14 online Digital Marketing courses you need to know

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When compared to other areas of knowledge, we know that Digital Marketing is a relatively new field. So many people have searched for Digital Marketing courses both have organized an introduction to the subject as seeking professionalization.

Thinking about it, we gather in this post tips courses that address the Digital Marketing and some of its related topics.

They are free and paid, introductory and advanced courses – so it must have at least one that is according to your need. 🙂

Why make a digital marketing course online

Make a Digital Marketing course can be useful for many professionals in different moments of his career. For entrepreneurs, for example, the popularity of the internet has brought opportunities to leverage different types of business. But to put them into practice, it is important to know how the Digital Marketing works and how to apply it to your business.

Making a digital marketing online course can bring understanding of the market, spent time savings when choosing learning content, update and guidance for the entrepreneur to extract the best of their strategies and implement best practices in your company.

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I want to study Digital Marketing

Similarly, for professionals such as managers, analysts and consultants, a Digital Marketing course is a valuable resource for training and constant updating for carrying out activities within the company and a possible gap in your resume.

As for young people and students who are choosing the profession who wish to pursue the career in Digital Marketing comes as a good option. In this scenario, make a Digital Marketing course is a way to supplement the learning of university and train professionals to respond to the demand of the labor market.

He was not convinced yet? We recommend then reading the post ” Why take a Certificate in Digital Marketing? “.

Now for the courses!

Digital Marketing free courses

Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs (Endeavor)

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Certificate: no offers

The Digital Marketing cost offered by Endeavor is targeted to entrepreneurs who wish to apply the methodology to their business.

Are 7 classes which range from the introduction to the subject to how to assemble a Digital Marketing department in the company, through the alignment between marketing and sales and key metrics to watch. Also includes cases of entrepreneurs using the methodology.

Content Marketing (Rock Content)

  • Duration: 3h
  • Certificate: yes

Certification in Content Marketing Content Rock explains key concepts of this methodology, as an introduction, objectives, defining personas and metrics, in 10 classes.

At the end, you can make a test with 70 multiple choice questions, and to get at least 75%, win a free certification.

Classes are taught by co-founder of Rock Content , Vitor Peçanha .

Live blog

  • Duration: several
  • Certificate: no

The founder of the site Living blog, Henrique Carvalho, offers free workshops on content production and creation of blogs. Also available are paid courses on related topics, such as productivity for those who produce content, accelerated learning and sales.

paid courses in Digital Marketing


  • Price: many (see list of courses)
  • Duration: various (see list of courses)
  • Certificate: offers seals recognized by the Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce (ABComm)

The ComSchool is a school located in Sao Paulo that offers online Digital Marketing courses and on – in the latter mode, is present in eight cities.

In May 2017, were 44 choices of courses on social networks , metrics, SEO among other topics related to digital marketing.

Digital Marketing School

  • Price: many
  • Duration: several
  • Certificate: yes

The Digital Marketing School was founded by Professor Jesse Rodrigues in 2010. Located in São Paulo, offers focused Digital Marketing courses AdWords and Analytics, Facebook, WordPress and SEO.

The Digital Marketing School also offers classroom courses.

Facebook Essential (Camila Porto)

  • Price: R $ 897
  • Duration: does not report
  • Certificate: no

The course Facebook Essential offered by marketing specialist on Facebook, Camila Port , discusses how to attract, engage and convert using the social network with more users worldwide.

Facebook Marketing (Mix Courses)

  • Price: From $ 130
  • Duration: several
  • Certificate: yes

The portal offers courses Mix 4 to marketing courses focused on social media, especially Facebook: “Creating and generating profitable campaigns,” “Basic Training”, “New Media” and “Facebook Ads for ecommerce.”

Classes are taught by an expert in Digital Marketing Felipe Spina – who also works with media buying here in Digital results.🙂


  • Price: many
  • Duration: several
  • Certificate: yes

Formed by trainers and consultants with expertise in Digital Marketing and certified by Google, the Goobec offers practical and theoretical training, based on good market search marketing practices.

Located in São Paulo, the school offers courses geared to using Google tools like AdWords and Analytics.


  • Price: many
  • Duration: several
  • Certificate: does not report

Impacta offers several Digital Marketing courses online, ranging from broader themes such as storytelling and photography, to more specific, such as Email Marketing.

The courses are geared especially for professionals working in the ecommerce area.

Digital Marketing (Marketing Academy)

  • Price: R $ 490.00
  • Duration: 30h, 90 days to complete
  • Certicado: yes

Digital Marketing Course of Marketing Academy is designed for students of marketing and professionals seeking to upgrade.

The program content includes Digital Marketing planning, metrics, monitoring, Landing Pages, SEO, among other topics reports.

Digital Marketing (Udacity)

  • Price: R $ 2490
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Certificate: yes

The course of Digital Marketing Udacity, American organization of distance education includes nine modules that cover topics such as marketing fundamentals, content strategy, social media, SEO, Email Marketing, analysis, among others.

The program has been built in collaboration with the digital market leaders such as Google and Facebook.

Academy master

  • Price: many
  • Duration: Different
  • Certificate: yes

Academy Master is a project born in the Master Agency, Digital Marketing Agency of São Paulo offering courses since 2009.

Classes are taught by experts Fábio Ricotta and Frank Marcel, which together account for more than 20 years of experience in the field.

They are offered courses on Google Analytics, SEO, ecommerce and WordPress.

Content Production (Alex Moraes and Rafael Rez)

  • Price: R $ 597.00
  • Duration: does not report
  • Certificate: does not report

Taught by experts in Digital Marketing, Alex Moraes and Rafael Rez, the Content Production course teaches how to produce more than 20 types of content. There are 40 classes with techniques and tips aimed at professionals from various fields who wish to offer content of value.

Digital Marketing Courses Digital Results

  • Price: From $ 49
  • Duration: from 8 am
  • Certificate: yes

Here the results have the Digital School RD , which currently offers the following courses:

  • Introduction to Inbound Marketing : course aimed at those who want to create a customer acquisition machine through Inbound Marketing;
  • Inbound Sales : Learn to convert Leads generated by marketing sales with managers and sellers of RD;
  • RD Station in practice : complete course to learn how to use all the features that the RD Station , our Digital Marketing software offers.
  • Introduction to Customer Success : Find out how to retain more customers and optimize the results of their company through a Customer Success area;
  • Become one Inbound Agency : know the steps required for your agency or consulting provide inbound marketing services.

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Enroll in School RD with the coupon DescontoBlogRD and get 20% discount

I want to study Digital Marketing

Some testimonials from students of the School RD:


“Excellent: the course covers all current areas of inbound marketing and offers important content on digital marketing, as well as valuable tips and results based on their experiences of RD.” (André Boavista)


“Fantastic! Content, teaching support material. He delivered much more than sold. The RD is to be congratulated for the course. “(Bruno Calderaro)



For those who are interested in applying the Digital Marketing strategies, performance possibilities are endless. Therefore, we believe it can be difficult to know where to start. This is where the courses come, which serve to give guidance to professionals, and empower them.

Making a good digital marketing course can help entrepreneurs, professionals, agencies and students to better enjoy the market. We hope this post has helped to give a route to those looking for a Digital Marketing Course.🙂