24 eBooks about Digital Marketing that the RD launched in 2015

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The production of rich materials is a routine practice of the Digital Marketing team results. In 2015, we produced materials such as eBooks, kits, tools, reports, webinars, research and templates, maintaining an average rate of one material per week.

But it was not only our marketing team that produced these materials. With our partners, we had several materials developed in co-marketing , which certainly contributed in this climbing content production.

Despite creating a number of educational materials formats, in this post we will focus on our eBooks.

Check out a selection of 24 eBooks on Digital Marketing that Digital Results published in 2015. These are materials on social networks , marketing automation, email marketing , Growth Hacking, inside sales, SEO, Customer Success, digital agencies and other topics.

Click on the image or the download link below the description to download the materials for free. The ranking is according to the number of downloads of each eBook.

1. The Complete Guide to SEO in 2015 and beyond

Topics covered in the eBook:

  • Discover how to turn Google into a traffic machine for your business;
  • Meet solid technical and indicated by Google, are protecting the algorithm changes.

2 results for Content Marketing

Topics covered in the eBook:

  • Discover how to turn the Content Marketing into concrete results;
  • Understand the aspects that contribute to the success of your content.

3. Exit Crisis

Topics covered in the eBook:

  • Meet 10 companies that, despite the extremely unfavorable moment are managing to not only persevere, but also to grow and strengthen.

4. Introduction to Marketing on Facebook

Topics covered in the eBook:

  • How and Why to mount a fan page for your company;
  • effective ways to advertise your company on Facebook;
  • A step-by-step to make analysis results in Facebook;
  • A guide to mount the first campaign with Facebook Ads;
  • Checklist with 15 steps of Marketing on Facebook for you to follow.


5. Definitive Guide event production as a Marketing Tool

Topics covered in the eBook:

  • Learn how an event fits into the marketing strategy of your company, generating revenue and strengthening the brand;
  • See what common decisions, the implications and all the step by step to extract and prove tangible results;
  • Check out all the important steps to make a good event, which items can not be forgotten and how to think in the larger dilemmas.

6. How to create winning presentations on Slideshare

Topics covered in the eBook:

  • Find out how Slideshare can become a powerful customer acquisition tool, generating traffic and conversions;
  • Create winning presentations that convince and spread.

7. Digital Marketing Cases Eleven for you to inspire

Topics covered in the eBook:

  • Case studies of 10 different segments, including Industry, Communication, Restaurant, Software, Services, among others;
  • Examples of small, medium and large companies;
  • Companies B2B and B2C;
  • Different challenges and business goals – and what has been done to achieve these goals.

8. Landing Pages in practice

Topics covered in the eBook:

  • See different cases of application of Landing Pages in different segments of companies
  • Discover conversion rates achieved by some of these companies
  • See how Landing Pages can help you target and qualify Leads generated

9. Digital Marketing Production Management

Topics covered in the eBook:

  • Learn how to cut paths and execute strategy more productively;
  • Find ways to increase individual productivity and team.

10. Co-Marketing

Topics covered in the eBook:

  • How to find partner companies to Co-Marketing;
  • How to distribute the responsibilities and deliverables of each;
  • What is the step-by-step to get started with this strategy;
  • How to find out if your campaign is working;

11. Marketing Automation: from theory to practice

Topics covered in the eBook:

  • Using Marketing Automation to gain scale, productivity and shorten the sales cycle;
  • What are the main challenges to begin implementation;
  • Using Marketing Automation in addition to the mail;
  • What actions do after-sales;
  • The major mistakes in the strategy and implementation of Marketing Automation.

12. Digital Marketing Planning 2016

Topics covered in the eBook:

  • How to define your marketing goals for the next year, with tips and guidelines to carry out the actions in 2016;
  • Spreadsheet for you to organize, in practice, projects and activities that will make you achieve the goals.

13. The Definitive Guide Growth Hacking – Theory and Practice

Topics covered in the eBook:

  • What is Growth Hacking ;
  • The prerequisites to begin implementing;
  • How the Growth of Digital model results;
  • Tools that will help you in the implementation;
  • Interviews and exclusive cases with specialists in the Growth Hacking area.

14. The Complete Guide Inside Sales

Topics covered in the eBook:

  • In the model of Inside Sales differs in relation to others;
  • How to accelerate the sales cycle and the seller gain more productivity;
  • Why even companies with products “self-service”, like Google and Facebook, have entire floors vendors.

15. Web Analytics in practice

Topics covered in the eBook:

  • Learn about metrics that really matter to assess the effectiveness of Digital Marketing for your business;
  • Analyze the performance of generating traffic sources and Leads visits and evaluate the performance of each keyword and specific link, identifying what is worth zoom in or out of the investment;
  • See the ideal frequency for each type of analysis and the difference between what the board should follow and what is for marketing area;
  • Find out where the companies do incorrectly and how to avoid these stumbling blocks.

16. The Guide Practical Email Marketing

Topics covered in the eBook:

  • Know the importance of Email Marketing in a Digital Marketing strategy;
  • Here’s how not to commit the most common mistakes and thus obtain the best results .;
  • Understand how different types of email can achieve different goals for your company;
  • See what metrics your company should look for analyzing the success of a campaign.

17. Customer Loyalty and Customer Success

Topics covered in the eBook:

  • See how a Customer Success area acts to create value and satisfaction for the customer;
  • Understand as a fidelizado customer can generate recurring revenues increasing and increase profitability of the company;
  • See how the Customer Success area in Zendesk and Digital results.

18. Crisis? In my agency, no

Topics covered in the eBook:

  • What to do to get through this period and gain more customers;
  • How you can transform your agency into a valuable investment for your audience;
  • How to make your agency stand out in an unfavorable scenario.

19. How to sell Inbound Marketing Services

Topics covered in the eBook:

  • Guidelines to offer what your prospect needs;
  • A full briefing to capture the attention of the prospect, identify opportunities and ensure a successful sales approach;
  • The most common barriers that potential customers can have consistent and prepare arguments for each one;
  • Ideas know who focus their efforts to sell their services.

20. The main challenges Results of Agencies

Topics covered in the eBook:

  • How to make the customer see value in my services and want to continue with me;
  • How to increase revenue and ensure cash flow;
  • What to do to scale the number of clients and guarantee the access of new accounts;

21. Digital Marketing for Technology Companies

  • Find out what is the inbound model and also if it fits your product and market;
  • We list all model application steps, with explanations of concepts, deepening and links to tools to implement suggestions;
  • Check different use cases, as well as good market practice;
  • valuable tips to better use their media relations capabilities and achieve expand its position.

22. Customer Retention Guide for Agencies

Topics covered in the eBook:

  • The main mistakes in their day to day and how you can solve them;
  • The main reasons that make a difference in retention;
  • Tips to satisfy and retain customers for your agency.

23. Turn Leads in trials and Increase Your Sales

Topics covered in the eBook:

  • Learn the importance of a targeted communication and ways to do this in your company.
  • Tips to make your automatic process and decide when to have a seller in the process.
  • Quick Tips and cases so you can have better results with digital actions.

24. Ten cases of use of Digital Marketing in technology companies

Topics covered in the eBook:

  • Case studies of 10 different segments, including sectors such as engineering, fitness, human resources, mobile applications, fleet management, political management, among others;
  • Examples of small, medium and large companies;
  • Companies B2B and B2C;
  • Different challenges and solutions – and what were the results;
  • Additional materials.

Bonus: Other Materials Rich

In addition to the 24 eBooks above, the year 2015 was very productive in creating other forms of rich materials such as webinars, kits, templates, surveys, reports and tools such as:

In our page of educational materials , you can download for free all these formats. Make yourself at home, and have a great learning