11 Ways To Get More Followers To Fanpage And Bring More Traffic To Your WebsiteThis content will cover how we can attract more followers to your Fanpage and increase your site traffic through that channel!

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This content will address how we can attract more followers to your Fanpage and increase traffic to your site through this channel!

And no, NOT talk of tanned generating systems out there! 

I, making a brief survey to see what people talked about increasing tanned on your Facebook page, I saw that there are many, many ways you can get more followers to your fanpage .

However, that’s not what I want to show you.

I want to talk about an effective method for you to attract people who are really interested and want to engage with your content, product or service.

We are totally against these acquisitions lightning fans.

Why, Mafê?

Because it is only important / indicated you have a fanpage if you see it a function .

Is the function to:

  1. Update your customers about products or services;
  2. Share news about your segment;
  3. Post promotions;
  4. Tell stories;
  5. Customer service.

If you have followers who do not understand who you are or what your company does, you’re losing TIME insisting on a communication that does not attract who you really should attract – and that costs money!

So, given the introduction, let’s get to it.

1 – Have a OPTIMIZED Fanpage!

Use all the resources fanpage to your favor!

Enter the brief description, long description, hours of operation, please tell what your site or blog, when your company was founded, its mission and values, etc.how to set my fanpage to attract more followers

Then, go to Settings and fill everything that Facebook is asking you – enable functions that you agree, for example:

Your clients may publish on its fanpage? You enable ratings?

Check each item!how to set my fanpage to attract more followers

2 – Use your Fanpage as if it were an extension of your website or blog.

His fanpage must have an AVATAR and a COVER that represents what you do.

Take advantage of the spaces

  •  advertise your site,
  • its service,
  • insert your phone,
  • pass a relevant message.

Note that the Cover of NoTopo have our main services!

We can change it according to our interest, but we use the services that attract more customers and partners to our website to clearly show some of the main things we do.


3 – Invite your friends to enjoy your Fanpage!

At first you will have to call friends and people who know you to enjoy your fanpage.

This is the initial step for you to get more followers for fanpage!

How are people you know, they do it for interest and can invite their friends to publicize your fanpage too.as -Invite-friends-to-enjoy-fanpage

4 – Share the Fanpage on your personal page.

Do this recursively. Publications never have a very high range.

One of the ways you can get more reach is to make the team his own company engage with the content.

How to do this?

Engage your employees so that they write to the company’s blog, show their expertise, discuss cases in the area, show cases of success …

They themselves will be happy to disclose their contents to friends, family, clients.

Remember: This should not be a must!

People should enjoy and share what they most identify. However, if you have a sales team, the more they publicize the products being presented in fanpage, the better for him and for the company as well.


5 – Promote your page to an audience that is interesting for you!

In order to do this you need to invest a verbinha on Facebook.

We suggest doing this early on, targeting this promotion to an audience that is most relevant to you – until you have at least 2k followers.

About targeting:

This must be as similar as possible with your PERSONA!

If you act only in São Paulo and want to communicate with people living in São Paulo in certain specific regions, targeting his promotion to such regions, do not let her open segmentation.

If you sell products for teens, focus just for them and so on.

If you sell clothing for older women, with a Y lifestyle that consume X, Z content like e need the solution you offer, promote your page to the public.as-promoted page-on-facebook

When you click Page promote, you will be able to see how this page post promotion and get to choose what will be your targeting.

as target-audience-to-promote-post

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6 – Post your fanpage to your Blog, website and other social media channels you to be active.

Use own spaces to invite people to your fanpage to tan.

Your website should have a button ( social media plugins ) for people Enjoy the your fanpage of quickly and share their content.

If you have a blog, you can draw people to your fanpage to tan in the content, making a call to action.

7 – Use email marketing as a source of access to your fanpage.

If you already do shots of e-mail marketing , you should start to enter a Facebook icon that points to your fanpage. You may even be at the bottom not to disperse your reader’s attention to what really matters.

In addition, you can also make a trip to talk about his new fanpage, explain what types of posts are being made and invite people to follow or to tan your new channel.


Ok, Mafê! So far so Good …

I’ve done all that, but I would like to make this more active fanpage and make this more public from accessing my site / Blog. How do I do that?


8 – Search groups within Facebook that are interesting for you to participate.

On Facebook there are thousands of groups that talk about products, services, career, so … Whatever you can imagine.

Join groups that are interesting for you or your business, be active, share posts and invite these people to tan your fanpage in a natural way.

Of course it’s not for you to be the member who is posting only things in your fanpage, share feelings about your industry, raise issues that are relevant to the area in which you operate. Certainly, if you are an active person, this will bring visibility for both you and for your business.

9 – Post content that add value  

Post their own content, post content that is external but are totally related to what you say, content and news about your industry.

Videos tend to print more than images and texts.

Your posts should be summarized and draw enough attention. No one likes to read a content of 400 words on Facebook. Summarize what is more attractive, create a very cool and light call these people to read this content on your site or blog.

Remember trackear their links to understand which advertisements bring more people to your site.

If you do not do the tracking of the links posted, you can not see properly what was the post that has had more success in Analytics. 😉

Use images that are more appealing to your segments.


10 – Use # (hashtags)

Hashtags are important for people to find their publications.

When you enter # that are relevant for your segment, which are interesting for you to promote a service, it is easier for people who are doing this research to locate its publication.

Do not use too many hashtags! Focus on 4 or 5 that are relevant.

It is also important to do some research on how people use the # that are important to you, because sometimes you can use the wrong hashtag.

I did a search with #digitalmarketing to exemplify what I explained above.

utilization-of-hashtags like-help-to-drive-to-fanpage

11 – Promote your content

It is not today that Facebook is printing less and less content to their base. Especially after the algorithm change.

We have to think so much about what is NOT QUANTITY but PROMOTION AND RELEASE these contents to be posted that will make a difference.

This is because the competition for the timeline of users is very fierce. In addition to content from other companies, we are competing with content from friends of our followers.

So when you have a GREAT content that remedy the pain of his persona, you MUST promote it.

Place an amount of money which can be low, and see its potential reach.

So you can be sure that many people will see your content.

For example, if we were promoting our Institutional video, with R $ 20.00 would have a range between 5,500 and 15,000 people affected. Cool huh?

as-promoted post-no-facebook

What makes the difference between 5,500 and 15,000? To reach the maximum number of prints, your post has to engage.

So before you go out promoting, leave your post run organically, without investment, and see if he has comments, likes, etc.

The more engagement have, the more relevant and higher the relevance, the more Facebook releases the timeline of people.


That these were my 11 tips for you to get more followers for fanpage of your company and be able to increase traffic to your website through this source.


So short our fanpage!

Be sure to comment. If you have more tips killer share with us!😉