13 types of content you can produce for your blog

How is the structure of a blog post from the RD (and how to apply it in the blog of your company)
7 tips to write a post from scratch

This post is a small excerpt from the eBook “31 types of content that you can produce for your blog”, a detailed eBook with the most varied forms of content that can be published to the blog of your company attract more traffic and generate more results. To read the complete article, visit this link .

The blog is one of the starting points to put your content marketing strategy into practice. It is with the posts published in this channel you will attract visitors, generate traffic and if you perform the actions correctly, generate Leads that later become customers.

But even this first step can be a real martyrdom for companies that are starting to invest or already invest in Content Marketing: What kind of post I should make to my blog? Which are more suitable formats depending on the subject I am dealing with my goal or the content? When and how to use images, audio and video in my blog?

So to escape the commonplace in Content Marketing and achieve scale production without becoming repetitive, in this post you will find 13 types of content that you can use to your blog to attract your audience more efficiently, helping to generate the results that your business wants and needs.

In addition to understanding what are the main formats of content, how to structure them and when to use them, you will also see examples of each type of content to see how they work in practice.

1. educational Posts

This type of post’s main mission is to educate the audience on the market where the product / service is inserted.

To be more practical, an example of his own RD. In the post How to Make Email Marketing we give you some tips of good practice for the marketer creating your campaigns with quality, regardless of whether it uses the RD Station or not.

Here the concern is, above all, educate – not sell. It may be that the professional already use the product and see these tips some insights to improve your campaigns. He may use another tool, but to learn from the RD, change in the future. Or maybe he’s just beginning to study Email Marketing and has not yet decided which to use tool.

Another example is the first post published on the blog RD in 2010: The Digital Marketing Benefits for Small and Medium Enterprises .

We started the blog talking about the market and SMEs as Digital Marketing is the best option for those companies that need growth and prominence.

Adapt it to the context of your company and create content that address the pain of your audience and not content with institutional or aggressively seller.


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2. tutorials or stepwise

If you need to teach your audience to perform certain practical way to share, post a tutorial or step by step is a good thing.

The idea here is to get the reader to repeat exactly what you are doing. This can be a recipe, a drink, an action in Photoshop,

When writing a tutorial, imagine that the reader is reading the post and doing what you are explaining at the same time.

Therefore, abuse of print screens, explanatory images and think well in a logical order to pass the content as best as possible to your audience.

Examples of posts

  • How to create a blog: The complete step-by-step
  • How to make an infographic in 6 steps

3. News

News about your market are also interesting content ideas that you can produce for your company blog.

In this case, take advantage of the timing to publish as soon as possible. News have immediacy character, so if you take too long to give a quick news, it may be that your competitors already have done before, and when you market to your audience there is the risk of being too late.

How to know when it’s too late? A lot depends on your niche and the importance of the news itself. Try to be agile without being negligent.

Remember that news, different evergreen content, often have expiration dates. Still, it’s a great way to bond with your audience and show her that you are updating and always looking for news on the market.

Example posts

  • Instagram for Business: Meet the new Instagram tool for business ;
  • LinkedIn announces updates to increase engagement; see what changes ;
  • Facebook launches Creative Hub tool for creating ads .

4. Reviews

When we seek content on our market, whether online or not, it is common to come across a lot of quality stuff, and that somehow serves us both to learn and to teach others.

Therefore, the blog of your company can be a good place also to write reviews related to your market.

One way to do this is to think about the products of interest to your audience and your audience uses and make analysis on them.

For example, if you read a book on your market, you can use the knowledge gained to write a review, and thus pass this knowledge on, sometimes even more didactic and simplified form of the original content. The same goes for a film, a documentary, a game, an application, an event, a fair and more.

One example is the review and written posts about RD Summit 2016 , our Marketing and Sales event.


5. Videos

The production of video content is no longer a simple trend for the future. It is a consolidated reality and with proven results.

A good strategy videos can increase the public’s understanding of what you have to offer at 74%, according to Video Brewery.

Moreover, with this format your company can also appeal to consumers who prefer the video than text.

But now I recorded the video why write content in text?

More to the point: Because while there are people who prefer video content, there are people who prefer textual content. And audio (as we shall speak in the next chapter).

So the whole point here is to diversify. Record a video, stay in a channel (Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, SambaVideos, etc.) and publish to your blog, but not only publish the video, go beyond. Copy this video or create a text-based audiovisual content. This will leave his post with much more value.


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6. Interviews

There are many people outside your company who may have good insights to share with your audience. Thus, why not invite these professionals to an interview?

Invite influencers and personalities to speak on any subject related to your market. When interviewing reference names that are in your market, you are creating a content enough quality to your blog, as well as being a very valuable learning experience for the interviewer.

More: Appreciate the respondent. Make him feel important in the publication. Create a very good post about the interview for him to share with his followers and bring a new audience to your website.


  • Digital Marketing Experts interviews series.

Want to know more 18 formats posts to blog?

Now Download the eBook “31 types of content that you can produce for your blog”

7. Lists

Human like to make lists: grocery list, a list of household chores, list of activities you need to perform on the job daily list of new year resolutions … They are a great way to help you get organized, increase productivity and get a better view of what needs to be done – and what steps.

As you may have noticed, this post, for example is a list, which aims to present easily various formats of content that you can use on your blog. We could approach this content in plain text, for example, but it would not be so simple to be understood and absorbed by readers.

In general, lists are easy to do: you just stop for a few minutes and think about how you can share the theme selected for topics. These sub-themes, as it were, can be divided in several ways: from most to least (and vice versa), from first to last (and vice versa), from best to worst (or worst to best) or also in a chronologically and / or sequential (in the case of tutorials or step by step, for example).

Moreover, the list of posts usually have very good results, both organic traffic as social traffic. That’s because they tend to be easier to read (you can scan them more easily), stir up curiosity, simplify complicated things, among many other advantages.

To understand more about why do content in list form, read our post on the subject .


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8. Case Studies

One way to prove the value of your product / service is creating case studies.

A major advantage of case studies, or simply cases is that these contents demonstrate, in a didactic and practical way, as certain company overcame challenges and achieved important results using quality solutions. That is, provide very important information for the business and any business.

Who would not like a “recipe” to achieve efficient accelerate the entry of new customers, increase your earnings, spend less to produce more, among other facilities? This perspective makes the customer, you see the same problems, see how to use the same solution efficiently.

Another positive aspect of the case studies is that they are focused on the customer’s perspective. Not your business that is saying that their service is good, but who uses it. This ensures an incredible credibility to the message you want to pass. In addition to showing a genuine testimony, studies tell a story and reveal how their products are used to achieve certain goals. I mean, it is true success of evidence.

Make an appointment with a great case your post on your blog. This is a means of content / hopper bottom and that should help a lot in making a decision.

To learn more about how to produce such content, read our post How to produce compelling case studies for your business .

In Digital results, we usually produce case studies of our customers, and you can see them all here in the RD Station blog .

9. Guest Posts

The blog of your company already receives guest posts? Know that the guest posts are great content that you can use to post to your blog.

More than a content more, it is a very valuable way for your company to have a relationship with partners. Guest posts are great strategies for its partners, because through such content, they can reach a new audience and build link building for SEO strategies.

The advantage here is that you do not need to spend efforts in the production of content, because someone else will.

However, do not make the mistake of not aligning the topic and the language of the guest post before the start writing partner. This is critical so that the post is in accordance with the standards of your blog. By doing so, you will not have the rework on extensive issues and not go through the discomfort of asking for a new version to the partner.

RD in the blog published about 5 monthly guest posts. And we did the opposite way also publishing some guest posts on blogs partners.

To learn more about guest posts, read posts: How and why write Guest Posts and Advanced SEO: How to Guest Post on Large Scale .


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Quotes are useful to draw the public’s attention, through a message simply and grounded the experience of an expert. Indicate great authorities of sentences and experts brings credibility to the subject being treated and works great on posts and lectures.

You can use the quotes to support their posts or to a compiled the best quotes on the area in which your business operates, as we did post below on Digital Marketing:


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11. searches

Statistics and data on their market are great for use in content. Moreover, figures show a more accurate way is the market, which segments are not working or give powerful insights and new trends.

You do not need you to perform research (although this is a very interesting strategy, as we show in the post Marketing Research: why your company should organize a ).

If your team has not arm for this, you can use search for a partner or a research institute for this.


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12. Infographics

The infographic is a content format that typically get great results.

Because it is a way to simplify long ideas in a few words and a visual appeal that usually always work.

You can use infographics both to generate Leads by promoting them in Landing Pages, as well as in posts to generate engagement and backlinks.

To facilitate others to share their blogs infographic, put an embed code at the end of your post.

We have created a practical explanation of how you can make infographics without much break the head. Check out the post [Tutorial] How to make an infographic in 6 steps .

To give substance to the post, create a support text for the infographic. Place other information that is not in the infographic or create a context for the reader to understand what it is and why it is consuming this material.


  • [Infographic] What are the sizes of images to social networks?
  • [Exclusive Infographic] How the Digital Marketing Results

13. Background / learnings

Have you thought about turning what you do day to day content for your readers?

This is a relatively simple way to produce content, because all you need is to organize your experience in a particular project or subject and start writing.

When we talk about sharing the lessons, many companies still resist for thinking that the publication of such content is detrimental to the business itself.

This argument does not hold in Inbound Marketing because if your company is good and delivers good services, publishing high quality content and “deliver” their know-how offers much more to gain than to lose. We’ve talked about it in the post Why produce quality content and reveal their secrets will not kill your business .


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Want to delve into the matter and meet more types of post?

In the wave of investing in Inbound Marketing , we know that today is increasingly difficult to win a place in the sun on the internet and become a reference in its market by producing content. We see a flood of material, but not always found something really relevant.

So invest in diversifying their content can be a way to make it more interesting to your audience. Different formats can stir the curiosity of your visitors and show them that you take the production of content and relationship building with your audience seriously.

But never forget that, before the diversity of formats, content must be, above all, quality.

If alternative formats will attract your target audience is the quality that keeps them going and make them more than mere readers or clients: are also lawyers and disseminators of your business. And so its contents, much more than adding value to the business, will influence the results of its sales.

To delve further into the subject, download here free eBook “31 types of content that you can produce for your blog”  and find out what kind of post you must use to attract more traffic and generate more results.