17 Digital Marketing Strategies to Implement with Little Effort

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When it comes to Digital Marketing is natural that managers of companies imagine that only very complex strategies is that will bring results.

And it is true that the main benefits take a while to appear. However, there are several adjustments with ease – and little investment in time and resources – that bring great improvements.

This post brings together several simple actions that can bring advantages to improve the indexing of pages and drive traffic to your site, as well as increase email conversion and open rates.

To facilitate the implementation of their actions, use this post as a guide and enjoy the links related to each topic to delve a little deeper into strategies.

Shares in the blog or site

1. Avoid displaying entire posts on the home page

Among the reasons for not display full posts in your home are secure agility loading the page (and preserve the visitor’s patience), measure more accurately how many views each content are getting and avoid duplicate content – that can confuse search engines.

If your blog is on WordPress and you’re running the whole posts at home, a quick way to solve this is including the parameter “more” in your posts.

digital marketing strategies

2. Base it on the most searched keywords when writing titles

As the page title (the phrase that appears in the browser tab) is highly valued by Google, it is important to address the terms that your company is aiming to be well positioned in the search.

For more advanced tips on how to choose the most appropriate keywords for your business, check out our Complete Guide to SEO .

3. Include CTAs in your site

Boost conversions including CTAs (Calls-to-Action) throughout and anywhere you get: website pages, each published post and even the materials that your company makes available to download.

Learn more about it in eBook Call-to-Action: The Practical Guide and Full .

4. Use compelling images in posts and materials

Look for good images related to the topic to include in your posts and downloadable materials. They will make them more attractive and ensure greater emphasis on social media to share the URL.

You do not know where to find them? Then check out the post 56 banks free and paid images .

5. Use the alt attribute on images

This is a super tip easy to implement and helps Google better understand its contents.

To include images in posts, fill the alt attribute, stating what it is. This indicator also functions as a legend when the image is not displayed.

Search engines read this attribute as part of the content, which helps in positioning your page – the description of the image is related to it, of course.

Check out the image below:

digital marketing strategies

6. Promote your links in e-mail signature

Include links to the company’s blog or even profiles on social networks in your email signature.

This will cause people you are beginning to relate already realize that your business has some Digital Marketing channels.

7. Insert share buttons for social networking

If your company uses WordPress, you can easily include a sharing widget on social networks , like the one we have here on the left side of the page.

In WordPress there are several free plugins that can be installed and placed on your blog.

8. Beware of duplicate content

Make sure your company site has duplicate content with the addresses www and non – www. If the two addresses are coexisting without redirection, they may be diluting his authority. To solve the problem, they must be unified through the 301 Redirect .

Doubts? Then check out the post The Truth About SEO and duplicate content .

Actions on social networks

9. Enjoy the best content published

If your company already has a number of posts and published materials, it is very positive leverage this content publishing calls to them on social networks.

It’s a good opportunity for younger visitors know the older materials and generate more traffic to your site. Valley to create a spreadsheet with a list of content to manage the publication.

10. Include links to Landing Pages in posts on social networks

Enjoy the ability to spread content of social networks also to publicize Calls-to-Action with direct link to your Landing Pages . This simple action can boost the number of captured Leads.

11. Invest in “Boost” Facebook to publicize their offerings

As Facebook limits the viewing their posts, invest in “Driving” tool to reach more people will ensure better results to promote an eBook, for example, and capture more Leads .

To learn how to do this quickly, check the post How to Boost a post on Facebook: tutorial and best practices .

Bonus tip: If you want to give a more advanced way to generate Leads ads from Facebook, read the post How to make an effective campaign and generate results with Facebook Ads Lead .

Shares in Email Marketing

12. Use HTML template in your mail instead of a single image

An error of several companies is to use a single image in the email body to promote a campaign. A good reason for you to give up this idea is that most of the most popular email service has a lock for safety standard.

That is, the user will only see the event enable viewing in email opening time, and certainly many will ignore your message before doing so.

13. Segment your email

Today, nothing is more important in Email Marketing than delivering to the recipient the content that is of interest.

Investing in targeting your contacts, you can send them emails related to topics they have already shown interest to download their materials.

Our tool, RD Marketing Station , offers Leads segmentation function.

14. Send offers in an exclusive email

Whenever you post a new downloadable materials ( eBook , webinar , etc. spreadsheet), send it to your base an email with an invitation to access the content.

This practice generates more results than just send, for example, in a newsletter , filled with other materials.

conversion actions

15. Create Landing Pages

That is our main tip to drive your visitors throughout the conversion process until they become customers: Create Landing Pages as a gateway to its rich content or even the trials request or conversations with any consultant.

Want to know more?

Download the [Kit] All to create your Landing Page and learn what to do to have efficient conversion pages and generate More Leads.

16. Simplify conversion form

Even if you have already created several Landing Pages, you might not know, but excluding only one field form your business can increase – and – the number of visitors Leads conversions.

Check that information is really essential so that your team can mount the profile of Lead and approach it in the future. In addition, tools such as RD Station Marketing, offer the option intelligent forms . That is, the fields are being changed according to the information you already have of each Lead.

So every time your Lead fill out a Landing Page, you will be collecting new information to the course of time, keeping your short and simple form to complete.

17. Insert a pop-up on the site

Choose strategic pages of your site to insert a pop-up and generate More Leads for your business. But do not forget to offer a benefit, such as downloading a material discount coupon, free advice or newsletter subscription.

To learn more, read the eBook How to convert more using pop-ups .

Hopefully we help you with these little tips. And enjoy and download our Digital Marketing Guide , a comprehensive material on how to use online channels to relate and sell to your customers and increase your business opportunities!