12 Tips to Promote Your Company on LinkedIn& nbsp; Companies on LinkedIn: 12 & nbsp; tips for posting your content in an attractive way.

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LinkedIn like all social networks need an ever more personal and customized approach.

For after all, even in the case of B2B market (Business to Business), communication is between two people.

 However, your ultimate goal may be to disclose your company.

Let’s see some tips to help you optimize the dissemination of your business on LinkedIn

 LinkedIn company: 12 Tips to post your content attractive way.

 # 1 – Think and do as a journalist.

concise and direct calls are more likely to result in higher engagement!

The explanation will come after the contact is established.

Do not forget that the person who is viewing your content is getting – at the same time – information from many of its competitors.

In addition, the ability to concentrate is very low, so it’s good to be concise and to the point – without being too aggressive in the proposed sale of its services.

# 2 – Always include a call to action (CTA).

The content you post is intended to show their competence, fine. But once convinced, your user who knows what you’re talking about, need to be directed.

You need a call to action, that is, your reader needs to know what is the next step after having read its contents.

It’s like when a meeting ends if you get out of it without knowing the next step, you will have the feeling of lost time, right?

Oh … and do not forget in your Call to Action to insert a link. It may be to your website for your business page on LinkedIn, or even a link to fill out a form. This depends on the purpose of its strategy, but needs a CTA to set the next step in the user’s journey.

# 3 – Engage your audience with intelligent questions.

Start a conversation with questions that are relevant to your audience.

To this can go in thematic groups and look for the pain of your prospects.

So you can give solution pills. This is a very intelligent and relatively quick way to show your competence.

# 4 – Include, wherever possible, a picture – or a video.

Stand out with an image, graphics or infographics, for that increase by 98% the rate of feedback from your posts.

We are in a hedonistic world, and like it or not, the visual impact is very important.

Clearly a great image can attract likes disqualified, those who liked the photo and enjoyed impulse, without knowing what it is. This behavior is quite common on Facebook, why many likes of Facebook are disqualified.

However, increasing the amount of engagement, increases the amount of data that you can analyze and, sure, the quality increases.

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# 5 – Before posting, make sure that the image appears.

Yeah, especially on Facebook, but also on LinkedIn, if you insert an image via a link, not always the image is drawn automatically.

If the image is loaded directly on LinkedIn, it will be better. Anyway, it is important to check that appears before posting .

# 6 – Post YouTube videos for possible shares.

The videos can be viewed on your LinkedIn page, thus increasing by 75% the share rate.

It is always more fashionable the creation and dissemination of videos on YouTube.

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When we published a video on YouTube, we want to share it on social networks.

And LinkedIn is one of them.

However, it is important to note that embed the video directly on LinkedIn, it will get much more views.

The same thing happens when we wrote a post Blog .

If the inserted directly into a social network , the algorithm it will impact more people and if it was shared from a Blog.

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# 7 – Make your content Taste and valuable way.

This content has to be quick and easy to eat, and valuable to the point of network users wanting to share with their own contact networks.

It is with the posted content that you will show your competence.

So I do not really like the idea of ​​outsourcing content because you can hire the best writer or journalist in circulation, but who knows your business is only yourself (or someone on your team).

You only pick up on a daily basis in your business and you can only give practical information on who the boot  hands on.

# 8 – Make tests to understand your audience.

Try more mixed content such as informative and valuable posts, posts to entertain and to inspire posts.

Today’s fashion videos and infographics, but we can not generalize the effectiveness of a content type or another.

This will depend on your target audience , the moment it consumes your content and platform used to find it.

Do A / B test. Test, test, test.

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# 9 – Make a schedule of posts, create an editorial calendar.

Follow the plan as a guide, but do not let it be flexible to relevant news posts that are not on schedule, stay tuned to trends and events.

There are platforms that can help with this. We use  mLabs , but there are many others that will help you plan posts.

I also suggest use planning platforms and management tasks as Trello and Asana.

# 10 – Engage yourself with members talking to them.

Keep active conversation through comments, do not let the conversation die, is always present, monitor these groups, answer the questions asked and remember to circumvent the negative comments.

For any further discussion to appear, make a plan to participate in these discussions properly.

It is important to engage the theme super groups.

Imagine that you are a Business Consultant and is now beginning to sell their services. You need to show knows how to solve the pains of your target audience. The best way to start is to get into thematic groups and start engaging with your target audience with your persona to understand what he is looking for and how to help him. At the same time, you show that dominates it.

# 11 – Monitor, analyze and refine your content.

Track data available in Google Analytics . Understand who your followers, which days of the week and what time they interact more, what kind of content they prefer, among other valuable information.

Any action is meaningless without an analysis later. For only from an analysis you can improve your digital marketing strategy .

# 12 – Promote your best content.

Identify the content that best performed it and promote it on LinkedIn. This type of promotion made in the page allows the network of contacts of your followers see your content.

The production of content is 25% – 30% of the labor Content Marketing .

The most important is to spread. In the beginning is good boost with solutions paid sponsored links even.

For the organic growth needs time to consolidate. We’re talking about months.

But you can not wait months to get your first customer.


LinkedIn is a powerful platform to promote the services of your company.

However, you can not be limited to have a cute profile and post a few posts from time to time.

It takes an assertive strategy of Disclosure in Social Networks, with clear goal, a plan to reach your audience and the ability to analyze the results and constantly improve.

Is that you? What do you tell me? You want an opinion? Share your experience or ask a question?

Leave a comment down here.