faced and eventually found the site offering the perfect solution, right?

Like you, most consumers do the same thing when you are looking for a product or service that solves a problem. We are specifying Google for 95% of Brazilians do research for this engine searches. It is, in fact, the most used in the world.

But as a web hosting makes me ahead of the competition? And still affects the CRO (conversion optimization) of your website?

Among several aspects, there are two specific factors Google ranking sites to place in the top positions of the results. They are: the charging time and the bounce rate of those who access them.

With a hosting service, you guarantee a higher speed, as will be paying for a decade portion of a server.

In a hosting package, you can still opt for a plan that includes a CDN (Content Distribution Network, English), further optimizing the loading performance of your website and blog.

This will help improve load times and therefore the rejection rate, as users will be able to view your content faster and will not give up on your site right away. The benefit is for both parties.

A study shows that 3/1 organic Google results have 60% of all clicks when someone conducts a search. That is, if you search how to make conversion optimization on your website,  hiring a web hosting is one of the first steps.

SSL protection on your website helps in conversion optimization

Conversion optimization 2 – SSL Safely

Before you come to your site, in the most common browsers, the user can identify whether a page is secure or not. In the worst case, the user’s browser creates a message blocking access to the site because of safety issues.

Can you imagine making a huge marketing effort and when the customer come to your site, a message appears that the page is not secure? This kind of reception can definitely undermine the visitor’s reliability and take you to any online business in a few seconds.  

There are several ways to improve the security of a website. And the most common of them, also best known for entrepreneurs and users, is the SSL certificate . The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) was created to add more security in communication between user, server and site.  

As a practical matter, SSL is to prevent third parties may have access to confidential information. Porn example, user full name, address, credit card numbers or passwords.

As browsers show that a site is unsafe, they also indicate that the site is secure and has SSL certificate. And for the user, is an added incentive to continue accessing this area and possibly buy something in it.

In other words, it is one of the main factors to achieve optimal conversion rates. In addition, Google believes that the HTTPS as ranking factor . Ie, to be ahead of the competition in organic search, you also need to have safety as a differential.  

Let’s see an example of how to recognize a domain SSL certificate? Note the address bar below in a browser. The HTTPS before the website address or the symbol of a padlock indicate that the site has an SSL certificate.

But how to have an SSL certificate?

The SSL certificate is usually offered by any web hosting company as an additional service to you by contract plan. However, there are some more robust plans now offer SSL shipped.

The latter is a great option for those who have no knowledge of information technology and want to ensure a secure website in a few steps. Just log into your control panel, install the corresponding application and activate the security of your domain.

You want to draw all over SSL? See content SSL: What is, what it does and how to install to understand the importance of this technology and ensure its potential attackers domain.

Conversion optimization 3 – User Experience (UX)

Hiring a quality web hosting service can also make a difference in the user experience. You want your customer has greater convenience, security and speed time to access and spend money in your online business.

But there are other features that ensure the browsing experience and purchase for their page to be more efficient and rewarding for the user. Remembering, of course, everything is focused on conversion optimization.

Avoid unwanted advertisements

Who does not bother with invasive advertisements on the internet? When using a free hosting, the advertising spaces of a site are mined with ads. Often, also, they are not related to the business in question.

In addition to disrupt the website design with these distractions, these advertisements may report a lack of professionalism of your business. When hiring a web hosting service, your company will have the space for free every page. There will be no unwanted advertising that hinders the user experience and conversion optimization (CRO).

Lead Generation

Leads are those contacts that you want to attract to generate sales and profit for your online business. That is the purpose of investing in conversion optimization. But it must take into account other issues in this context.

Free services web hosting usually have a very small limit data storage. For a content marketing strategy focused on acquiring leads, your business need a blog with a regular production of texts and media.

Because of this, it is quite likely that the data limit is reached very quickly, locking your strategy and lead generation. You’ll be trapped and unable to put their content online and even win relevance and authority on the Internet.

So when hiring a hosting service, focus on plans with features and more robust features. Hiring quality service, you can opt for more storage and even unlimited space. Them, come other benefits such as dedicated servers, unlimited database, daily backups and even free SSL.  


In general, free accommodation does not allow you to have your own domain. With this, your site ends up being dependent on an existing domain: it will be a subdomain of free hosting.

As an example, using a free hosting, the address of your site would look like this:  

  • www.nomedahospedagemgratuita.com/nomedoseusite
  • www.nomedoseusite.hospedagemgratuita.com

This situation, in addition to showing a lack of professionalism, hinders the placement of your site in search engines (Google remember?). This is because, in fact, your site is within one of these tools that offer free sites.

It will be the site of such services that Google will consider as the author of all the content of your site. And, face it, is not what you want for your online business, right?

Web hosting is just the tip of the iceberg in conversion optimization of your site


You understand why you need a web hosting service quality to improve the conversion optimization of your online business?

To find the most appropriate hosting plan, make sure you know exactly what is offered. And if these benefits are necessary for the size of your business or a smaller plane already meets the requirements you need.

Hosting sites is just the tip of the iceberg for conversion rate optimization (CRO). Still other techniques, such as A / B testing, CTAs optimization, forms, landing pages and other points. Know that all of them directly affect the conversion optimization of your visitors into customers.

Content created in partnership with the  Supersonic , company focused on conversion optimization to bring more sales to your customers without spending advertising.