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What is a Landing Page?

Landing Pages can be the solution to increase its number of conversions.

The meaning of Landing Page comes from the English ‘to land’ which means ‘land’ and ‘page’ which means ‘page’.

To avoid disturbing the English language, the synonym for Landing Page is landing page .


Landing Pages Goals

A Landing Page has a different purpose from service pages within its institutional website.

The pages of your website are used to help in user navigation in the world of your brand, for him to know the various solutions you offer, along with the cases of your company and, if you have the possibility to browse your Blog through a simple menu click.


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Structurally, another difference is that the target page has no menu. Then the user has no way to navigate to other parts of your site.

And that’s good?

The point is that we use the Landing Page to ‘ capture’ those who are already interested to know more about the product you offer, without necessarily more familiar with your brand on the Internet.

It’s the guy who does not want to waste time.


Creating a Landing Page that converts

As you already know what he wants – he’s looking to know more about a specific product or service. Therefore, an L anding Page need to have clear and direct information face.

If you can even insert prices of its standard services, because the user is already at the stage of knowing more than you offer.

There are many ways and tools to generate landing pages , some more automated, others less.


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Tools for creating Landing Pages

Landing Page via WordPress or Wix: The  WordPress and Wix are platforms for creating quickly and amicably pages. With them you can create your landing pages without the need for a programmer. However, you need to ensure that they are integrated with the server of your email, so that the form sent via landing page arrives in your email box.


Landing Page via email marketing platforms : Many email automation platforms such as Streamline offer, free of charge to subscribers, the possibility of creating landing pages from templates they offer. Usually these are quick fixes and running. In this case, lead (contact) generated by the landing page , and go to your email, will fall directly on the contact list on the platform in order to automate email marketing shooting.


Landing pages via platforms Inbound Marketing: Platforms like RD Station, HubSpot, SharpSpring, LeadLover Mautic and  provide the ability to automate the interaction with your ideal client from the first moment he comes into contact with your brand. For this, they offer the possibility of creating free landing pages from templates they offer.


Custom Landing Pages:  If you have programming knowledge html,  know a programmer or work with a company that does the site, as we of NoTopo.com, you can ask to create a customized landing page for your need. To do this, it is always good from a benchmarking analysis , that is, observe how your direct competitors have created them.


See this minivídeo on how to structure a project Inbound Marketing without automation:


As the Landing Pages fit into your digital marketing strategy

I hope it was clear that the primary goal of a landing page is to create a lead (contact) in the short term.

When you set the goal of your Digital Marketing Strategy , along with it need to understand if your goal is long, medium or short term and you are talking to the top, middle or bottom of the funnel.


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Landing Pages Benefits

The landing pages are critical for a Marketing Digital Strategy in the short term, up to 6 months, where we want to talk to the user of the funnel bottom.

So a landing page is usually created to accompany a media campaign, whether on Facebook, AdWords, or LinkedIn. So who click on the ad, falls ( land ) directly lead in the creation page, and the page message promissory note for him, he will fill the page form to get in touch with you and learn more about their service.


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finally see the 11 Tips For Creating Landing Pages generating Qualified Leads


1. Include all important elements in the landing page

If your page does not replicate services already described on your site, you can optimize your page for SEO by entering description, image, Alt tag, for her power to rank organically.

However if you have other pages on your site that speak the same service and work the same keywords in this case it is good ask Google not to index your page using the tag: ‘noindex’. Otherwise, it could conflict with their service page and create confusion in the search engine.

See video which means noindex, nofollow and disallow

If you need more information about working indexing of your landing page, leave a comment here below or get in touch with NoTopo.com


2. Remove external links

These are the links that when clicked leads to an external page to LP. That’s a negative thing? In this case, yes!

As stated above, the main purpose of Landing Page is to make the navigator to perform an action within your page. Take it out of the LP can cause it to not come back. Recalling that the LP (Landing Page) goes after those already in the bottom of the funnel, wanting to know more of your service as a solution to his pain.


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3. Content Ads x – Consistency and Quality Index

The content of the landing page should say the same thing your ad, be your paid ad (for example, Facebook Ads or Google AdWords ) or an ad “organic” as a banner on your blog. Keep the contents of the Landing Page aligned to your ads ensure that your landing page is relevant, especially if the navigator satisfied with the content found. So whether direct, objective and very clear the content of your landing page.

Google AdWords rewards this consistency increasing the Quality Score of your AdWords campaigns.

The higher the quality score of your campaigns, the lower the cost per click you will pay.


You want to optimize the quality score of your AdWords campaigns? Talk to our consultants and ask for a FREE evaluation of your AdWords account.


4. Landing Page must be simple

The simpler a landing page, the better!

Highlight the differential / benefit of the product and show that there is a need for more research. You already offers what the target audience is looking for;

If you want to disclose more services or products, I suggest creating Landing Pages structurally similar, but with different content. Here is the importance of creating a template as explained earlier in this article.


5. The more Landing Pages, the better!

The more specific your content, the more prone to a conversion your navigator will stay.

This happens for a simple logic, he’s looking for something, find your ad, enters your Landing Page and it clearly shows the service that you pay (which is what he is looking for). The chance of conversion is much higher!

For example, if you are a consultant visa to the United States and are working in Google AdWords, you can use different pages to different groups working variants as:

  • Business visas to the United States (and variations);
  • consulting;
  • Agency;

You can have in this case 3 different pages with 3 different ULRs (Ex meusite.com.br/agencia-visto-eua, meusite.com.br/empresa-visto-eua, etc.) and consequently optimize each page for its variant, so your AdWords campaigns will increase your quality score and your cost per click will decrease and the cost per conversion will be reduced as a consequence.


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6. Just ask really necessary information on forms.

No one deserves to answer 37 questions just to ask for a contact, right? Then make the necessary questions for you to identify who the person is (name), how to contact (phone and / or e-mail) and what she wants (Message, or type of service search). The rest you can ask for a first chat.

At the same time do not let the very open form, to ensure a pre-qualification minimum. For example, make it clear, to avoid receiving job applications via landing page, you can make it clear that to send cv needs to go in the institutional site.

In fact does not have a magic formula, the solution is given by A / B test.


7. Pay special attention to the CTA – Highlight your “send” button!

Conversion, conversion, conversion!

This is the mandatory word of your Landing Page, she was uniquely developed to generate conversions, then let the CTA buttons (Call to action) very evident!


8. Testimonials, cases and security seals help to establish trust on the site.

It shows that you care about the credibility of your page and it’s a safe landing page. Increase confidence of your audience with your brand;

If you can, insert the landing page a testimonial or case regarding the service they are offering and how it has helped other companies to solve their problems.

If you need to learn how to solve the marketing and sale pains of your business, contact the consultants NoTopo.com for a free orientation and without obligation.


9. How to make A / B testing for Landing Pages

It’s easy to say you need to do even more on the basis of an experiment that worked.

But in fact, to get to have a service page that performe, need to test, test, test.

It is always good to have at least 2 landing pages at the same time to send 50% of users and 50% for one to another.

After a while, delete that did not play well, and from the ‘good’ create another, and so, going forward.

So will improve your landing page and its performance increasingly.


If you want to learn more about A / B testing, see this article ⇒   AB Testing: Essential for you to improve your open rate and make more money with your email marketing strategy!


10. Use and the thank you pages.

The thank you page has the main objective to track the generated conversion.

In Google Analytics you can set up a field goal for each user entering the required page. The platform will show you the origin of this visit.


To understand more about Google Analytics see the following article ⇒  Understand the sources of traffic to your site?


To get to the thank you page past the landing page and submitted the form, then indeed became a lead, right? So this goal in Google Analytics is your conversion and the origin of this visit is nothing but the source of this lead.

So you can evaluate analytical and objective manner which campaigns gave more results.

You can also integrate this goal directly in AdWords, so the platform will show you which ad or keyword generated this lead.


If you want information to set targets in their campaigns, contact the consultants NoTopo.com .


Ah, yes here in the thank you page you can and should insert a link to your site. After consideration, the user landed on the thank you page, has become lead.

11. Attention to Mobile Devices

And do not forget! Your landing page must be consistent and responsive for mobile devices.

More and more users come into contact with your brand via cell phone, either on Google or Facebook.

By clicking on your ad they must fall on a page to open quickly and is also to friendly smartphone.



Soon saw what a Landing Page, what is and how it fits into a Digital Marketing Strategy.

Summarizing the suggestions:

  1. Include all important elements in the landing page;
  2. Remove external links;
  3. Keep consistency between Ad and Landing Page;
  4. Leave your simple Landing Page;
  5. The more Landing Pages, the better;
  6. Just ask really necessary information forms;
  7. Pay special attention to the CTA – Highlight your “send” button;
  8. Testimonials, cases and security seals help to establish trust on the site;
  9. How to make A / B testing for Landing Pages;
  10. Use the well thank you pages;
  11. Attention to Mobile.


What is your experience with the Landing Pages? Have you done any? It worked? Would I like to add something about the article or an opinion?

Leave a comment down here.