15 tips to promote your marketing agency when you’re too busy

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Your daily task list is filled with various priorities, such as meeting a client, review a proposal to interview candidates for a job, discuss quarterly sales targets and call your accountant. 

Ah, you also need to write a post and find a new channel to acquire opportunities. 

Too often promote your agency is going to the bottom of your list. This does not seem to cause problems until they go three months and have to deal with a pipeline without prospects and financial predictions that make your blood pressure to rise to heaven.

Here are some tips you can use to be more productive in less time and small ways to improve the reach of your marketing efforts and generating sales opportunities each week. 

15 tips to promote your marketing agency when you’re too busy

1) Focus on a few key activities.

Being productive does not mean that you must perform all 542 earrings you have on your list of things to do but to focus on activities that will have an important direct sales opportunities and new customers to your agency impact. Try to choose projects that you really excited because it is more likely to take place.

At the beginning of each month or quarter, so a list of three to five projects and key priorities for the next few weeks. After defining the individual tasks of each project, which can be divided into weekly projects. This will help you move forward as planned to achieve your goals, avoid overwhelm you and give up when considering other priorities.

2) Set aside the time in your schedule to complete your list of tasks to be done.

A useful way to make the most of your time during the day to clarify how long they will take to carry out the tasks on your list. If you know you need to schedule post on social networks and it only takes 10 minutes, you can do it easily between meetings or while waiting for a customer to call you back. If you have identified a project; how to create a landing page, it will take about two hours, then departs that time in your schedule to finish it.

3) Create a program to write a post a week.

If one of your goals is to write more content to your blog or another blog as a guest, creates a program to write a post a week.

Set aside time in your calendar every morning to write, edit and promote your content.

Below is a sample program:

  • Day 1: writing the first draft.
  • Day 2: Review, redraft and edit the post.
  • Day 3: create images for the post and share them on social networks.
  • Day 4: upload your content, publish it and promote it on social networks via email, send it to influencers, and so on.
  • Day 5: Create brainstorm for your next article and do the initial investigation.

With this approach you only have to spend 30 to 60 minutes every day and you’ll end this post slowly but surely.

4) reuses the blog posts you’ve already used.

It’s a good idea to renew some of your post with the best performance and turn them into ebooks or other offers. You can do proactively to determine an issue that could explore in a series of post. When you publish the post, combines text, add more research, images and information to create a product that is truly unique. It’ll take a couple of extra hours and you will have in your hands a supply of new content that will have the same excellent and the post which can promote and generate new sales opportunities for performance.

5) Re-post your post on other platforms like LinkedIn or Medium.

You could also republish your blog content LinkedIn or Medium to have more conversations with new audiences. This can help you make the most of the content you create and attract prospects to your brand in different channels. Moreover, it takes very little time copying and pasting information, troubleshoot formatting and publishing the article on another platform.

Be sure to follow the guidelines to avoid problems Medium SEO (article in English) for publishing duplicate content. LinkedIn, it includes a link to the original article. Check out this material for more information about the content syndication and republishing (article in English) on these platforms.

6) Optimize a landing page that has excellent performance.

If you have many landing pages that were created several years ago or that need improvement, can be more productive with your time optimizing pages with the highest performance rather than spend hours creating a whole new campaign.

Each week you can take less than 30 minutes to:

  • Modify the header
  • Shorten the text and rework it to make it more engaging and descriptive
  • Try different forms and questions
  • Test design text and calls to action
  • Optimize your landing page so that you can share more easily
  • Improve illustrations
  • Remove the site navigation, sidebars, text that is not related to the page and other elements that divert attention from the main CTA
  • Check email of thanks and include a CTA to an offer that advances the prospect through the funnel

7) Share content that your prospects have published.

Promote your agency individually can be an effective presentation to new prospects of great value and follow up these new relationships form. Note that you can create an RSS feed or subscribe to receive Google Alerts on your prospects. When an executive publish a guest post, write an article on LinkedIn or the company obtains a positive mention in the press, you can share content, write a short note to the prospectus to congratulate them or follow-up questions. This is a subtle way to keep in touch and show that your agency has an active interest in the success of the brand is.

8) Take back control of your day.

According to a study by McKinsey for 10 years (article in English) when ” you flow” have a performance 500% above your normal productivity level and after an interruption, it takes 25 minutes back to being as productive. So it is natural to be 5:00 pm and look as if you had not managed to do anything.

I know you can not escape completely from all meetings and interruptions, but you can set limits. Create time slots on your calendar when you’re showing “available for a meeting”; in the evenings, if you’re more productive in the morning, or you could divide them so that you’re available two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. It is about creating a time frame to work in the company, promote the agency and do other projects oriented business development.

You could also create a “daily office hours” where all the team members can book 10 minutes of your time to discuss the concerns and problems of customers. Try to gather interruptions in one space of time so you can fix them effectively.

It also analyzes your calendar to determine which are unnecessary and unproductive meetings to eliminate those that are just a waste of time. 

9) Make all the agency publish tweets.

Use a tool like GaggleAmp (site) or send weekly emails with links that allow your team click to send a tweet promoting your latest post, launch campaigns and promotions that you would like compartier. Members of your team should be evangelizers of your brand to help increase their recognition and directing new opportunities to sell your agency.

10) Returns to share popular content.

An easy way to drive more traffic from social networks to your website is analyzing what content performed well on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook and then share it again. Check analytics tool or your social networks management and order by clicks, interactions, sometimes shared or metric that is important to your brand.


11) Use the signature of your email to direct your sales opportunities and increase interactions.

An underused way to manage sales opportunities and new conversions is the email signature from your computer. Create a standard template for all your employees use it to include a link to your website and social media profiles of your agency. Adds a CTA in the template that directs people to your success stories, most recent post, offers or other promotional content. You can use a tool like Sigstr (site in English) to manage email signatures and gather analytical performance of your efforts.

12) Set a limit to check your email.

According to Atlassian, on average, employees check their email 36 times an hour (site) and takes them 16 minutes to refocus after being charged with an incoming message.

No one should have this available in a communication channel. I promise that if something needs your immediate attention, someone will find you as soon as possible.

Many experts suggest that productivity check your email twice a day. That’s a difficult goal to achieve, but the general point is to spend less time updating your inbox waiting for something important to happen. Begins aside 30 minutes a few times a day on your calendar to take care of email and separates the time to take care of your mail communication without letting it become something to waste your day.

An additional point in your favor is to check email less often makes people feel less stressed.

13) Create email templates to contact prospects.

Having a library of email templates can be really useful when you want to track your prospects after a meeting or proposal. You do not have to start from scratch in all your communications.

Create a library of templates for the following cases:

  • When a prospect send a request to your website that you contact
  • Agency to present a prospect
  • To reconnect after having sent a proposal or made in person
  • A follow-up note after leaving a voice message
  • To share new content offerings or post on your most popular services
  • To connect after a meeting in person
  • To ask a reference to a satisfied customer
  • To share success stories and testimonials with a prospect

14) Automate your reports.

Key part of running a smart marketing program in your agency is to understand what works and what does not. You should always know whether the trends are positive or negative regarding your marketing and sales objectives. However, the reports take time and you need access to those numbers to act today rather than after the end of the month or quarter.

Create a panel reporting to get the most important metrics and review it every morning or before you go home.

Marketing metrics you should consider monitoring:

  • Traffic sources (direct, organic, reference, social networking, purchased, etc.)
  • Growth in the number of subscribers by email
  • Page views each visit
  • Pages that most visitors leave the website
  • Ranking in search engines with the five most valuable keywords competition
  • Traffic and conversions a landing page
  • Applications to contact prospects
  • Conversion rate customer sales opportunity
  • Clickthrough rate email

You do not need to know all the metrics. Determines that align with your goals and contribute to the overall success of your agency to add to your report panel. You can try one of these reporting tools to monitor and measure your marketing with ease .

15) Find prospects on LinkedIn in 10 minutes or less. 

Part of promoting your agency could be looking for inbound sales opportunities or prospects. An easy way to do in 10 minutes or less per day is performed with some features unfamiliar LinkedIn.

Find people in your network who have recently changed jobs; this is the best time to contact them and reconnecting clicking on the “Contacts” tab, then click the “keep in touch” button. Here you can see who has had changes so you can write a short note cards.

Seeing the profile of a person, take a look at the “People also saw” it is on the right sidebar. You can also check the “Skills and validations” section to find people in your industry who might be interested in your services.

Speaking of services agency, did you ever stop to think what the future of your marketing agency? While it is true marketing strategies are changing radically and agencies of the future will have to offer inbound services to attract and delight their customers. Download the guide below to learn more about how you can join the inbound movement.